Olu Evans and Misty Copeland

Who is Olu Evans, Misty Copeland’s husband?

Misty Copeland is a highly esteemed ballerina, the first African-American woman to become the most important ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre. Do you know who her husband is? This is actually Olu Evans, a lawyer and corporate lawyer.

So you want to know more about Olu Evans, from his birth to his recent professional ventures, how they met and how rich he is? If so, stay with us throughout the article while we introduce you to Misty Copeland’s husband.

Olu Evans Vicki: Age, childhood and training

Unlike his successful wife, Evans has little to do with his personal life. All we know is that he was born in the United States in 1979, apparently in New York City. He’s the son of John Twichell, African-American, and his wife Linda, Jewish. There is no other information about Olu’s childhood, such as whether or not he has siblings. Evan attended Emory University after high school, where he earned his Juris Doctorate, and was called to the New York Bar in 2007.


Olu’s professional activities were not open to the public and all we know is that he worked for the law firm Quinn Emanuel. He also founded Muse Dancewear, a company that sells dance wear and equipment such as gloves, tights, ballet shoes and other items. The sale undoubtedly contributed to his assets, while his legal practice contributed significantly to his assets.

Olu Evans and Foggy Copeland.

Olu Evans and Foggy Copeland.

Olu Evans Net costs

Olu Evans is not as popular as his wife, but his career has certainly increased his wealth. So you know how rich Ola Evans is? According to reputable sources, Olu Evans’ net assets are estimated to exceed $500,000 as of mid-2009. This number is likely to increase in the coming years, provided he continues his successful career.

The private life of Olu Evans, relationship with Foggy Copeland, marriage

Olu became popular by marrying Misty; they met in 2006 through Olu’s cousin, the famous Broadway actor Taye Diggs, and in a nightclub and formed a love affair that continues to this day.

The couple is finally engaged in 2015, and on the 31st. In July 2016 they decided to close the package in the Montage Hotel at Laguna Beach. Although only about 100 people attended the small ceremony, Misty wore a dress designed by Inbal Dror and shoes designed by Christian Louboutin. The couple don’t have kids yet, but it’s certain that Marty’s career is coming to an end in their plans.


Olu Evans’ wife, Foggy Copeland

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about Ola, let’s share information about his wife, Misty Copeland. Misty Danielle Copeland was killed on the 10th. Born in September 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA; she is the daughter of Sylvia Dela Serna and Doug Copeland. She is of Italian and African-American descent through her mother and of German and African-American descent through her father. His mother was married and divorced several times. She is the product of her second marriage, with three older siblings, and she has two younger siblings from her mother’s third and fourth marriages.

She spent most of her childhood in poverty – her mother didn’t even have the money to pay for ballet lessons. However, with the help of her teacher Cynthia Bradley, Misty took ballet lessons and at the age of 14 she won the Dutch National Ballet Competition and her first solo performance. She went to live with Cynthia, which caused tension with her mother, who eventually got custody of the case. Copeland returned home, but he often argued with his mother and ran away from home in search of emancipation. Somehow she was abandoned, and Misty continued her ballet lessons.

Career and success

Her hard work and dedication paid off in the end; she became one of the most famous ballerinas and is one of the best, if not the best, of the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and of course ABT’s first African-American Principal Ballerina. In addition to group dancing, she is also a well-known soloist and is successful from 2007 to 2015. She performed on Broadway, including a play about the city, and toured with the late musician, the Prince, as a famous dancer.

Talk about success: Misty also became a talented author with her autobiography Life in Movement: Barely a ballerina in 2014, as well as the body of a ballet and fitness guide: Dance and eat to a thin, strong and merciful you.

Foggy Kopek Net costs

Misty’s success has undoubtedly contributed to her wealth. So you’re wondering how rich Misty Copeland is in mid-2009? Sources estimate the net value of Foggy Copeland at $500,000. The United States will certainly develop in the future if we assume that it will continue its career in the same direction as before.

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