Julianna Farrait Pictures 1970

Julianne Farrite-Rodriguez was the wife of an American gangster and drug trafficker Frank Lucas was involved in drug trafficking with her husband. Drug trafficking is not exactly a good thing, but we cannot deny that it is a market run by very brave people.

Frank Lucas and Julianne Farret Rodriguez were two of them There is not much information about Julian Farright on the internet, which is quite clear, because they still do not reveal their identity like other people. This is a secret activity, in which drug traffickers are involved, and none of them should reveal too much about themselves at any time.


  • The man: Frank Lucas
  • Dude: 78
  • Born: 1941
  • Birthplace : Puerto Rico

Julianne Farreit Net assets

Available information about Frank Lucas’ wife, Julianne Farreit , , came in fact after his marriage. The net worth of this lady is estimated at about $1.5 million, which is huge.


Julianna Farreit-Rodrigue- Miss Puerto Rico

This lady was considered a beauty queen, and there are many reasons for that. We think Frank Lucas met Julianne Farreight in Puerto Rico, where she was the prom queen. Even in the film American Gangster, which is based on the real life of Lucas, Julianne was portrayed as the former Miss Puerto Rico, but after a long search, her name didn’t appear anywhere on the list of all winners. They met in a nightclub and got married.


Frank Lucas, one of the greatest American gangsters and drug traffickers, was not only rich but also famous. Julianne said in an interview that she fell in love with a drug dealer because she always likes people who are a little dangerous and people who like to take risks. We now perfectly understand why Julianne Farret – Rodriguez fell in love with this man.

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Frank Lucas and Julianne Farreit always exchanged expensive gifts. Julianne once gave her husband a coat and a hat he wore for Muhammad Ali’s boxing match in Atlanta in 1970. It’s a big deal, because those two things are now worth about $125,000, which is certainly not what a normal person would think of a gift for their husband. In short, they led very extravagant lives.

Julianne Fartait’s young photographs from 1970 prove why she is often called the beauty queen.


Julianne Farreit herself was so busy earning big dollars that she didn’t think about it and liked it when it went well or not. The heroin trade will certainly make you a lot of money, and you can’t get less.

Lucas Frank died in on the 30th. May 2019 and it was certainly a sad time for his wife. Julianne was arrested in 1975 and sentenced to five years in prison for her involvement in drug trafficking and the sale of numerous drugs. Not only that, but Frank’s activities have been hidden by her, which is one of the reasons. After her release from prison, she continued her case and was re-arrested in 2010 when she tried to sell 2 kilos of cocaine in a hotel in Puerto Rico. In 2012, she was sentenced to five years in prison by Manhattan federal judge Laura Taylor.

It has been reported that she begged for mercy and compassion in court because she really had to take care of her then sick husband. She knew that her husband was 81 years old and that she only wanted to spend the last few days with him.

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Julianne Farright Children

Julianne Farre has a daughter, , and her name is Francine Lucas-Sinclair. She had certainly suffered from the many turbulences related to her parents’ past and lived with other siblings.

Julianne Farreight's family

Julianne Farreight’s family

Julianne Farreit Photos 1970

Julianne Farreit pictures 1970.

Julianne Farreit pictures 1970.

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