Martha Szugalski is a journalist and news presenter and works for the WFTV team on Channel 9. She is not only known for her professional enlightenment, but also for having six children, including triplets. Let us know more about her private life, the ongoing divorce proceedings with her husband, etc.

Childhood and family

Martha Sugalski was killed on the 22nd. February 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, i.e. under the sign of the Libra, was born and received American citizenship. Her family moved to Florida when she was young, so she spent most of her childhood there. We know Martha has four brothers, three brothers and a sister. Her parents always live together; she tries to visit them when she has free time, because she is very busy with her work and the upbringing of her little triplets. Since 2019 she lives in her villa on Lake Mary, Florida, with her husband Robert Reich and her children.


After graduating from the local school in Florida in 1998, Martha joined the Atlantic University of Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism degree in 2002.


Martha Sugalski began her career as an intern at the local television station WPBF in West Palm Beach, Florida, while still studying at her alma mater. She improved her skills and accepted the position as a reporter for the station. Almost a year later she left WPBF-TV and joined the team at WTVJ-TV, then WPTV-TV, where she held the same position, and was promoted to the first channel. Martha worked there for nearly 11 years when she joined WESH 2 News, accepted the company’s offer in August 2006 and served as a moderator until August 2014.

Later, in August 2015, she joined WFTV Channel 9, where she still works as a presenter. During her career, she has had the opportunity to demonstrate her skills as a reporter and presenter, by reporting on the Miami Heath basketball team and the Florida Marlins baseball team. She also interviewed the presidents of several fashion houses and other authorities to find out the details of the murder of famous fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was found dead in his villa in South Beach, Florida. It also covers various natural disasters, such as the forest fires in central Florida and the effects of various hurricanes.

Personal life, spouse Robert Reich, divorce proceedings in progress

Martha married Craig Minervaini, a sports commentator on local television, when she was in her twenties.

Martha Sugalski

Martha Sugalski

They had two sons, Chase and Maxwell, and a daughter, Spencer, but they filed for divorce and officially separated on the 28th. July 2005. Martha didn’t lose faith in true love, so she had a blind date in 2007 and eventually fell in love with Robert Reich, who died on his 30th birthday. In May 2009, after almost two years of dating, she became her second husband. In 2013 Martha gave birth to triplets Heaton, Wilder and Holden after years of waiting for a successful pregnancy and a painful miscarriage in 2011.

Who is Robert Reich?

Martha’s second husband, Robert Reich, graduated from Mercer University and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. It is also the most popular podcast, titled U Heard Me! and the CEO of NextDeal, which offers innovative sales techniques.

Robert is also the CEO of MicroTesla, a world-renowned company providing calibration and repair services for various MWD (Measurement While Drilling) magnetic instruments. He is also the CEO of Hydrogen on Demand.

Raising six children

Martha is a proud mother of six children and often gives advice on raising children. Their eldest son, Chase, is currently a graduate of the University of Florida and is studying law at Florida State University. Their son Maxwell is a hockey player and a member of the Florida Junior Blades. Her daughter, Spencer, recently graduated from high school and now chooses university.

After the triplets were born, Martha told her story of a painful miscarriage in 2011 after fertility meds failed.

She felt the blessing when her three children were born healthy by Caesarean section. However, her daughter Holden had to stay in neonatal intensive care because she only weighed 2.5 pounds at birth. The five weeks Martha talked about were the hardest for her because she felt so guilty leaving her newborn daughter alone. She also once said that they had some problems with their daily routine and schedule until they had triple sleep training. At the end of 2014, a kindergarten with triplets exploded due to a gas leak, while Martha’s children were safely at home with their nanny. The whole family was shocked and struggling to recover from the idea that their children could have died in the accident.

Divorce Robert Reich

In July 2019 Martha filed for divorce; in her petition of 10 years. In July Robert also admitted that their marriage had been irrevocably destroyed. He also complained that Martha had removed most of the family photographs on which he was portrayed and that the walls have been empty ever since, putting even more pressure on his restless family life. He confessed that he didn’t even know where she had hidden the photos and Martha also committed suicide, suggesting that she had thrown them away or even burned them. According to the information provided to the court, Robert is now facing serious financial problems, while Martha is still a well-paid specialist, which means that he will not be able to pay the maintenance that Martha insists on. The hearing runs until September 2019.

Martha Sugalski

Martha Sugalski

Martha’s divorce process was handled by Orlando Sentinel, but the author of the source wrote numerous letters and reports asking why Martha’s divorce was news, as he considered the case completely confidential. However, John Cutter, director of Operations and Standards, has officially stated that Martha has always been a public figure, and according to a recent Orlando Weekly poll, she is the most popular presenter in the city, and he (as a journalist) was completely satisfied with the way the story was reported.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

Martha is a big sports fan, she loves running, participates in cross-fit competitions and supports the Philadelphia Eagles. She also likes to blog about her motherhood, can be found in many blogs and sources, supports parents and gives insight into her life as a mother of many children.

She doesn’t like cooking, doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen and prefers to eat when she has the opportunity. Despite the fact that it was quite difficult with the three babies, the family went to a café and admitted that as the children grew, everything became much easier. The video of their babies befriending scavengers became viral and attracted millions of views on YouTube. Heaton, Wilder, and Holden were excited every time a garbage man came into their house; the children hugged them, gave them water, and helped them pick up the garbage. It should be noted that Martha is making a serious effort to teach her triplets Spanish, as she feels it is necessary in Florida.

Charities, Volunteering,Awards

Martha is passionate about adopting pets. She has several dogs at home, all adopted; the last one is Fletcher. Martha was named Children’s Lawyer of the Year for her efforts to help children in foster care. She is worried about the situation of these children – they often grow too old for adoption and have to live their lives without a family. Martha has also received two Emmy Awards for her influence in journalism.


Martha is very active in social networks. It has different profiles on different platforms. The Twitter account is read by nearly 35,000 people, while the Facebook page is popular and followed by more than 325,000 followers.

Appearance, clothing style

Martha has long natural brown hair, which she fades with platinum blonde hair and always wears loose curls; her eyes are grey.

March is 1.65 m high and weighs about 63 kg. His population statistics are not yet available, but we see that he is in good shape and continues to do well, even after the birth of triplets. As far as her dress style is concerned, she likes to wear dresses, high heels and colourful blazers. She also likes to wear various accessories such as bracelets, earrings and rings.

Net assets and salaries

Little is known about Martha’s net worth, but sources estimate it to be more than $3 million, while her husband’s lawyer says Robert earns about $96,000 gross a year according to court records, while Martha’s income is five times that amount. Martha hasn’t confirmed the figures, and the hearing is still going on. While continuing to work hard as a reporter for WFTV Channel 9, her income is stable and her net worth is likely to increase in the future.



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