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Hazel Patricia Moder was born on the 28th. Born November 2004 in Los Angeles, California, USA – her distinguishing mark is Sagittarius and she is an American citizen. Hazel is popular because she is the daughter of the famous American actress Julia Roberts.

Childhood and education

Hazel spent her first years in Los Angeles, where she was raised by her father Danielle Moder, a famous filmmaker, and her mother Julia Roberts – she has a twin brother named Finneis Moder and her younger brother Henry Danielle Moder, who was born on June 18. June 2007 was born.

Hazel’s parents met in 2000 during the shooting of the film The Mexican and got married on May 4, 2000. July 2002 in Taos, New Mexico, shortly after Daniel divorced his first wife Vera Steimberg.

Since the age of four Hazel has spent a lot of time with her mother on film and television sets. At the age of seven, Julia enrolled her for acting classes and Hazel has since found her way into the film industry. She currently attends the Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles and is considered one of the top students in her class – she is also very athletic and plays soccer on the school team.

Acting career

Hazel started her acting career in 2006 when she appeared in the series VH1 All Access. In 2016, she got a second role for Mother’s Day by playing the baby on the Ferris wheel – in the film, her mother Julia and Jennifer Aniston are also starring. The film follows the story of three generations who came together a week before Mother’s Day.

Love life and relationships

There are rumours that Hazel is going out with a boy in high school, but it is possible that she is too young to go out with a boy seriously – she is certainly not officially married.

Leisure and other interests

Hazel is interested in Hinduism, for which she pays homage to her mother Julia, who is Hindu and was a disciple of Nim Karoli Baba, the late Indian spiritual guru. She took Hazel and her brothers and sisters to the Hari Mandir Swami Daram Dev Ashram in Patadi, Haryana, during the shooting of Eat the Prayer for Love, which took place there in September 2009. During their stay the children were given the names of the Hindu gods and were called Hazel Luxmi.

Hazel is a fan of the film industry and enjoys watching films with her mother, such as Notting Hill and Pretty Woman – she also enjoys watching TV series such as 13 Reasons Why and Alien Things.

She loves to travel and during the shooting of her films her mother took her to different countries of the world – destination of Hazel Dreams – Zurich in Switzerland. Hazel loves sports and is good at football and table tennis.

Appearance and net value

Hazel’s 15. She has long blond hair and blue eyes, is 1.55 m long and weighs about 45 kg. His personal net worth is already approaching $100,000, while his mother is Julia’s more than $140 million and his father Daniel’s more than $10 million.


Who’s Julia Roberts, Hazel’s mother?

Julia Fiona Roberts was born on the 28th. Born in October 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, USA – her hallmark is the Virgin Mary and she is an American citizen. Julia is an actress and film producer, known for her leading roles in films such as Pretty Woman and Erin Brokovich.

Julia spent her childhood in Smyrna, where she was raised by Walter Grad Roberts and Betty Lou Brademus, who divorced in 1972 when Julia was five years old – she was raised by a Catholic mother while her father was a Baptist. She has an older brother Eric Roberts, older sister Lisa Roberts Gillan and half-sister Nancy Motes, who died of a drug overdose in 2014 at the age of 38.

As a child, Julia wanted to become a veterinarian – she attended Smyrna Campbell High School, then went to Georgia State University, but quit before graduation.

In the early 1980s she moved to New York and started working as a model and continued her acting career – her first performance was in the 1988 film Satisfaction, starring Liam Neeson and Justin Batterman. She received her first nominations in 1989 for her performance in the film Steel Magnolias, then became world famous after appearing in the film Pretty Woman with Richard Gere in 1990 – her performance earned her a second Oscar and Golden Globes nomination.

Over the next ten years she appeared in numerous films and in 1999 she starred in Notting Hill with Hugh Grant, who became the biggest British hit in film history, replacing The Four Weddings and Funerals. That same year, she starred in the film The Runaway Bride, which was also a great success. In 2000 Julia starred in Erin Brokovich in the film of the same name, for which she received $20 million, and the film itself had a gross profit of more than $250 million. In 2010 she starred in the film Eat Pray Love, in 2011 she starred in the romantic comedy Larry Crown and in August she starred in Meryl Streep : Filming Auxage County in 2013.

Julia is also a film producer and owner of the production company Red Om Films, which she runs together with her sister and Marisa Jerez Jill. One of her most striking works as a film producer is the American Girl series, which covers the period from 2004 to 2008.

Julia met several famous actors, such as Liam Neeson and Matthew Perry, and was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland, but broke up three days before the wedding, which took place on September 11th. June 1991, by him. The 25th. She married her first husband, country singer Lyle Lovett, on June 25, 1993. In June 1993 she divorced in 1995 – since 2002 she has been married to Hazel’s father, Daniel Moder.

She is a philanthropist and makes regular donations to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). In 2000 she talked about the documentary Silent Angels, which was meant to draw attention to Rett syndrome – since July 2006 she has been spokesperson for Earth Biofuels.

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