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Full name: Matthew Trebek
Born: 1990 (29 years)
Parents: Alex Trebek, Jean Currivan Trebek
Brothers and sisters: Emily Trebek
Aunt: Barbara Trebek
Grandparents: Lucille Lagase, George Edward Trebek.

Matthew Trewberry Bio

Matthew’s parents are Alex Trebek and Jean Currivan Trebek. He owns the very famous Mexican restaurant Oso in Nordharlem. Matthew Trebek is located in the heart of Hamilton Heights. The restaurant is managed by him and his business partner Nodar Moshiashvili. The restaurant serves unique dishes of Mexican cuisine, so all lovers of Mexican food should try its dishes. Address : 1618 Amsterdam Avenue, New York.

He says that the hospitality industry has captured his heart and that he likes working in this sector. He fell in love with the industry and then thought of opening a restaurant to make his dream come true. According to him, in this sector alone you can roll up your sleeves for various other sectors such as graphic design, food, drink, music, and further in the restaurant sector, i.e. talking to people.

Matthew Trebek Age

He was born in 1990, and in 2019 he turned 29. He has two siblings. In 2016 the superstar was diagnosed with liver cancer.

About the parents of Matthew Trebek

His father is a famous television personality with Canadian-American nationality. He also organized a game show called Jeopardy and various game shows such as Double Dare, Battlestars, Classic Concentration etc.

His fans need to know that he will host Jeopardy until 2022, because he has signed a contract to do so. Trebek has been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and has announced his cancer for 2019. Trebek realized that his condition was very bad and he thought he could only register the geopard in 2022.

Matthew and Emily Trebek are brothers and sisters, and Emily is the youngest child of the couple Alex’s two children were born to his second wife. His first wife’s name is Elaine Callie and he has no children with her.

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Education by Matthäus Trebek

Matthew was a bartender when he graduated from Fordham University. He met his business partner in Midtown’s Madison and Vine, who was also a bartender, and they both decided to form Oso.

Personal life Matthew

He’s single and still single. Matthew Trebek’s girlfriend hasn’t been revealed to him yet, and he’s already told his fans that he’s going to reveal the girl of his dreams. News sources confirm that Matthew is having an affair with an unknown girl.

The Trebeekse brothers and sisters enjoy their luxurious lives and the news of meeting a child that has not yet been confirmed by them. Is Matthew Trebek married? It has now become a daily issue, and his fans are eagerly awaiting the good news. Matthew is an American businessman with a passion for his industry.



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