Net value $3,000,000
Name and surname Richard Bengtson
Date of birth/century 11. October 1991 (27 years)
Height 6’2”
source of income YouTube
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Lawrence, Massachusetts.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

The net value of the FaZe banks is 3 million dollars. Banks acquired his assets because he is an online gamer and best known as the CEO of FaZe Clan, a professional gaming group.

Despite the fact that the Internet has brought great personal wealth to the banks, the Internet drama between the banks and other well-known Internet users has sometimes threatened to destroy the reputation of the banks.

The annual income of the banks is over $187,000. Most of this revenue comes from the banks’ YouTube channel. The online videos from the banks via YouTube contain a variety of content, including the following:

  • Video banks play video games
  • Vlogs about his girlfriend.
  • Peace with the other members of the FaZe clan…

The compensation that YouTube stars receive for their videos is determined by several factors. A person on YouTube can get two to five dollars for every 1,000 times he or she watches a video. On average this corresponds to 40-60% of the total number of views.

Some of the following factors may affect the specific amount that banks receive from their YouTube customers:

  • The device the viewer uses to see
  • Spectators’ location
  • How much advertising is available on the video?
  • The number of people who missed the video

With more than 4.8 million subscribers to their video, Faze banks can receive a reliable annual salary via YouTube.

In addition to his personal channel on YouTube, Banks can also be seen on the official YouTube channel of the FaZe clan. As owner and CEO of the clan, he can earn money from their chain and from the speeches of other clan members.

The banks are happy to spend the money he earns. There’s a Ferrari in his cars. He also gave his girlfriend a Range Rover worth at least $89,000. He also lives in a $10 million mansion with a monthly rent of $30,000.

But Banks’ desire to spend his wealth is not limited to his house and cars. He gets a tattoo from Romeo Lacoste, the famous tattooist. Lacoste charges $500 an hour for his tattoos. The bank’s most famous tiger tattoo cost him almost $2,000.

Banks is also very proud of its collections of football jerseys and baseball caps. His shoes include brands like Supreme and Yeezy that can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a pair.

Beginning of life

FZe Banks was founded on the 11th. October 1991, born Richard Bengtson. Since he became famous on YouTube, banks have been called Ricky Banks or FaZe Banks instead of his birth name.

Although he was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he moved to Lowell at the age of seven. He’s got Lawrence, M.A., tattooed on his right hand for his hometown.

Banks do not share much information about the years of their establishment. Like many celebrities, he prefers to keep quiet about his family to protect their privacy.

Banks spent most of his childhood playing video games. Banks played a lot in the NHL, Halo and Madden.

Banks graduated from Lowell High School. After high school, he moved to Miami, Florida. It was when he lived in Miami that Banks started his professional gaming career.

Personal life

The bank’s privacy has been a source of great drama since 2017, when the bank began dating the popular YouTube blogger Alice Violet.

Alice is not only known as a lumberjack on her own, but also because she dated Jake Paul. Paul and Violet’s previous relationship created a level of jealousy and controversy when Violet started dating Banks.

Like Banks and Violet, Paul is a popular YouTube character. Paul also had a career as a popular Disney actor and was very popular on the website of Vine at the drop of a hat.

Paul and Violet haven’t met since early 2017. In June 2017, the banks and Violet started their activities, with Violet largely covered by the banks’ social networks. Eventually Violet and Banks moved in together.

Two months after Banks and Violet started meeting, Paul accused Banks of attacking his assistant. Violet and Banks both challenged costs on their YouTube channel.

Violet also accused Paul of abusing her when they were together, claiming he had cheated on her.

Several club members supported Banks and Violet and claimed that the attack on Paul’s assistants did not take place.

Since then, Paul and Banks seem to have ended their feud. They even recorded a video together.


After graduating high school, Banks realized that his career was in the professional gambling world. The first channel on YouTube was called BanksHasBank and has over 77 million hits.

He joined the SoaR team of professional players for the first time, and his specialty was the Call of Duty-franchise. During his work with the SoaR he became famous thanks to the SoaRing in style videos.

In 2013 the banks joined the FaZe clan. His original videos with the FaZe clan were more about his Call of Duty compilations. He also included tower shots in his videos.

Despite the fact that banks participated in some competitive games, this was mainly due to the publication of Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 in 2012.

Other members of the FaZe clan focused on competitive games, but in the end Banks loved social media and became almost as popular as his gaming skills.

Interesting facts

In May 2019, Turner Tenny, alias Tfuye, a former member of the FaZe clan and owner, filed a lawsuit against the FaZe clan Inc. In the lawsuit, Tenny claims that the FaZe clan obtained almost 80% of Tenny’s total income through illegal contracts.

As CEOs, it was inevitable that the banks would react. When he posted the response, it was on his Twitter and YouTube accounts. The banks say the lawsuit is absolutely false.


Banks was born in Massachusetts and moved to Florida to pursue a professional gaming career. After winning millions through online gambling, Banks moved to California, where he shares a $10 million home with his gambling friends and a friend.

His open personality and willingness to freely share his thoughts with his fans via social media have opened his career to controversy, but negative publicity has never had a lasting effect on Banks’ career.

Favourite quotes from banks in the FaZe

Everybody needs water, but he’s afraid of getting wet.

Friends, family, loyalty. I will live with those three words until the day I die.

Totfu, I really still love you to death. If I could stop him, I would. I did everything I could. I’m tired and I know you must be, too. Let’s sit down and talk, please. Take whoever you want. I’m coming alone.

Tips for success of the FaZe banks

  1. Understand that any success can only be achieved with a team. Despite the fact that Banks himself is a big player, he could only earn his millions and become known online through the formation of the FaZe Clan.
  2. Express your identity in everything you do. Banks is one of the many celebrities on the internet. But despite the fact that his open character has sometimes caused him problems on Twitter, it’s his personality that has enabled him to rise above all other YouTube personalities who also want the same level of wealth and fame.



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