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Mirjam Poterbin is the mother of a very famous NBA basketball player, Luca Doncic. He believes his mother is the only reason for his success. At his young age, barely 20 years old, Luca is doing great and he has a lot of fans. Potterbin’s profession is prevention and dancing, and although he is not a famous face for many, he is a great inspiration for all mothers.

Mirjam Poterbin’s body model is the reason why she also makes the model in her spare time, although she is an athlete by profession. The scoreMirjam Poterbin Instagram has 30.000 followers, people are very fan of this lady and see her as a source of inspiration.

Guy Miriam Poterbin, woman

Mirjam’s first marriage was to a basketball player and a coach named Sasa Doncic. Sasha is of Serbian descent. The 28th. In February 1999 the couple was lucky to have a baby named Luka Dončić. Everything worked on the spot and the family lived happily together. But little by little everything started to fall apart and it didn’t work for the couple. They divorced in 2007 and Mirjam took care of her 8 year old son.

Miriam and her son Luka at the 2019 NBA Awards Ceremony (photo by Miriam – Instagram)

She was Lucas’ teacher and helped him become what he is now. Both are currently living in Madrid. There were rumours about a friend from year , Mirjam Poterbin , and it was said that she had him in June 2018. However, little has been revealed yet.

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Miriam Potterbins: beginning of life, family, age, parents

I was born on the 7th. Mirjam Poterbin, , has not yet been confirmed because her year of birth is unknown. As soon as the year of his birth is known, his exact age will no longer be uncertain. She’s from Ljubljana, Slovenia. However, it is assumed that the area called Klinja is in Kosovo.

She’s Slovenian. Her weight is very comfortable and she can pose well. Mirjam Poterbin, size , but runs a little less than his son Luka Doncic. Luca has a breathtaking height of 6 feet 7 inches.

Miriam and her son Luc (picture of Miriam - Instagram)

Miriam and her son Luke (picture of Miriam – Instagram)

Miriam Potterbin Divorce

When Mirjam Poterbin divorced her husband Sasa Dončić, she began to take care of her son Luka and became his main guardian. She was very supportive of her son and encouraged him in his basketball career. Luka had to move from Madrid to Slovenia to play basketball with Real Madrid. At the age of 16, he was the youngest player in the history of Real to play in a professional competition. He is also a winner of the Euroleague MVP.

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Luca Donsik’s mother

According to Myriam Poterbin Vickyher son’s career has been very successful and he did an excellent job at such a young age. At the age of 20, net assets of $ 5 million are. Mirjam has also achieved a lot in her career, and she must have been very lucky. However, its value is still being investigated and is unknown to the sources. His career brought him great fame and fortune.



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