Net value $5,700,000
Name and surname Antoine Carraby
Date of birth/century 11. December 1967 (51)
Height 6’0”
source of income Rapper, DJ, producer, director.
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Compton, California.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Cole Bennett’s net assets are approximately $2 million.

– How much does Cole Bennet earn each year?

Cole Bennett earns about $500,000 a year, but this figure is increasing with his growing popularity on social networks such as YouTube and Instagram.

– How does Cole Bennet earn his money?

Cole makes most of his money on YouTube. His videos are watched millions of times, so he receives a check for tens of thousands of dollars every month.

Cole also earns hundreds of thousands of dollars from directing and producing music videos. Cole started making videos for underground rappers in Chicago, but as his popularity grew, he now travels the country to make videos for mainstream rappers.

His iconic videos are animated and graphically designed.


Cole Bennett is a legendary musician who has been around for thousands of years. The Chicago-based producer and video artist is considered one of the first influential users of SoundCloud and is the founder of Lyrical Lemonade.

He is an iconic producer known for his videos with wavy lines, vivid animation and bright colors. Cole is interested in what people in the music industry call the post-internet generation of rappers. His video uses a fast-recording style known as Chicago Video with Drills.

Beginning of life

Cole Bennett was killed on the 14th. Born May 1996 in Plano, Illinois. He has two sisters. Plano is not an exciting city, which is why Cole often travels to nearby Chicago.

Cole and his friends drove almost every weekend. They watched secret rappers who played just like Chance the Rapper and told them that he could record their video.

Cole went to high school in Plano, and after graduation he joined DePaul University in downtown Chicago. However, he never graduated from DePaul because he decided to give up his studies and concentrate on his music.

Personal life

Cole is inspired by Austin Fun, the director working with Chance The Rapper. After meeting him, he was very inspired.

Cole doesn’t have kids and he’s never been married. He speaks very discreetly about the person he meets, but in the latest news Cole reports that he meets Lana Marie, who is a photographer. Her full name is Alana Kittelsen and she is based in Chicago, Illinois.


Cole and his friends were actually in Chicago on an underground rap scene. Almost every weekend they went into town and attended concerts or events hoping to meet rappers. Faced with this opportunity, Cole asked the rappers if he could make a video clip for them.

Meanwhile, as a teenager, he was constantly making his own videos. Inspired by the videos of Chef Keefe and Chance Rapper, Cole adapted the videos to his songs.

When he was in high school in 2013, he created his own channel on YouTube and the blog Lyrical Lemonade.

One day he saw an animation on TV that he liked, so he sat down and decided to watch it on YouTube to see how he could make it himself.

He watched the video all night and by the end of the night he had made his own video. Cole said it was sloppy, but he knew he was up to something and he went ahead.

The first video to gain popularity was the famous Dex: Hit Em Wit It, which was downloaded in March 2016. The video has been watched almost 20 million times.

Cole then collaborated with the famous Dex on several other videos that caught his attention, as well as with other artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kevin Gates, Smokepurpp and Trippie Redd.

When people see crazy animation in his video, they love it. He’s known for his weird drawings.

In April 2017 he released the short film Lonely Springs. While his YouTube channel and blog Lyrical Lemonade has millions of followers, Cole is currently making videos for famous stars like Soulja Boy and J*Trash.

Interesting facts

  • Cole Bennett is a big fan of Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper and says that Austin Jolly, who directs most of Chance’s music videos, inspired him to work with rap.
  • Cole mentions the style of the video he made during the race and the shooting.
  • He learned the animation he shows in his videos by watching tutorials on YouTube. He says he recorded his first video in one night. It was sloppy, but it inspired him to create more and more.
  • Anyway, Cole wants to start his own music festival.
  • He sees himself as a source of inspiration for young rappers, so if he wants to grow and be more successful, he always wants to find time for lesser known rappers who turn to him.
  • The name Lyric Lemonade was invented by Cole’s mother.


  • Cole is considered one of the first influential users of SoundCloud.
  • He created the Lyric Lemonade brand and blog.
  • His YouTube video has been watched almost a billion times.
  • All of Cole’s music videos have a very recognizable animation style.

Favorite Quotes from Cole Bennett

Whatever happens to you, it never happens to you. Always keep that in mind.

We love you so much in Chicago, we promise we’ll always give you everything. We’re really trying to dress for the city, and that’s the main goal.

Call your mother and tell her that you love her today, together with some friends and maybe some family members. Call everyone you love today and tell them you only love them because life is beautiful.

There was a family lined up this morning. They came all the way from Florida to release lemonade. That shit made my heart happy.

I publish 40 or more videos a year and run an entire company. These leading video directors you’re comparing me with are the only directors, and they get huge budgets for every project they work on. You can download up to ten videos per year. Wait till I get to the project!

Cole Bennett’s Tips for Success

  1. Don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel about them. Don’t hide from them your love or gratitude for someone, because you never know when your last day on this earth will be
  2. Be careful with your dreams, even if you are told they are impossible There are so many people who just succeed because they have money or money, not because they are talented If you know you are talented, never stop chasing your dream
  3. If you want to have a good day, wake up every morning with a positive thought and hold it all day If you start your day with negative thoughts, your whole day will be sour
  4. To succeed and keep succeeding, you must remember who you were before you did.



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