Latarian Milton

Who is the Latvian Milton?

The Latvian Milton is best known as the juvenile delinquent who stole his grandmother’s truck and destroyed a large number of properties on the Palm Beach, Florida highway in 2008, when he was only seven years old. It’s also known as the kaprat.

Beginning of life

Latarian was born under the sign of Virgo 30 September 2000 in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and is of African-American descent. His mother Scheneca gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old, so he was mainly raised by his grandmother Zikkita Stratford. In June 2015, he graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Packed racoon fish

The young Lataran focused on the month of April 2008, when he took his grandmother Dodge Durango for a walk on Palm Beach with a friend. The epilogue of two seven-year-old boys driving an SUV was badly damaged – the boys destroyed two mailboxes, parked two cars in the Costco parking lot and hit two moving cars near Wal-Mart, as reported later in the media.

Latin Milton

Latin Milton

In the report after the accident that the news channel WPBF is being treated in West Palm Beach, Lataryan explained that he is angry with his mother who smokes on the channel and that he just wants to smoke cigarettes and do bad things with his friend because it’s fun, it’s fun and it’s bad things.

Thanks to a rather unique but rather strange way of explaining and justifying his actions, this video went viral and saw Milton advertise on the sensational internet almost overnight, generating a huge number of memes. This inspired him to make a variety of mashed potatoes and remixes, all of which have been notoriously cited and have earned him the nickname of the kaprat.


This whole adventure inspired the creation of an episode of the adult animated series Bundoca, entitled Smoke and Cigarettes, in which the protagonist is Lamilton Tashon, a parody of a fictional sociopath and a bad young man, mainly based on the Latin film Milton.

The Latvian Milton strikes again!

Just two months after the mentioned joyous trip, in June 2008, the Latin weather caught the attention of the media, this time for beating her grandmother in Lake Park Val Mart for not buying her chicken wings. After his detention he was taken to a hospital where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

Where is the Latvian now?

Although it seemed to work when he started high school with the desire to get his life in order, joined the school soccer team and then continued his education, technical training or even joined the U.S. Navy, Milton proved that it was all wrong. In August 2017, together with some friends, he ordered a ride in the elevator and then robbed the driver, pulled him out of the car and ran away.

He was then arrested and charged with car theft and robbery, and after several hearings he was sent to a juvenile detention center. He has been in prison since 2019 and is still awaiting a final conviction, which could well end in 15 years in prison.

Shareholders’ equity

At the beginning of 2020, Latarin Milton’s net capital is unknown – given the current situation it should be more or less zero.



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