Lilchiipmunk is a popular League of Legends player who broadcasts live almost daily on the Twitch streaming platform. She is also popular because she is the girlfriend of another twitch banner, Summit1g.

Childhood and family

Caroline – surname unknown – is best known under the nickname Lilchiipmunk. She was born on the 28th. Born in November 1993 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, her distinctive sign is Sagittarius and she is a Canadian citizen. Her mother is of Romanian descent, her father is Vietnamese and she speaks fluent Hebrew and English. She spent her childhood in Toronto and still lives there. Caroline has twin sisters who are still in high school.


Caroline graduated from the local high school in Toronto in 2011 and did not attend any college or university. That same year, she launched her YouTube channel and continued her dream of becoming a full-time actress.


Lilchiipmunk launched his channel on YouTube on 13 December 2011 and posted the best moments of the League of Legends games online. Her videos have had up to 200,000 hits, but since 2019 she has focused on her spam streams. She has also played other games such as H1Z1 and other similar surviving zombies. In her favorite game, League of Legends, she achieved a lot by joining the prestigious Diamond League. She is now an official member of the AKA GG hardcore gaming team.

With her teammates Faellu, LocoDoco, Heisendong and Areios she participates in various gaming competitions and performs at cosplay events and as a pop artist. Lilchipmunk joined the team in 2014 and became a Twitch partner in 2015. She mainly plays a Katarina character in the Legends League of Legends.

Conflict and public disapproval

The lilhipmunk is known for his rather obvious dresses and costumes, often with his hips on the brooks, showing off his chic stockings. The gambling community has always suffered (or at least reacted negatively) from the women who use the game they play to attract an audience, but who show no aptitude for the game, just show their bodies on their flow.



Lilchipmunk, who is described as another land mine banner, has repeatedly received reports that it has exposed intimate parts of his body while streaming, and is even banned from streaming on YouTube for doing explicit dances. Many spectators think she has no talent for the game, and she only came to the Diamond League because of her strong teammates who help her in the battles. She also has a few donors who help her buy materials for her in-game character – Legend League is one of those games called pay-to-win, which means that a person may have a better chance of success if they pay for the in-game materials.

Personal life, Top type1g

Lilchipmunk started meeting his partner on YouTube and Twitch Summit1g, Jared Lazar, in 2015. She followed him to his professional counter-attack tournaments, but none of them caught the attention of the social media because she only published a few of their shared photos. In January 2018, Lilchipmunk declared during her blood test that she was pregnant, but this announcement was not followed by any news, so the public thought it was a joke. The couple like to eat in several small pizzerias and admit that they both enjoy the Subway fast-food restaurant.

Jared was previously married to Desiree Lazar, another Twitch Streamer; they got married in 2013 but divorced in 2015.

Who is the top1G?

Jaryd Lazar was born on the 23rd. Born April 1987 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – his family is half Hungarian. Jared started his career in gaming and streaming in 2012, while his YouTube channel was launched in 2013. In the early years of his career he played professionally in Counter-Strike and participated in various championships and tournaments. He was one of the top five players in Clutch Con 2015 and competed in the Alienware Area 51 Cup #1 and CEVO Season 9 Professional North America – Qualifying #3.

He also travelled to Austin to participate in the DreamHack Open 2016, but his most successful year was 2017, when he participated with Team Mythic in the DreamHack Qualifying Tournament in Valencia. During his playing career he was a member of rival professional teams such as Splyce, Ze Pug Godz and SubtLe. In 2018, Jared officially announced his retirement from the professional and competitive video game industry to fully focus on his career in video streaming. His Twitch channel is one of the most viewed with over 3.3 million subscribers to his profile. It is sponsored by brands and companies such as Razer, Monster Energy and Corsair.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

  • Lilchipmunk is a big fan of anime and comics.
  • She likes to disguise herself in different costumes of different anime characters like Sailor Moon and others.
  • His favorite cartoon character is Harley Quinn.
  • She likes arcade games.
  • His favorite cosmetics brand is Sephora.

Appearance, clothing style

Lilchipmunk has long blonde hair that she had previously dyed red to resemble her League of Legends character, Katarina, but then returned to her platinum blonde hue. His eyes are gray. The Lilchiipmunk is 1.60 m high and weighs about 54 kg.

As far as her dress style is concerned, she likes explicit dresses and short skirts and also shares the fact that she only wears jeans when she goes out with friends to ride the bulls. She loves beautiful stockings and high heels. She also likes long nails and galactic glitter patterns.

Net assets and salaries

Since 2019, under her nickname Lilchiipmunk, Caroline has collected a net value of $200,000 on various streaming platforms. His old friend, Jared Summit1g Lazar, whose fortune is estimated at $7.5 million, has more than three subscribers to the very popular Twitch channel.



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