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Who is Johnny Stevens of the prime suspect? Wiki Bio

Johnny Stevens was killed on the 10th. Born April 1986 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, in the sign of Aries and with American citizenship – he is popular for his singing career, especially as a member of the rock band Highly Suspect.

Childhood and education

Johnny had a rather difficult childhood because his mother left him when he was only a year old – his father took care of Johnny and his brother, but Johnny is also a bit secretive when it comes to his family and prefers not to talk about any of them.

He finds consolation in music, focusing mainly on listening, and has no intention of ever becoming a musician. At Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School he was quite popular because of his looks and some tattoos he already had, but after graduation he decided to focus on something other than university.

Johnny’s singing career

While Johnny listened to different genres, it was rock music he fell in love with. After high school he started working as a plumber to support himself financially. He sometimes performed in bars and at music festivals and slowly made a name for himself in his hometown.

Ryan’s musical career officially began in 2009, when he formed the rock band Highly Suspect together with two neighbors, twins Rich and Ryan Mayer. The band was originally an idea of Johnny, who is the main founder and soloist, while Rich and Ryan provide the backing vocals. Because Johnny can also play multiple instruments, he is one of the most important guitarists and pianists in the band, while the twins play bass and drums. The band not only focuses on one kind of rock music, but also plays hard rock, alternative rock, blues and punk blues and grunge, while most of their lyrics are about their own lives. They started with covers of songs by popular musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, while in 2009 they released their first full-length song entitled First Offense.


Because the band was originally based in Massachusetts, they all moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue their dream of making their band popular. Their second comprehensive song, The Gang Lion EP, was released in 2010, while their first full-length album was released in 2011 with its own title and contains 14 tracks. In 2012 his third comprehensive piece appeared under the title Das Schlimmste der Menschen. The band’s first independent studio album, Mister Asylum, was released in 2014. Most of the songs are about Johnny’s struggle with fear and panic attacks, which he began to experience at the age of 25. Their next album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, was released in 2016, and the trio continued to perform while working on their third album in the next three years.

They gained international fame after their performance at the Coco in London in 2017 – for this concert they were nominated for Grammy Awards and Alternative Press Music, but they couldn’t win either prize.

Love life and woman

Johnny is a bit closed off when it comes to his private life, because we rarely hear conversations about his past and present friends, but he still often sings about them.

According to his songs, Johnny has dated several women over the years, and it seems that Lydia and Chicago were just two of the women he wrote songs about. Although he’s not talking about his current girlfriend, he sometimes uploads their photos together to his Instagram account – his Instagram name is Kydids, while his real name and history remain a mystery. They met as early as 2017 and got together right away – it seems they have met since then, and there are no contradictions or rumors about their relationship.

According to his social media reports and his secret, Johnny is currently dating a girl named Kydids, he is single and has no children.

Likes other interests

Some may think that Johnny is completely focused on his musical career (which he is), but there are many other things he loves, appreciates and is good at. Johnny is a big fan of tattoos, and over the years several parts of his body have been inked – including the big eagle on his neck.

From the moment he started high school, he was very athletic and played various sports, including football and tennis, but as soon as he got into music, he completely forgot about these activities. He always goes to the gym because his appearance is very important to him – he trains three or four times a week and pays particular attention to his diet.

– TERRIBLE (@JohnnyStevens) 2. November 2018

Johnny is also a film fan, although the films he prefers to watch are mostly music related – some he could watch several times without getting bored are 8 Miles, which is about Eminem’s debut, and Start Again, which is also music related.

Appearance and net value

Johnny’s 33 years old now. He has short brown hair, but he likes to dye it grey – his eyes are blue and his height and weight are unknown. According to authoritative sources, Johnny’s net present value is estimated at over $500,000 and he is growing steadily through his career as a rock singer.

Internet presence

Johnny is very active in several popular social networks because it is important to promote his group Highly Suspect.

Johnny is named after the terrible Johnny on the internet – he set up his Twitter account in March 2018 and has since collected more than 15,000 followers and tweeted nearly 1,800 times. He’s much more popular with his Instagram account, which has over 90,000 followers, although he’s only uploaded two photos so far – there’s also Johnny’s fan page on Facebook, which has over 2,200 followers.

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