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Molly Rosenblatt is an experienced meteorologist and presenter who has worked for WCCO-TV. One day she didn’t appear on the screen anymore and her fans are still looking for a reason for her silent departure from the channel.

Childhood and family

Molly Rosenblatt was born at the age of 18. Born in September 1979 in Rochester, New York, USA, she has American citizenship and the Zodiac Sign of Virgo. Molly’s father is Morris Rosenblatt, a retired infectious disease physician, and her mother is Wendy Rosenblatt, a housewife since 2019, but she has been a nurse for over 35 years – Molly also dreamed of one day becoming a nurse, taking care of her dolls and pretending to shoot them with a toy needle. Molly has a younger brother, Calmon.

When Molly was about five years old, her family moved to Minnesota and settled in Minneapolis where she spent her childhood and adolescence. Although she was born in New York, she calls Minnesota her home.


Molly graduated from high school in Minneapolis in 1997 and joined the University of Minnesota in 2001 with a temping license. She then studied at Mississippi State University in Starquill, Mississippi and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology in 2005.


Molly became interested in radio at an early age and was a weather anchor on her school news.

After giving up her childhood dream of becoming a nurse, Molly started working for KRTV in Great Falls Montana, a local CBS member company, where she was a reporter and editor. In less than a year she moved to El Paso, Texas, to join the team at CTCM-TV, a subsidiary of NBC. After working there for two years, Molly moved to Orlando, Florida in 2008, where she served as Chief Meteorologist for Fox WOFL and then for WGNO in Los Angeles, a subsidiary of ABC. On her return to Minneapolis, Molly accepted an offer from WCCO-TV, a CBS partner channel.


Disappearance of the WCCA as a result of a conflict. Where did Molly Rosenblatt go?

In 2018 she disappeared from the canal, although there was no official announcement of her departure. Her admirers wondered what had happened to her, and the rumors around the canal suggested that she had a drinking problem, which she had become addicted to in an abusive relationship. But Molly has never confirmed rumors of her alcohol or drug addiction. Since 2018, Molly hasn’t announced any updates for her new workplace, and according to her Instagram account, she remains unemployed because she only shares photos where she has a long vacation.

Privacy, Partner Aaron Lovers

Since 2015, Molly has a relationship with Aaron Doring, who is Professor of Study Technology at the University of Minnesota. He is also director of the Learning Technology Media Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, which develops and researches new, technologically advanced methods to transform education. Aaron is working on his new project Changing Earth, in which he documents the study of various places such as the Arctic, Chukotka and Greenland. Aaron is also developing a variety of educational programs, including AgCultures (designed to encourage people to choose agricultural employment), Raptor Lab (research-based programs), Earthducation (focusing on environmental and pollution issues) and others.

Aaron Dering

Aaron Dering

Some of his projects, such as North of 60° and Geo-Tentica, are supported by the National Geographic Society and the National Science Foundation.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

Molly has always been passionate about sports, because her parents often took her to skiing at an early age. She is a big wakeboard fan and shares a lot of videos with her wakeboard in her Instagram account. It seems to be one of his favorite sports. She is also a big fan of skiing and likes to take her dad to her favorite park, Theodore Wirth Park, to enjoy a few hours of snow and skiing. She also does a lot of kayaking, skateboarding and cycling. She loves swimming, even though the river water is very cold.

She loves to cook with her mother. She enjoys attending events like the Minnesota State Fair and eating fried corn. Molly loves to travel and often takes her mother on trips to France, Italy, Spain and other countries of her choice. She and her friend Molly had shooting practice recently, and she’s doing very well. Molly has been practicing yoga for over ten years, but her followers often laugh and show on video how she tries to get on a surfboard and then lose her balance and fall into the water. Molly has three Chihuahuas, who treats them like children and even walks around in a pram. She also likes baseball.

Molly’s fans tried to find some updates on her social networks to understand exactly what made her WCCO TV leave, but immediately after she left the channel, she stopped posting on Twitter in November 2018 and updated Instagram with just random personal photos, without giving any indication of her current workplace.

Appearance, clothing style

Molly has medium blond hair and gray eyes. She is 1.61 m long and weighs about 48 kg; her population statistics are 33-24-34. She does yoga, which helps her stay in shape. Molly has several tattoos on her body, one in Arabic on her right leg and one on her left rib, and she talks: May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

As far as her dress style is concerned, she likes to wear feminine dresses in red shades and fuchsia.

Net assets and salaries

At the end of 2019, Molly is still unemployed or has withheld information about her new job. However, it is known that current net assets are still stable and are estimated at around $2 million. At WCCO-TV she would have earned up to $182,000 a year as chief meteorologist, anchor lady and reporter.

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