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The man of the unspoken truth of aunt Westbrook, James Westbrook

James Westbrook, better known as the man of the beauty guru and YouTuber Tati Westbrook, was born on the 10th. September 1970: Birth in the United States under the sign of the Virgin Mary. We have no important information about his past, since he and his wife only release a limited amount of information. Some people think he could work in the legal field because he advised one of his friends to find a lawyer, but at the moment his profession remains secret.

Family Life and Taylor Son

Although James has told some details of his personal life in the videos of Aunt Auntie, the same cannot be said of his upbringing. He became famous when he started dating Tati, and their relationship and certain moments of their daily lives were shown in their videos. James had already dated – married, according to some sources – to an unknown woman with whom he had a son named Taylor. James and Tati have been together since 2012 and married in 2017. James’ son also appeared in a few videos of Auntie in which he tried to make her up and drew her with make-up.

Auntie and James are often asked about their own children, and YouTuber told them in an intimate YouTube video that they had fertility problems. Many people spoke openly about their fertility problems and wished James and his wife all the best.

Woman Tati Westbrook Vicky

Tatiana Alexandra Krievins was born on the 14th. Born February 1982 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., in a family of Latvian descent. She is best known as YouTube make-up artist and businesswoman.


In the latter area, it has attracted the attention of the media and television for its Halo Beauty line of beauty products, which has also been the subject of various controversies. It has nine million YouTube subscribers and publishes new videos about three times a week, usually attracting millions of visitors. She is also paid to promote and monitor makeup brands. Tati is often regarded as one of the most honest and unbiased YouTubers make-up in the media.

Tati career

Tati started in 2011 with a video called REVIEW | Buxom Smoky Eye Stick and then made videos such as TOP 10 | Physicians Formula and BOYFRIEND TAG | On The Beach Maui, the latter being broadcast by James on his channel. The video was seen by 260,000 people, and the comments indicate that the subscribers maintain their relationship. Every girl needs James in her life. He’s so sweet and charming, a man wrote. During his eight years on YouTube, Tati has made many successful videos: JLo’s MAKEUP ARTIST Does My MAKEUP with 9.4 million hits, OUR WORLD | Tati and James Wedding and PUTTING MY SON IN DRAG FT. James Charles, with 5.7 million hits.



Recently she decided to go back to the basics of her work, started testing a new make-up and downloaded I’M BACK to TESTING New MAKEUP. At the end of October she showed one of her sisters in the video SISTER ERIKA-tests TATI BEAUTY . Is it suitable for beginners? She is also working on the promotion of her own makeup line. So far, her video has been watched 1.3 billion times, and she makes money every time an ad is shown with her video.

According to SocialBlade, she can earn $980,000 through him alone. At the end of 2019, net assets are estimated at more than USD 1.2 million.

Halo Beauty

As she has explained several times, Tati finds it very important to take care of herself and she often gets compliments for her skin and hair. In March 2018 it started selling vitamins as part of the integrative vegan brand Halo Beauty. The feedback she got was mixed – some people said their product changed their lives, while others weren’t that impressed.

YouTuber said that taking two pills a day was beneficial for hair growth, skin shine and nail improvement, adding that she had been working on the vitamin formula for years.

James Charles drama

James and aunt Westbrook have both been sued by one of their former friends and colleagues, beauty guru James Charles. In a video aunt tells about Charles’ behaviour towards one of the waiters at his birthday party. The support she received from the YouTube community was enormous and for several weeks the story was covered by different media.

According to Auntie, Charles was constantly flirting with the heterosexual man and making inappropriate sexual remarks about him. Shortly after, Charles came to apologize, but took it out of his channel and posted a video online in which he tells the story from his point of view. Other YouTubers, like a friend of aunt Jeffrey Star, talked about the events, but in the end all parties decided to ignore the issue. This has enabled Tati to expand its audience and acquire even more subscribers.



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