Billy Bretherton

Billy Bretherton is a pest control specialist and television presenter, founder of Vexcon Animal and Pest Control, a family business for pest control. He is best known as the star of the reality show Billy the Destroyer, which depicts his life and career.

Childhood, family, education

William Billy Bretherton was born on the 16th. Born in September 1968 in Louisiana, USA, in the family of Big Bill and Donny Bretherton. With American citizenship and white ethnicity, his ancestry is unknown. He’s got a brother, Ricky. Despite the fact that Bretherton is a reality person, he tries to keep his private life out of the public eye. So there is no information about his early childhood or education.


Air Force toDestruction

At the age of 19, Bretherton joined the U.S. Air Force with the intention of becoming a police officer. However, his entrance test for the army showed that he had special skills in biology and entomology, and he was trained in these areas, which led to his later career in the field of destruction. He is appointed senior pilot at Nellis Air Base in Las Vegas, Nevada, and his career has officially begun.

After joining the USAF he moved to Benton, Louisiana and started his own company, Vexcon Animal and Pest Control. According to Bretherton, his father invested his pension money in his family and his brother to start his own business – the family gave them a job in the company, while Bretherton, his brother and his father worked in the fields and removed various types of vermin from private homes and ponds, from small ants to giant snakes, and his mother ran the office. Thanks to his involvement in pest control, Bretherton will soon become a public figure.

Billy Bretherton

Billy Bretherton

Billy Destroyer

Bretherton’s work as a state expert in pest control and eradication led to his appearance in several episodes of Discovery TV’s Dirty Works with Mike Rowe in 2005. The series, which followed a series of different and challenging jobs, was very popular and attracted Bretherton’s attention to such an extent that his episode caught the attention of A&E TV producers who wanted to do a reality show about his pest control. That’s how the Billy the Destroyer series was born.

He followed Bretherton’s professional life and his daily work, the method of moving animals in captivity, and often gave descriptions and additional information about them, for example about the diseases they could tolerate. Bretherton, who wanted to get rid of rats, cockroaches and other rodents on TV, gathered a lot of fans. He has received particular praise for his use of natural pest control methods, his famous practical approach and his use of organic and non-chemical pesticides that are environmentally friendly.

Although Bretherton and his brother starred in the series, he also portrayed other members of his family, including his parents, which is a common source of comic relief. The series became so popular that A&E did it under a new name for another five seasons. The first season he was renamed Billy the Destroyer, and at the beginning of the second season he was renamed Billy the Destroyer. As of season four, the show was handled differently after the Bretherton brothers traveled to different locations throughout the province to help local fighter planes and wildlife rescue services with pest control and work at their work sites in Louisiana.

After Bretherton gave up his hunting business in Louisiana and moved to Illinois in 2012, citing the family’s problems, the show ended its successful six-season run. Billy the Destroyer attracted more than a million viewers worldwide, made Bretherton famous and increased its wealth enormously.

In 2015, Bretherton’s brother made a series on YouTube called Vexcon the Exterminators, which said the fighters had returned. Still, it had a short period of time and didn’t attract many fans.

The following year, the Canadian Country Music Television decided to produce a new reality series called Billy Goes North, which was selected by the United States in 2017 as the seventh season of the original Billy the Killer series, after Bretherton and other normally impossible battle parasites. Since then, no new episode of the program has been broadcast.


The public was shocked to learn that a well-known pest specialist had left the family business in 2012. What Bretherton described as abandonment due to family problems occurred just before the first of season six, when he was arrested by Louisiana police on a warrant for drug possession.

Police were reportedly called to a hotel room in Bosser, Louisiana, where a couple were staying when they discovered their husbands were smoking marijuana. After being arrested for possession of a significant amount of synthetic marijuana and a commonly used device for smoking drugs, the charges were not very strong and the couple were later released. Bretherton was put on trial for a year and fined $500 for community service.

Personal life

Bretherton is married to Mary, with whom he has a son. First his wife played the role of Billy the Destroyer several times, but then she left the show. There has been speculation that Bretherton forced them out of the show because of the fight they had on the show. Although some sources claim that Bretherton was married before Mary, this fact has never been confirmed by them.

Physical appearance and style

Bretherton has attracted attention with its unusual fashion style. The characteristic uniforms are black leather garments, zippers, T-shirts with metal straps, cowboy hats and patchwork decorations with various rivets and steel spikes. As for his appearance, Bretherton’s peak hair has green eyes and he often wears sunglasses. Details of its scope have not been published.

Net value

Billy Bretherton’s net worth is nearly $500,000, primarily earned by Billy the Destroyer, his pest control company Vexcon, and by the occasional sale of ads that make Bretherton a comfortable life.



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