Steve Gonsalves

Who is Steve Gonsalves?

Steve Gonsalves is an American researcher specialized in paranormality who has reached the peak of paranormality through his performances on the multipart reality show Ghostbusters (2004-2016) alongside a.o. Jason Haves and Amy Bruney.

So you want to know more about this paranormal detective and real ghost hunter? From childhood to recent attempts and the juicy details of a love life? If so, stay with us throughout the article while we introduce you to Steve Gonsalves.

Steve Gonsalves Vicky: Age, childhood and training

Steve Gonsalves was killed on the 23rd. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, October 1975, but raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He became interested in the paranormal at an early age, and this interest grew stronger over the years. At the age of 15 he began researching paranormal phenomena and by the time he was 20, Steve had already established his own research group. Speaking of his education, few details, even though we know that he met his colleagues at the university where they founded the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).

Entry and early career for Promoters

After TAPS started his work, Steve, James Haves and Grant founded Wilson as part of the organization Paramagazine. Gradually they became more and more popular and were chosen by SyFy to participate in a new paranormal research of the SOS Spirits series. The show was aired on the 6th. The first took place in October 2004 and lasted until 2016, 11 seasons, with several other researchers on paranormal phenomena. During this period, Steve became a popular service as co-investigator and technical operator. The team has visited many ghost sites in the United States, from the East Coast to the West Coast, and has made a name for itself.

Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves

Besides Ghostbusters S.O.S., Steve has also participated in several other exhibitions, including Ghostbusters Academy (2009-2010) and The Truth of Appointment (2009).

Career after Ghostbusters

In 2016 it became known that SyFy and the team were no longer working together, with the result that the exhibition was cancelled. Despite the fact that Wilson has reached an agreement with the A&E channel, Steve does not return to the series that came out on the 21st. The first took place in August 2019.

Instead, Steve focused on his solo adventures, including the documentary Ghost on Finn Road : The Devil’s Grove in 2018 and is currently working on its own series, The Ghost Nation, which will premiere on Travel in October 2019 and will feature Pants and Dave Tango. They are going to start new ghost hunt missions all over the United States, and there is no doubt that this will only increase their popularity and wealth.

Steve Gonsalves Net worth

Since the beginning of his career, Steve has become one of the leading researchers in the field of paranormal states and is known worldwide. His wealth has increased over the years, so let’s see how rich Steve Gonsalves is in mid-2009. According to some sources, Steve Gonsalves’ net worth is $1 million, which is pretty decent, don’t you think? There is no doubt that his wealth will increase in the future as his career continues.

Steve Gonsalva’s private life, dates, children, is he married?

What do you know about Steve’s personal life? This TV star and ghost hunter hasn’t shared much of his life, but some details have appeared in the media. He had a long relationship with his classmate Alice Haynes that lasted until 2014. Since then he has said nothing more about his love life, and his interest is full of his professional efforts. I hope he changes his mind soon and shares more information about his private life with the fans.

Steve Gonsalves Internet Celebrity

Over the years, Steve has become a well-deserved fan of social media and has used his popularity to further his career. He is very popular on Twitter with over 255,000 loyal fans eagerly awaiting his new efforts. He is also very active on Facebook, where he informs his fans about his latest professional successes.

It has over 33,000 followers on Facebook. You can also find Steve on Instagram, which has over 30,000 fans watching him.

If you are not yet a fan of this famous TV star and ghost hunter, this is a great opportunity for you to become one. You only have to go to his official pages to see what he does, especially professionally, because he rarely talks about his private life.



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