Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis appeared in the popular online series The Story of the Mountain People and eventually left the series after season six. He said he was too old to hunt mountain lions, but he still led a wild life in the mountains. No one knows exactly why he left the show.

Childhood and family

Rich Lewis was born in Idaho, USA, but the exact date of his birth remains a mystery; he seems to be in his sixties. Rich in gray on a ranch, and his lifestyle was always very different from city life, but he didn’t want to trade his life for a million dollars. Rich inherited his chances of survival from his father and grandfather, who also lived in the mountains with their families. Since 2019, Rich has lived in his house in Ruby Valley, Southwest Montana.

Wild animals

He’s rich: If I could describe life in the mountains in one word, it would be loneliness. It’s indescribable to be here alone, he said in an episode of the Highland series. Many say he was born at the wrong time, and Rich couldn’t contradict them because there are no more miners. He also believes that no one wants to live off the land. Rich works alone and without a partner because he doesn’t like taking care of people, and when no one is around, he can do what he has to do himself.

Winter is the hardest season for rich Lewis.

Since Rich lives in the mountains, he has to fight for simple things like water. In winter he has to cut the ice off the streambank so he can dip his bucket in the water.

He said people take a lot of things for granted. Although he had to water his pets, such as horses and dogs, at least twice a day, it seemed very difficult because the water froze in about five minutes. The weather’s changing all the time, so Rich needs to be prepared for anything. In anticipation of winter, he fetches a lot of straw and uses it to heat the foundation of his house because it is very windy and cold. According to Rich it is one of the cheapest ways to keep the living room nice and warm, even in bad weather. Rich likes to use whiskey to heat up low temperatures. Despite the fact that he usually prepares for a long winter and gets food, firewood, etc., he is still able to get a lot of food and fuel: I like it, the peace, they don’t understand. People think I’m crazy, but they can think what they want. This is how I’m gonna live.

Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis

Helping neighbors

Rich sometimes helps his neighbors so they can help him when he needs help. One day his neighbor Corey had a lion in his backyard. That’s how Rich taught him the basics of following lions, how lions move, so Corey could protect himself, his family, and his home. Together they followed the tracks in the mud and grass, and Rich told how to recognize the footprints of a lion of a wolf: Wolf tracks always have claw prints in the snow, while lions don’t use their claws when walking in the snow. In return, Rich’s neighbors helped him protect his home when a mountain lion invaded his garden.

Published in the series Highlands

Rich participated in all four seasons of the series and became a regular actor in 2013. Together with Euste Conway, Tom Ore and Marty Mayerotto Rich, he shared his wilderness survival skills and the secrets of his hard work tracking down mountain lions.

When he appeared in the series, he came across various situations while hunting lynxes, lions, wolves, and so on. With the help of Diana’s wife, Rich brings his cows from three or four nearby farms and patrols them against wolves to protect the cattle from predators. Rich sees the tracks very well and reads them well, he easily understands the time they were left and the animal that left them. In 2013 there was less food for predators in southwest Montana. So Rich and his wife had to watch the cows run into the mountains because the risk of predator attacks was very high. In 2017, Rich said he was too old to hunt mountain lions and left the show before returning for the seventh season.

Perfect control of monitoring

When stalking predators, Rich puts little pieces of red cloth as flags so that people can see that the predators are there. He thinks the animals also notice his flags, and while the cows can understand that there is a danger, wolves can also see visual warnings and smell the human scent and stay away from the area marked by Rich to keep the cattle safe. One day he found a large hole in the fence made by a predator and after careful examination he could conclude that it was a black wolf by smelling and examining a small piece of fur left on the fence by a barbed wire.

Other characters from the Highlandsseries

The 31st. Launched in May 2012, the Mountain People series tells the stories of people who chose a different lifestyle and survived in the wild. Among the stars of the show are the popular American naturalist Eustace Conway, the subject of Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2002 book The Last American Man, and the author of the superpopular 2006 book Eat, Pray, Love.

Together with his three siblings Martha, Judson and Walton, Eustace lives on the Turtle Island Reserve in Boone, North Carolina. Marty Mayerotto is another star in the series who lives in the North Star region of Fairbanks, Alaska. Marty, who lives with Dominic’s wife and daughter Noah in the town of Two Rivers, uses several traps to collect fur for his life. The other personality in the series is Tom Oar, who was a rodeo cowboy and now lives on the Yaac River in Montana. He lives with his wife Nancy and three children in a wooden house deep in the forest: Jack, Chad and Keeley.

Privacy, woman Diana Lewis

Rich had been married to Diana for about 25 years, starting in 2019. A couple live their wild lives with joy and understanding. Diana appeared in several episodes of the Highland series and helped Rich in his daily life.

She does a lot of things around the house, keeps it warm and safe and prepares food and other materials for the winter months. Nothing is known about the children of Diana and Rich, they never mentioned details about their offspring (if any).

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

Rich loves horses and loves to ride – his horse is called Rusty and is a registered quarter horse, he is a special breed that is short and very smart in the sprint. Rich sometimes compares his horse to a Cadillac because he thinks Rusty is an old-fashioned horse. He has to shoe his horse about three times a season, which he does himself. He also enjoys life, because if he doesn’t want to work and prefers to play, he can just skip work and have fun with the dogs, etcetera. One of the few modern things Rich uses in his life is his truck.

The truck helps him get to the dog as quickly as possible because he follows the predator and moves up to ten kilometers away from the house or so he can be in danger – Rich must be nearby and not kill his dogs with mountain lions. When his truck Wilbur broke down, of course he had to repair it as soon as possible! He couldn’t just call for help.

Rich is a real fan of hunting pumas, wood wolves and lynxes. He lost one of his dogs in a fight with a mountain lion, and another dog faced a serious life and death issue in the hunt for a lion. It’s a relief to see his dogs coming back, Rich said in an episode of the show. He also says that if a lion kills a dog, its owner will never know because there are no signs – the dog is just lost in the woods.

Appearance, clothing style

Rich had very curly light brown hair and bright blue eyes. He’s got a beard and a moustache. It is rich, measures 5 foot 8 inches and weighs about 176 pounds (80 kg). His dress style is very special because he is known for his passion for hunting hats, which he decorates with the canines and claws of various predators he has hunted. One of the unique accessories with which he decorates his hats are the colorful dice, Rich said, they bring good luck.

Net assets and salaries

Rich hasn’t appeared on the Mountain Man Show since 2019. He hunts mountain lions for a living, but the amount of his monthly income is unknown, although his net value is estimated at almost $200,000, like that of Tom Oru. His television colleague Eustace Conway has amassed a fortune of $2 million and earns about $130,000 a year from his wildlife-related activities, such as logging, hunting, and so on.



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