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Roger Cook, born 1955 in Massachusetts, U.S.A., is a garden and landscaping contractor who became the star of the 1988 reality TV show This old house.

Childhood and education

Roger spent his entire childhood in Massachusetts, where he was raised by his father and mother, who were housewives and enjoyed their free time in their garden – Roger spent more time with his mother than with his father when he was a child, so he loved gardening and nature in general.

He attended the University of Maine, where he obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree in Wildlife Conservation Law and Management in 1977.

Television personality Career

Shortly after graduation, Roger joined the Massachusetts Association of Forestry and remains an active member – he was also Chairman of the Board of Massachusetts Landscape Contractors Association and New England Grows.

In 1982, together with his late wife Kathleen, he founded his own company K&R Tree and Landscape Company. In 1982 Roger was invited to participate in a reality show called This Old House, after he had already participated in several projects of the show, such as Woburn House and Rancho Bigelow. For the next six years he participated in many episodes, until he was part of the core team in 1988, when the restoration of the Lexington Bed & Breakfast began – to this day he still performs as a gardener and landscape architect.

Roger also contributes to This Old House magazine and is a member of the editorial staff – he also contributed to the book Complete Landscape Design, published in 2004 by This Old House in collaboration with Sunset Books. Roger currently participates less often in the show because he has health problems.

Diseases and current health status

Roger’s limp was first seen at this former internal show and it seemed to get worse – he missed most of the 40th season of the show due to illness, and in June 2018 it was announced that he was not well.

He appealed to the audience and stated that he had a number of health problems and that he should limit himself to occasional performances in the show. Rumor has it that a popular reality TV star recently had a heart attack. It seems that he has significantly reduced the time he spends on the set of this old house, but his health has not improved.

Love life and marriage

Roger started dating Kathleen when he was a sophomore at the University of Maine – they met a few years before they got married in the eighties or so.

Roger Cook

Roger Cook

Roger and Kathleen have two children, Jason and Molly, who are currently living with Roger in Burlington, Massachusetts, while Kathleen was born on the first day of the school year. In December 2010, she lost her battle with cancer when she died at the age of 56 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Born in Woburn, Kathleen attended Burlington High School, then went to Merrimack College and graduated with a BA in Sociology in 1977. Her father worked for the insurance company Gulde and it was from him that she learned the insurance business. She then started her own insurance company Gulde – Cook, while her mother Kay was a housewife; Kathleen had four sisters.

She enjoyed spending time with friends and family and relaxing at home in Falmouth – she loved reading books and magazines and lying on the beach in the summer.

Leisure and other interests

Roger grew up with pop and rock music as well as the classical music of Beethoven and Mozart. He likes to spend time in nature – in forests, mountains, lakes and national parks in general. He is a great animal lover and has had many pets over the years, including dogs, cats, parrots and others.

It eats healthy food and prefers to grow its own. He had the opportunity to communicate with gardener Carrie Kelly, who taught him all the details and tips on how to grow his own healthy food. Roger and Kathleen loved spending time together in their garden, and in the evenings they watched movies and soap operas with the kids – one of their favourite movies was Casablanca, and some liked it hot, while they also liked the television series Third Stone of the Sun.

They also traveled and visited most states before Kathleen started fighting cancer – most of her friends described them as friendly and kind people.

Appearance and net value

Roger is 64 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.67 m tall and weighs about 69 kg – his net worth is over $11 million, while his wife Kathleen’s net worth was over $500,000 at the time of his death.



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