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Mallory Everton was killed on the 20th. Born in Portland, Oregon, USA, in September 1989, in the sign of the Virgin Mary and with American citizenship – she became famous thanks to her acting career, especially through her participation in a comedy sketch program in Studio C.

Childhood and education

Mallory spent her childhood in Portland with her parents Bob and Colin Everton, but she never shared any details about them with the public. She has five brothers and sisters – three brothers named Travis, Zach and Bo and two sisters named Haley and Melissa.

Mallory grew up with an interest in movies and comedy because she spent most of her free time in front of television. She was quite popular with her small circle of friends because of her sense of humour. She went to Liberty High School as a brave girl, then went to Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting, Editing and Directing in 2012.

Upon graduation Mallory received a scholarship from the Ray and Ty Nourda Foundation.

Strip Career

Mallory’s career began when she saw her boyfriend Whitney Call audition for the Divine Comedy group. Mallory joined his team as a cameraman in 2011 and joined the cast a year later. To audition for the Divine Comedy, she disguised herself as a Latin American dance teacher and performed her dance.

Mallory has been part of Divine Comedy since she joined them many years ago – the band eventually chose Studio C as their new name, and Mallory was one of their most important writers for many years, with Everything Sounds Nice When You Sing and Facebook Friends Song becoming their most popular sketches. He is also responsible for a series of hilarious parodies based on the Hunger Games.

Mallory Everton

Mallory Everton

Studio C is currently ranked as one of the top comedy sketch shows on YouTube – the team launched its YouTube channel on December 4, 2008, and more than 2.2 million people have subscribed to it, along with more than 1.8 billion views of all their videos combined. Every Tuesday and Friday they upload new videos, all of which have something to do with comedy.

Mallory and her husband’s love life

Mallory lives her life and tries to keep her personal belongings to herself, and there is little about the men she has met in the past or can meet now. Mallory doesn’t have a husband, as some of her fans believe, but rumor has it that she’s dating Matt Meese, the protagonist in Studio C’s comedy sketch group.

Matt is from Phoenix, Arizona and they met after Mallory joined the band. Matt loves acting because of his soccer career – he broke his leg during a 2006 game, and because he couldn’t play soccer, he decided to do something else and chose acting as his career. Since then, he has become a leading actor and principal writer in Studio C, where his work is also attributed to him. He and Mallory would have been together for years, but it seems they have no plans to move on in the near future.

As mysterious as she was, Mallory hadn’t talked about other men she might have dated all these years.

Leisure and customs

Some may think Mallory is completely focused on her acting career, but there are many other things that interest her.

Mallory is very athletic and physically active – every week she trains a little at the gym and runs long distances. She’s very interested in music, so she learned to play guitar and a few dances – her dearest and most embarrassing memory since high school is that she was in a musical and completely forgot her last dance moves, which led her to make random movements that she caught up with for about two minutes. She has been a big fan of comedy since she was eight years old and together with her best friend Whitney Call she has made funny commercials.

She expressed the wish to write her own film and release her own music album.

Mallory is very religious and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Appearance and net value

Mallory is currently 29 years old. She has long blond hair and blue eyes, and her height and weight are unknown.

According to authoritative sources, her net cash value is estimated at more than $300,000 and is steadily increasing due to her acting career.

Fun fact

Mallory confessed to cheating on a third-degree math test – she was too honest, and finally admitted what she had done to her teacher – the consequences are unknown!


Mallory is very active in several popular social networks because it is important for the career she has built on the internet.

She opened her Twitter account in June 2011 and has tweeted more than 14,000 followers and more than 500 times. Her Instagram account currently has around 70,000 followers, while she has uploaded around 450 photos – Mallory also has a Facebook page that currently has over 15,000 fans.

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