Net value $13,000,000
Name and surname Daniel Nicholas Coker II
Date of birth/century 5. January 1964 (55 years old)
source of income Racing car driver, real star.
Height 6’2”
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Cleveland, Ohio.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Danny Koker’s net worth is $13 million.

What is Danny Cocker’s annual salary?

He would receive $100,000 for every episode of the series. This money comes on top of the money he earns in his car restoration workshop and other companies.

How did Danny Coker make his money?

He made money in his car company in Las Vegas and as a reality TV star. Cocker plays the leading role in the popular history of Channel Counting Cars,, allowing viewers to see the work and buyers in his Las Vegas County Customs Concession.

The exhibition focuses on the unique bodyworks Koker produces for the luxury cars, motorcycles and shredders they buy, restore and resell.

The cars he works on are often classics and rare antiques. Coker and his team demonstrate a high level of knowledge of automotive history and technology.

Counting machines is a high level exhibition. Coker knows how to restore muscle cars, sports cars and classic racing cars in an eloquent way, which his team recreates with love and beauty in each episode.

Wheel and trade

During the show Coker often notices complete strangers and offers to buy their cars. Moreover, he fell so much in love with the car he was working on that he couldn’t bear to sell it.

The audience is out there, walking around and enjoying every minute. Koker’s love for these beautiful machines is infectious and inspiring.

Coker has appeared on several other reality shows as an auto-expert. These include American Restoration PawnsStarsundRestoration of America. He was also invited for a late exhibition of David Lettermanomi Criss Angel Mindfrake.

Brief description of Danny Coker

  • His personal collection includes 58 cars and 58 motorcycles.
  • It’s a big supporter of the adoption of animals.

Beginning of life

Danny Coker was born in Cleveland, but his family moved to Detroit and then to Las Vegas when he was young.

Kokers father was a successful musician who worked as an arranger, composer and backing vocalist at many famous concerts.

Coker always imagined himself following in his father’s footsteps, and he started making music at an early age.

He also loved cars and motorcycles. He had an uncle who was the boss of the Ford Motor Company and this uncle always drove the last cars.

As a child, Danny wanted to know more about the inner workings of cars.

It turned out that it was this passion that led to his greatest financial success. As a soloist in Le Comte’s 77-headed rock band, he is always up to date with the music industry.

In 2014 the band released their debut albumShrapnel .

Personal life

He’s married to his wife Corey Coker. Coker often said that his wife was a great business partner who understood his business well. You don’t have children.


At this time, Danny Coker’s net worth has reached $13,000,000.

Coker opened Count Customs as a hobby. Coker’s an autodidact. He loved working on cars and motorcycles, and he wanted a place where he could work on his own cars and those of his friends.

Eventually the garage was overtaken by the rest of the Las Vegas public. As the business grows, Coker hires his friend Kevin Mack to help him turn the store into a professional business.

Today, the company employs 50 people who each perform 10 to 20 different tasks, depending on the customer.

Start of career in television

Before appearing on the History Channel, Coker was the star of a local Las Vegas television station owned by his family.

The station had a weekly program called Saturday Fright in Movies. There were class B horror movies with the Coker as host. He still owns this station.

History Channel

Coker has attracted the attention of the History Channel as an expert in car evaluation for his other show in Las Vegas – Hiking Stars .

Coker often appeared on this show to determine the authenticity and value of the cars that were brought to the pawnshop.

In 2012 the station offered him his own spin show andCounting Cars was born. In an interview in 2018, business partner Kevin Mac said that both found it very important to present an honest and realistic view of their daily work, knowing that real drivers would watch the show.

Current status

Coker has used its fame and money to invest in several profitable companies. Besides the parts warehouse, it also owns the Vamr’d Rosk Vag and Grill.

It is a bar and restaurant where local music shows are presented.

He opened Sounta’ѕ Tttoo Somranu, which can be found in Rio Notel and Саѕіnо. He also owns a recording studio. All those companies in Las Vegas.

Coker’s popularity as a television star has given it a strong presence on social networks. It has more than 24,000 followers of Instagram and more than 140,000 followers of Twitter.

The favourite Danny Coker quoted

I’ve lived in Vegas twice, but this time I’ve been here since 1988. I was good because I’m not a player. I don’t have those vices or anything. There are many traps in this city.

Over the years, I’ve had friends from the East who have all spoken: What does Vegas think of you? I’m gonna tell them: Vegas is fun, and they say I’m going out. They come here and do it for two or three months and then they have to come back.

Danny Cocker’s Tips for Success

There are no fixed rules on catering. I always tell people not to convert a car because they think they are making a profit by selling it. Do it for love. Buy the car you love, repair it, drive it and enjoy it.



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