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Who is Janet Smallette?

Janet Harris was killed on the 27th. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on 11 November 1952, she is best known as the wife of the late Joel Smallette, mother of actors Jesse Smallette and Jernie Smallette, and television personality and chef Jake Smallette. Thanks to the success of her children, she has attracted the attention of the media.

Net Assets Janet Smallette

At the end of 2019, Janet Smallette’s net assets are estimated at more than USD 250,000.

She is likely to benefit from her children’s success if Jesse’s net worth is estimated at over $500,000, Jernie’s at over $2 million and Jake’s at least $5 million.

Life and career

Janet grew up in New Orleans, and for most of her youth she was a very active activist who participated in many civil rights movements in the United States. During this period she worked with several other activists, including Huey Newton and Bobby Force.

Later she meets Joel Smallette, a Jew who grew up in California.

They married and had six children. When her children grew up, she was the most important educator in the house because her husband went to work. She has helped her children gain self-confidence by exploring their interests in dance, singing, acting, performing and cooking. She supported her children’s desire to try their respective professions, which is a good sign for most of them. She is considered one of the best cooks in the family, has worked with her son Jake and has published a cookbook called The Family Desk: Recipes and moments of nomadic life in 2018, and is part of the cookbook section of the autobiography that follows the life of her family as she crosses the country through the work of their late husband.

Girl – Jernie Smallette

Jernie Smallett’s career began as a child with more modest roles in TV sitcoms. In 1994 she appeared with her brothers and sisters in the television programme Na Na, which was aired for a year and was cancelled because of the low viewing figures. But that didn’t stop her, because she had more possibilities, which earned her the leading role in the independent film Bayou Eva, for which she was praised by many and won the Critics’ Choice Award.

In 2007, she starred in the film The Great Debates, with Forest Whitaker and Denzel Washington telling the story of the Wiley College debate team. She then retired to a permanent role in Friday Night Lights, which lasted from 2009 to 2011, before taking on a seasonal role in True Blood, after which she retired to a leading role in Temptation in 2013: Recognition of the marriage counselor. In 2016 she is part of the submarine series in which she plays a domestic slave Rosalie, who won three NAACP Image Awards with her performance. One of her most recent projects is the film Birds of Prey, in which she plays the role of a Canarian superhero.

Jernie Smallette

Jernie Smallette

Son – Jesse Smallett

Just like her sister, Jussie started acting as a child and started her career at the end of the eighties. In 1992 he landed an important role in the film Mighty Ducks, in which he tells the story of a hockey team participating in a junior league, and two years later this role was followed by a role in the North. The film was shot by Rob Reiner and is based on the book by Alan Zweibel North: The story of a 9-year-old boy who becomes a free agent and travels the world in search of ideal parents.

The film was not a success and received many negative reviews, making it one of the worst films in history.

He then took a long break from acting and only accepted supporting roles in order to stay in touch with the entertainment industry. In 2015 he made his breakthrough as a mature actor in the series Empire, in which he plays the musician Jamal Lyon. His performance was received with great praise, with much praise for his portrait of a black homosexual on television. His most recent projects include Alien: The Covenant and Marshall.

Personal life and simulated personal injury

Janet married Joel Smallett in 1976, and they stayed together until she died of cancer in 2015.

As her children’s popularity grew, she was also involved in several lawsuits. There were once rumors that her maiden name associated her with American Senator Kamala Harris, but she made a public statement denying any connection to the Senator. Lately she has been focusing on her children to watch over them and make sure they are okay.

In 2019 Jussi was arrested and charged with filing a false police report. Prior to his arrest, he was reportedly attacked by two men wearing ski masks who were followers of Donald Trump, apparently because of his criticism of the government – after his hospitalization, the doctors determined that he did not suffer any serious injuries, and he was later arrested because it appeared that he had paid the two men to organize the very difficult trial. The indictment was mysteriously withdrawn a month later and the court ordered 16 hours of community service; the file was also sealed. Later in the year, the FBI launched an investigation into why the charges were dropped, but no information has been available since then. The police want him to pay for the time he spent on his case.



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