Tess Sanchez was killed on the 4th. Born September, . She plays an important role as casting director, finding the right actors and actresses to bring the story to life, which is a crucial factor in determining whether a film is good or bad. It’s not clear that this is a career she always wanted when she was growing up. Born in the United States, she studied at a private university in Southern California at the University of Woodbury, where she earned a degree in economics, management, marketing and related support services, which ultimately led to a Bachelor of Science degree.


Tess Sanchez Vicky/Bio

She began her career in Hollywood as an independent casting director before earning a spot in the talent and casting department of one of Hollywood’s largest studios, The WB Television Network. From 2000 to 2008, she worked for WB for eight years before joining the Fox Broadcasting Company, where she was promoted to the long-awaited position of Network Broadcast Manager.

She has participated in casting projects such as Revenge, Rob Roy Thomas’s Nameless Project and Casting Away, on which she worked as a casting assistant. She has performed in shows such as Do Not Disturb, Kath & Kim, 10 Things I Hate About You, Melrose Place and many others, including recent projects such as Empire, Gotham and Brooklyn Nine.

Facts about Tess Sanchez:

  • Full name – Tess Sanchez
  • Alias – Tess
  • Birthday – 4 September 1980
  • Age –39 years old
  • Place of birth – United States of America
  • Nationality – American
  • Ethnic accessories – white
  • Occupation – Foundry manager
  • Height – 5’9
  • Husband – Max Greenfield
  • Net value – $3 million.

Tess Sanchez Age, size

Tess was born in 1980, which makes her 39 years to this day. It lies at an altitude of 5’9. She has done her best to keep the slim figure that suits her.

Tess Sanchez at a young age

Tess spent most of her childhood in America. We have no information about the parents, but she had some freedom to choose the career she wanted. She studied at the Burbank campus and later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services.

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Tess Sanchez Net Assets

Tess Sanchez – a talented casting director who has given Hollywood some of the best actors for the role of the demo. This has forced them to make a name for themselves and become famous, and their estimated value of in is between and $3 million.

Privacy Tess Sanchez, husband, children

Tess Sanchez and Max Greenfield had a relationship for five years before ending up in the alley in 2008. Tess and Max welcomed two new family members, a girl and a boy named Lily Greenfield and Ozzy James Greenfield. They were born in January 2010 and August 2015 respectively. They loved animals, and a couple had a dog named Jackson. The couple currently live in Los Angeles.

Max Greenfield and his wife Tess Sanchez.

Max Greenfield and his wife Tess Sanchez.

Career of Tess Sanchez

Tess Sanchez is a successful casting director with a successful job and career, but most people remember her as their wife. After graduation she increased her interest in the entertainment industry and did well in her career.

Sanchez is an independent casting director, but later became Vice President of Talent and Casting at WB Television. The experience was successful and she worked there from January 2000 to January 2008. The talented lady joined Fox in November 2008 and led the casting. While working with Fox, Tess has seen a number of episodes such as Live Grease, Pines on the Way, Empire, Gotham, Lucifer, Mindy Project.

Max Greenfield Tess Sanchez with the kids.

Max Greenfield Tess Sanchez with the kids.

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