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Who’s James Hatfield’s wife? Francesca Hatfield Vicky Bio

Francesca Tomasi was born on the 27th. Born in January 1970 in Rosario, Argentina – her country of origin is Aquarius and she is an Argentinian citizen. After her marriage with James Hatfield, singer and founder of the heavy metal band Metallica, she was in the spotlight.

Childhood and education

Francesca was raised by her parents in Rosario – her mother was a housewife and her father worked in the factory. She went to high school in Rosario and after graduation she didn’t go to college but started working as a waitress in a bar near her house.

Francesca’s career

Francesca began her costume design career at the age of 23 and eventually worked as a costume designer for Metallica where she met James Hatfield.

Marriage to James Hatfield

Francesca and James met in 1993 – they met for four years before meeting again on the 17th. August 1997, and a year later, on the 13th. In June 1998 Francesca gave birth to her daughter Cali T. Hatfield, while her son, Castor Virgil, gave birth to his daughter on 18 June 1998. May 2000 followed. Their second daughter, Marcela Francesca, was born on the 17th. Born in January 2002.

For the first time, the couple lived in James’ house in California, which has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a wooden outdoor kitchen and a saltwater pool. In May 2013, James sold the house for over $3.4 million because it was too big for the family, and bought a house in Vale, Colorado, where the family now lives, for $922,000.

In an interview, James told him how Francesca had helped him through the hardest time of his life, how he had anger management problems before he met her – when she told him that she and her children wouldn’t stay with him if he couldn’t get over it.


Attitudes and leisure

Francesca likes to watch late night movies with her husband, while her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston – her favorite movies are Flags of our Fathers and the Runaway Bride, and her favorite series is The Lost.

Francesca has travelled all over the world with her husband, and her dream places are Paris in France and Miami. In her spare time she likes to go shopping and her favorite color is black – she also likes to try different dishes, her favorite is Italian. Francesca and James are both philanthropists who have donated large sums of money to charities, especially to people who are homeless as a result of natural disasters and to underprivileged children.

Appearance and net value

Francesca is 49 years old. She has long blond hair and blue eyes, is 1.67 m long, weighs about 59 kg and population statistics indicate 38-26-36 inhabitants. She wears size 7 shoes. Francesca shares her husband’s net worth, which exceeds $300 million.

Who’s James Hatfield, Francesca’s husband?

James Alan Hatfield was arrested on the 3rd. Born August 1963 in Downey, California, USA – his trademark is Leo and he is an American citizen. James is a musician and songwriter, best known for the founding of the heavy metal band Metallica.

James Hatfield

James Hatfield

James grew up in Downey with his mother Cynthia, a light opera singer, and his father Virgil Lee, a truck driver – Cynthia was married, so James has two half brothers and a younger singer; Cynthia also divorced Virgil in 1976. The whole family was Christian, which meant they hadn’t taken any medication, although Cynthia had fought cancer – James often wrote about her upbringing. Cynthia lost the battle against cancer in 1979, while Virgil died in 1996.

James attended Downey High School and went to Brea Olinda High School after graduating in 1981. At the age of nine he started piano lessons and at the age of 14 he started playing guitar.

He soon forms the band with his friends, but Dave Mustaine, their lead guitarist, starts creating problems that lead to the resignation of James and other members – Mustaine forms Megadeth, a very popular heavy metal band.

Metallica has released numerous albums over the years, as well as her eighth studio album, St. John’s, which was released in April 2004. The rage came in 2001 – at the time James was heavily addicted to alcohol and he decided to detox to fight the addiction. He spent seven months out of his group in detox and then came back clean and sober. But eventually he fell back into alcohol and drugs and returned to the same rehabilitation centre in 2019. Metallica’s ninth studio album, Death Magnetic, was released on the 2nd. September 2008 and number 1 on billboard charts in more than 30 countries. On the fourth. In April 2009 James and his band were invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

James loves outdoor activities such as hunting, beekeeping and agriculture – he is also a big fan of cars and motorcycles and has a large collection. He enjoys watching football, baseball and hockey and is also a fan of teams like the Auckland Raiders, the San Jose Sharks and the San Francisco Giants. He’s a big fan of tattoos and he has a lot of ink on his skin.

James is also an actor and has appeared in several documentaries and television series such as The Ghost of Space Coast (1996), The Simpsons (2006) and The Skylenders Academy (2016 to 2018).

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