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Johnny Jett was killed on the 24th. He was born in April 1949, which means that his zodiac sign is Taurus, and in 2019 he turned 70 years old. He is best known as a reality TV star in Barnwood Builders, aired on Discovery Channel, and for his DIY projects. His net worth is $400,000 and his renowned salary is $50,000. The series was aired in 2013, and it was at that time that he caught the attention of the media – before that he was just a creator of Saray who sold his work on his website.

He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but moved to West Virginia to pursue his career. It is said that he had a preference for cars since childhood and eventually chose this hobby as his way of life. Johnny doesn’t know much about his family, but we do know he has a grandson. Rumours about Johnny’s death circulated on the internet, but fortunately they all turned out to be false – he’s alive and still active.

Sanding wood contractor

The series Builders of Barnwood, better known as the Johnny series, was aired at the end of 2013 and attracted the attention of viewers at first.

It reflects the daily life of a construction team working to transform historic log cabins and huts into a variety of relatively modern buildings. The series can also be seen on Great American Country and the do-it-yourself network.

Star Johnny, Mark Bow Short Bio

Besides Johnny, Mark Bow and his company West Virginia were also part of the series. Fellow Johnny Mark was arrested on the 6th. Born March 1970 in the United States, he is known as a hard worker whose mantra Work is hard, please. Be proud.

Like his colleague, Mark has had many do-it-yourself projects, which can be found on his official website. Mark has a relationship with candidate Cindy Lavender-Bove from Virginia, with whom he has a son named Atticus. The couple would have lived together for more than 20 years; they met through friends and studied at the same school, but the sparks didn’t pass immediately. In an interview, a reality TV star said that she and Cindy knew each other by name, adding that he was working his magic at the time.

His net worth is over $1 million and his salary is over $60,000.


Johnny had his followers look into his life in 2016 – they had a chance to ask him anything, and he answered Reddit from his profile. When asked how he was able to achieve such a success in his field, he simply answered that it was years of experience. Another man asked him which place had surprised him the most, and he answered that it was the 4th floor. on the corner of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado, and added that he liked the variety of animals and plants.

Johnny Jett

Johnny Jett


Some of the Barnwood Builders clips are available on YouTube, as well as videos such as Simplicity or Log Houses: Rehabilitating Small Pioneer Homes in Corn Iowa, True… at Log Houses and Log Houses and Barnwood Builders S08E02 – The Hidden Story has been seen thousands of times.


In August 2019 the crew travelled to Wainsboro, Virginia, to find a possible repair hangar. The owners of Debbie and her husband’s Battle of Saray sent Mark Bow a picture of their log cabin, which was eventually converted into a wedding chapel.

We just love the idea of having a chapel. We thought it would be a nice photo shoot for the brides coming, and it’s just something old and preserved like our barn, Batl said.

Barnwood’s builders also travelled to Emerikville to save Norma Shakers’ barn from 1853. The farm was owned by Don Shukers’ great-grandfather and was used to breed beef cattle. Norma says she was offered a prize for the farm, but her son didn’t let her do anything until he contacted the Barnwood farmers.


The family was contacted by Bow and his colleagues, and shortly afterwards protocols were revised to see if they could be rescued. One of the directors of the show, Chiara Hollend, further said that the barn is in excellent condition, given its age.

Other work

The team also worked in Ohio, where it worked with people from the University of West Virginia. Bow, impressed by their work and compassion, said he was proud of these young men and that they gave him hope for the future.

He also thought it was a good way to give them an experience that would help them grow.

Another important part of the group was teamwork. During the implementation, the group was confronted with some problems that could have made the work more difficult, but they could easily solve them by means of a brainstorming session. I realized that you can’t do everything on your own and that it’s good to ask for help, Mark concluded.

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