Who is Howard Hessman?

Howard Hessman was killed on the 27th. Born in February 1940 in Lebanon, Oregon, USA, he is perhaps best known for his role in the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, where he played DJ Dr. Hessman. Johnny’s fever. Other important roles he has played are Charlie Moore as class president and Sam Royer in One Day at a Time.

Net Assets of Howard Hessman

How rich is Howard Hessman? According to some sources, the net value of a successful acting career exceeded $5 million at the end of 2019.

He has worked in the entertainment industry since 1968 and has also directed numerous films during his career. As she continues her efforts, her wealth is also expected to continue to grow.

Childhood, education and training

Howard grew up in Lebanon and was raised by his parents until the age of five when they divorced, mainly by his mother and stepfather who was a policeman. He attended Silverton High School and after graduating in 1958 he attended the University of Oregon.

Later he decided to give up his university studies to devote himself entirely to theatre. He moved to San Francisco and worked as a radio DJ under the pseudonym Don Sturdy. He did this through his acting projects and was one of the founders of The Committee, an improvisational comedy group from the area and formed a group with actor David Ogden Styers. He started performing as Don Sturdy, appeared in an episode of Dragna in which he played the role of a hippie, the editor of an underground newspaper.

Howard Hessman

Howard Hessman

Climbing to glory

In the last two episodes of Andy Griffith’s series, Howard played a small role as Harry, who is a fisherman and supports Emmet’s campaign. In another episode he plays a desk clerk serving hot dogs and Gober root beer. His next project is the Bob Newhart Show, in which he participated in several episodes as a member of a group therapy group that was later unmasked as gay. In the sixth season his character became a playwright. In 1969 he worked on several sketches for the Dick Cavett Show and once with soul singer Janice Joplin.

His fame increased dramatically when he played Dr. Johnny Fever in the WKRP sitcom in Cincinnati, a role he played throughout the series from 1978 to 1982. His experience as a DJ helped him master the role and he was nominated twice for an Emmy Primetime Award. Many years later he released his role in the New World Cup in Cincinnati and even directed several episodes. He also participated in the shooting of the Disney film Flight of the Navigator.


Battery track

In 1986 he played Charlie Moore’s teacher in the movie ABC Head of Class and also married the character of Bonnie Franklin in One Day at a Time. Until the nineties he performed twice live on Saturday night to honour John Belushi. His next project is a production of Pestre at the Theater von Geffen in California, in which the figure of the Marquis de Sade will be played. In 2001, he played a three-part role in the 1970s series and then worked on three other episodes of Boston Legal.

Then he got a guest role in House and went to play a chemist in the HBO television producer John from Cincinnati. He then worked as a broadcaster for Mental Health before appearing at the premiere of the 2007 emergency room season, where he played the role of a man struck by magic mushrooms. He also starred in The Sunshine Boys, which took place in 2010 at the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas. The following year he was invited to play a role in CSI: Investigating a crime scene. One of the most recent projects is a series of advertising works, carried out in 2018, mainly for conventional television programmes on the MeTV network.

Personal life and social networks

Hessmann is known to have been married three times in his personal life – there are almost no details about his first marriage, which ended in divorce around 1961. Four years later he marries Katherine Mason and they stay together for nine years until the divorce. His third wife is Carol Ducrock, known for her contribution to theatre production and directing. They’ve been married since 1989. In addition to these three marriages he also had the famous friendship with Janis Joplin at the end of the sixties, which sometimes became a romance.

One of the reasons why information on this subject is very limited is the lack of a strong presence on the Internet. He has a Twitter account, which has more than 200 followers, but he has not been active on it, he has only published a few times, the last time in 2017. He was an icon in the 1960s, and in recent years his current efforts have been astonishing. Others say that he would like to retire, with the rumors that he will retire in 2016, but in that same year he is still involved in acting projects.



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