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The funny and obviously naughty Bill Burr appeals to the crowd. Maybe it’s the jokes on your face or his big comedy moment, or maybe it’s the way he leaves his audience on the edge of their seats when he conjures up controversial people, places and ideas. One thing’s for sure: Bill Barr wears a lot of hats, and he wears them well.

He flirts with political correctness, but in the end he always commits himself to telling the true and hard truth, even if it hurts. Sometimes Bill Barr gives a comic twist to a hard to accept fact, but the truth seems to mean everything to him and to those who follow his career. Bill Berra’s cheerful and racist personality has opened many doors and given him a huge fan base. Bill Barr knows how to communicate with people in general, and that has paid off in more than two successful decades.

Net value $9,000,000
Name and surname William Frederick Berr
Date of birth/century 10. June 1968 (50 years old)
source of income Standup, television personality, comedian.
Height 5’10
Country of origin United States
Country / city of origin Canton, Massachusetts.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Bill Burr’s net worth is $9 million. He makes about $1.5 million a year. He has collected his income from the buffet on stage and is one of the hardest working people in the entertainment world. Bill Burr’s story speaks for itself. In many markets there is an internationally renowned performer, the satirical comedy of faith.

He participates in various activities, but performs regularly with cameo’s at popular evening shows. Bill Burr’s work reads like the yellow pages. His salary consists mainly of film, television and comedy specials, but he has many more services to offer. His contract with Netflix for the successful animated series F is for Family gives him a stable and pleasant income.

He lives very comfortably thanks to his unique gifts and talents that enable him to make contact with other names such as Vince Vaughn; the one that helped him get the F is for the family. In addition, much of his success is due to the quality of the concerts he attends: The Simpsons, Shame Walk, Zombists, Black or White, Daddy’s House, Daddy 2, Front Runner, Heat, Jim Gaffigan Show, Shoah and I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman. These are just some of his big speeches.

Because loud and angry humour is his claim to fame, Bill Barr remains relevant and performs comedy acts for his biggest fans, who don’t disappoint while remaining true to his angry style. Whether he sells it as an album or lives off the stage, he’s paid to do it his way. You’re all the same, I’m sorry you think that and you go your own way – here are some of his latest comedies.

Beginning of life

William Frederick Burr, better known as Bill, made his public debut in Canton, Massachusetts in early June 1968. Not much was said about Bill Burr’s early days, but he talked about his parents here and there. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood where his father, dentist Robert Edmund Burr, and his mother, Linda Ann Burr, née Wild, lived. She was a nurse.

In high school he was good enough to graduate in 1987. He was admitted to Emerson College, based in Boston, Massachusetts, his home state. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree in a field he intuitively knew would come in handy in the future: Radio/communication. Bill Barr comes from a multinational environment. He’s of German, French and Irish descent. Her own diversity enables her to understand and reach people from all walks of life in her career.

Personal life

Bill Barr is essentially a traditional family man. The 1.5-metre-long comedian loves to weave in the kitchen. He likes to make pies, usually with a crust. In 2013 he took the plunge and married his beloved and old girlfriend Nia Rene Hill.

Bill Barr is ambitious and productive, but his wife isn’t dishonest either. She is a famous screenwriter and just like her husband she is versatile. Hill is also director and producer. Sometimes they work together when she comes to her podcast.

Bill Barr was a qualified pilot for a while. The 50-year-old is certified for helicopter flights. He and his wife live in Los Angeles, California, with their daughter Lola Burr. She was born on the 20th. Born in January 2017.

Bill Barr talked about pasta this way, about fatherhood: That’s awesome! No complaints. I don’t sleep much, but I knew this would happen if I signed up for this thing. Long before his daughter was born, he said: I think I know how to raise a child. All they do is play with them. All you do is talk about life and distract them by throwing the ball. They don’t even realize you’re filling their heads with your theories.


Bill Barr’s modest and humble beginnings as a warehouse worker, loading crates and driving forklift trucks were not the career he ultimately chose for himself. Stand-up Comedy works like a podcast on the side. He’s recording Bill Burr’s weekly Monday morning podcast. This is a one-hour presentation.

He invites famous guests and gives interviews to close the show. Bill Barr also talks to other people who have podcasts: The experience of Joe Rogan, Adam Buxton’s podcast, Opera and Anthony, you did it in a strange way with Pete Holmes, Nerd Podcast, Adam Carolla Show, Hollywood Chatter, Nobody Loves Lamps and WTF with Mark Maron.

The co-founder of the All Things Comedy Network, Bill Barr, is probably best known for his participation in the iconic Chapel Show. His Netflix cartoon is both pointed and critical and wildly popular. Bill Barr is also a writer, musician and actor. He also produces and records voices and likes to bring his experience and voice to a number of acclaimed programmes and projects.

Interesting facts

  • Bill Barr likes to travel in Ireland and England.
  • He was the voice of Jason Michaels in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Emerson College awarded Bill Burr the Graduate Award.
  • In 2011 he was appointed comedian of the year.
  • Bill Barr contacted Al Madrigal to create the Comedy of All Things network.
  • Together with Joe DeRosa and Robert Kelly he wrote, directed and produced the short film Cheat.
  • In the beginning of his career Bill Barr organized 300 stand-up shows every year.
  • He was the first actor to appear on the show tonight with Conan O’Brien.

Favourite Quotes from Bill Berr

  • Only an adult who dies in his sleep can appreciate how nice it is to have a dog.
  • Deep down, I’m an idiot. I don’t think I’m a stupid guy, but I also understand that I have access to about 0.1% of the information I need to have a truly informed opinion about half the things I talk about. I’m like that noisy guy in the bar who’s reasonable for about ten minutes, and then you realize he screwed up at school, so you’re making fun of him.
  • You have no idea how long it takes a year to stay sober on the rock.
  • There is no winner in this election [2016]. I was cautious for about two months, and then it started to depress me. Hillary [Clinton] is at least a politician, but the fact that you have a friend from reality TV! I must say that of all the things I’ve seen in sports – the biggest comeback – seeing [Donald Trump] nominated for the Republican Party is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.

Bill Burr’s Tips for Success

Surround yourself with positive people Be a positive person too. Carrot for man. Someone’s success is not your failure

Deny your emotions and pretend you have the answers

I wish they could learn it in schools. Giving people confidence that they will do well Many people are really talented and are afraid to follow their talent because they don’t know where it is going.

Inconsistency of smear #MeToo Comment

Bill Barr, in his usual shameless tone, explained: It’s like people panic for 20 minutes and then move on to the next one. Everything is based on disagreement. Like that #MeToo thing, you see someone being accused of something, and it’s – Ahh!! – this big thing. And then when people talk: Hey, man, you know I was with him for three years. He’s a great guy, that doesn’t mean anything. They investigate him, find out there’s nothing and hire a man who gets nothing. What [attention] gets is negative.




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