David and Renee Portnoy

René Tailor divorced her husband David Tailor in 2017, a famous American businessman and content inventor of Barstool Sports, but he remains a good friend. Although best known as David’s wife, she is an experienced horse consultant and merchandising manager at SmartPak.

Childhood and family

Rene Sutterwhite was born on the 5th. Born May 1983 in Abington, Massachusetts, USA. She’s American, and her trademark is Taurus. She spent her childhood in Abington and then moved to Nantucket, where she now lives in a mansion bought by her husband.

Renee’s an only child in the family. At the age of eight she started riding and ponies because she always loved all kinds of animals and liked to spend time with them. She remembers the day the pony threw and even kicked her, but even that didn’t stop Renee from loving horses.


Renee graduated from high school in Abington in 2001 and went to Boston University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics.


In 2010 René joined SmartPak. The company was founded in 1999 and offers horse additives, clothing and equipment for riders and other items needed by horse owners. She started her career as a senior buyer and was gradually promoted to merchandising manager. René shared that her work has become a dream for her because of her love for animals, especially because SmartPak specializes in additives for horses and dogs. When she married David Tailor, he too fell in love with these big animals, learned to ride and even bought some horses. With Renee, David attended the Kentucky Derby, but he hasn’t been there lately because the couple are now divorced, so Renee attends these events himself.

With David’s support and enthusiasm, René went horseback riding and even took part in horse shows. When Renee and David had a romantic relationship, Renee actively participated in all activities related to the blog of David Barstool Sports. Fans of the blog still call him their First Lady, as David calls himself President, or rather El Presidente, and it has even become his official nickname. Since 2019 she has withdrawn from her blog activities.

Charitable organisation

Because Renee is in love with all kinds of pets, she supports their adoption. She urges everyone not to buy pets, but to take dogs, cats and other animals out of the shelter.

In particular, it provides long-term support to the local Safe Harbor Wildlife Sanctuary on Nantucket Island. Not only does she raise money for the shelter, she also helps with her own hands – cleaning, feeding and playing with the animals.

Is she officially divorcing her husband David Tailor?

Renee and David met around 2005, when she had just finished college, and David moved to Boston where he worked for the Yankee Group. The couple started meeting and committing themselves in 2008. They got married in 2009, but had no children – neither David nor René have children.

David and René Tailleur.

David and Renee Tailor.

In 2016 David was seen with another girl while cooling off in a local bar. The girl turned out to be Jordyn Hamilton, and the rumors about Renee and David’s divorce became serious. In January 2017 David officially announced their divorce, but they remained good friends with their two dogs, Madison and Stella Bean.

But shortly after David and Renee split up, he accused Jordine of cheating on him and suspected her of having an affair with the SoulCycle teacher. David didn’t even want to hurt his ex-girlfriend, but fans of his blog launched a cyber-attack against her and her lover that was hard to stop.

Useful life per division

David was still supporting Renee when she lost her sweet dog Stella Beane a few months ago. She thanks David for being there for her when she went through the difficult time of saying goodbye to a pet she had for years. David shared his thoughts on Twitter: The ties and friendship that @renee_portnoy and Stella have united cannot be put into words. It is clear that Renee and David are still good friends – neither has ever reported a formal break-up, even though they haven’t lived together for more than two years.

Who is David Dave Tailor?

David Dave Tailor was killed on the 22nd. Born in March 1977 in Swamp, Massachusetts, USA, as the son of Linda Kaufman and Michael Tailor. He’s of Jewish descent.


He joined the University of Michigan in 1995 and received a bachelor’s degree in business communications in 1999. He moved to Boston because he accepted an offer from the Yankee Group, a local IT market research company. In 2003 he left the company to start his own business, which later became Barstool Sports. Barstool Sports was originally a printed publication, and it was only in 2007 that it became one of the most popular and sarcastic blogs about pop culture, sports and other media. The website consists of several blogs, podcasts and a series of videos that show the discussions and arguments of the Barstool Sports team, a bit like a series of reality shows.

In 2017, the company was acquired by the Chernyn group, as Peter Chernyn, the leader of the group, acquired a controlling interest in Barstool Sports (51%). David is still responsible for the content creation process, even though the agreement has yielded him more than $12.5 million.

Barstool Sports has more than 130 employees and is a partner of Snapchat and Facebook. David also owns a Pizza Request and runs a station called Sirius XM. He also promotes Rough N’ Rowdy, which he owns, and shows the fights of the amateur boxing league with pay-per-view shows. David also makes a lot of profit from the sale of his assets.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

If she doesn’t spend time with animals, Renee likes to eat. His favorite food is Chinese food. She loves reading books and swimming, and can now enjoy her favourite activities at home because she has a swimming pool in her garden.


Renee once admitted that she had problems with time management because social networking platforms took up too much time. It closed its Instagram account for random readers and made it available only to current subscribers. She wrote that she missed Instagram, but was very worried about the weekly screenshots that were bothering her. However, she is still active on her Twitter account because it is one of her tools to find a new home for the dogs and cats in the shelter where she works.

Appearance, clothing style

Renée has medium long, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. It is 1.70 m long and weighs about 64 kg. When it comes to clothing style, she always prefers a casual look, wearing jeans, T-shirts or special clothes for riding.

Net assets and salaries

From 2019, Renée’s net asset value is estimated at approximately $2.5 million. As for her husband, David Tailor has over $12 million in assets and earns up to $900,000 a year. In 2016 he bought a villa in Nantucket for $2 million; the house has four bedrooms, a swimming pool, a stone patio and a small terrace surrounded by blue hydrangea bushes.




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