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Morgan Brennan was killed on the 26th. Born April 1986 in Brewster, New York, United States – her trademark is Taurus and she is an American citizen. She is a journalist best known for her general reporting on CNBC and currently co-hosts the program Alley Squawk.

Childhood and education

Morgan was raised in his hometown by the mother of a housewife and his father by a salesman. Her interest in journalism was awakened when, at the age of eight, she started watching television programs, mostly news, with her mother and father.

After graduating high school, Morgan went to New York University and received a Bachelor of Social Science degree in 2008 with a double major in anthropology and media.

Journalistic career

Morgan began her career as a reporter shortly after graduating from university when she joined Newsweek International. After working with them in her small company, she worked for many other networks as an auditor and writer, mainly in the economic and business fields.

In 2009 she joined Forbes Media as a writer and permanent reporter. She has worked in various media, including Forbes Magazine, Forbes.com and Forbes Life Magazine. She has also been a producer for the Forbes video network and has often appeared on screen during economic and financial discussions.

In 2013 she joined CNBC and became general reporter for CNBC at the Rocks of Englewood – today she is co-director of a live broadcast of Alley Squawk on the New York Stock Exchange.


Morgan has been the subject of five magazine covers, interviews with many billionaires, opinion leaders, executives of some of the world’s richest corporations and heads of state.

Love life and spouse

Morgan met her soul mate, Matthew Cacciotti, when she was still studying at NYU – they met in 2006 and waited until they were both satisfied with their careers before meeting again on September 6. Married August 2011. Morgan brought the 30. Their child was born in March 2016, but Morgan and Matt both try to keep their private lives away from the media attention.

Shortly after graduating from university Matt started working as a runner and clerk at B + C Trading in June 2002 – he held this position until May 2003, took a year off and moved to S + B Trading in June 2004, where he worked as a clerk for a year. In July 2005, he became president of MMC Trading, a position he still holds today. In June 2010 Matt founded and became CEO of Gold Street Trading Ltd. a full-service brokerage firm based in White Plains, NY, providing clients with cost-effective clearing and pricing services and efficient order execution.

Morgan Brennan

Morgan Brennan

Leisure and other interests

Morgan grew up with the desire to be a singer, a rock star to be precise, and listened to bands like AC/DC and The Scorpions – as a teenager she had a lot of posters on the walls of her bedroom. After graduating from high school, she joined the Sony music label, but eventually gave up the album. As a teenager she also became interested in and studied archaeology, but her plans changed when she was in high school.

Morgan’s greatest hobby is travelling, she has travelled with her husband to the United States, visited several European countries and the place Morgan dreams of is London, England. She loves watching movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are Dwayne Rock Johnson and Jennifer Aniston. His favourite films are Jumanji and the horror franchise.

Appearance and net value

Morgan is 33 years old. She has medium blond hair and blue eyes, is 1.67 m long and weighs about 58 kg. His net worth is more than $2 million, while Matt’s at the end of 2019 will be more than $6 million.

CNBC Network

CNBC is a US pay-per-view commercial news channel owned by NBC Universal Broadcast, Cable, Sports and News, a subsidiary of the US telecommunications group Comcast. The station is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and is mainly engaged in reporting on the international financial markets. The station started on the 17th. The channel was launched on 1 April 1989, with the creation of NBC and Cablevision, and was called the consumer information and business channel. In 1991, the Financial News Network was established, which was CNBC’s first real competitor.

Cable television continued to sell its stake in CNBC to NBC, and from February 2015 the channel will be available to more than 93 million U.S. households – recently ranked as the 19th most valuable cable channel in the country by the Wall Street Journal.

There are two keywords for him: The first in business. Make money with it. And take yours. The Obama administration has observed it as cable chatter for exaggerated and often brutal discussions on a subject, often maintaining its one-sided nature. CNBC has worked with a number of companies, including Dow Jones & Company, the New York Times and Yahoo! Finances.


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