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Wiki-biography by Eric Cuselia

Eric Cuselias was born in Hamden, Connecticut, USA. He didn’t tell the audience his exact date of birth, but it’s thought to be the mid-1970s – he became famous after he started airing radio shows such as Sports Talk 1040 Orlando and Pro Football Talk, which was broadcast on the NBC sports network.

Childhood and education

Eric spent his childhood in Hamden with parents who both came from Syria – they moved to the United States in search of a better life before Eric was born.

Eric didn’t talk much about his brother Chris, who spent time with him and reported on sports. Eric grew up with a passion for sports and fell in love with baseball from an early age. He started competing in high school and also spent time with some of America’s most popular baseball players, such as Jeff Bagwell and Moe Vaughn. After graduating high school, Eric attended Brown University and continued his studies at the University of Michigan Law School, where he received his doctorate in 1998.

Eric’s career as a journalist and other jobs

Before starting his career, Eric took the Mensa test (a company with a high IQ) and scored more than 156 IQ points on the old scale and 135 IQ points on the new scale, allowing him to join the Mensa International group. After graduating from university, he started working on arbitration cases at Goldblatt, Kuselias & Rashba, P.C.

Eric Cuselia's website

Eric Cuselia’s website

In 2004 Eric and his brother Chris hosted The Sports Brothers, but Chris decided to follow his dream and left the show the following year. Eric stayed on the show until January 2007, after which he hosted NASCAR Now in February 2007, but his contract was not renewed for 2008.

The 17th. February 2009, Eric started his own radio show – the Erik Kuselias Show – on ESPN radio, while continuing to participate in a few other shows from time to time, such as Mike and Mike in the Morning and Freaking Fantasy and others.

In 2011, Eric changed careers after joining the golf channel and launching Morning Drive. He worked for CNBC for a while and eventually moved from Morning Drive to NBC Sports. Eric currently hosts two shows, Sports Radio and News Conversation Radio, which can be heard all over Florida.

Personal items and spouse

Eric said very little about his ex-wife and his former business. Eric started dating sports colleague Holly Saunders in 2007 and they were together for more than four years before Eric asked her to marry him.

In 2012 they exchanged their vows, and although they both wanted to focus on their careers, they decided to have a child, and a year after the wedding Holly gave birth to her son Troy.

Despite the fact that the couple seemed to have had a happy life together, they divorced in 2017 – the reason seems to be Eric’s flirtatious nature and some sources suspect that the popular journalist cheated on his wife. Shortly after the end of the divorce Eric started dating journalist Stephanie Bell, although we don’t know if Holly has a new boyfriend or not.

Eric got into a fight in 2009 after an ESPN employee complained that he had asked her to have sex at a party – when it turned out to be true, Eric was suspended from work for a month.

Leisure and other interests

Eric has been interested in sports since childhood and most of his life has always been devoted to sport. Although he is an avid baseball player and probably could have started his career, he decided to work as a reporter and quit baseball, just like other sports he was good at.

Today, he often watches baseball and football games on television and prefers university football to any other. He loves to travel and has traveled all over the United States so far, because his work took him to report on different places and events – sometimes he travels with his current girlfriend when they find the time. Eric was not a big fan of the film industry, and the only film that caught his attention was Mad Bull, who followed the life of boxer Jake LaMotte.

As coquettish as he is, Eric has never been a family man and would rather go to clubs and be surrounded by attractive women than stay at home with his girlfriend/wife.

Appearance and net value

Eric hasn’t given the audience his exact date of birth, but he turns out to be about 55 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.75 m long and weighs about 65 kg. Current net assets are estimated at more than $6.5 million. USA and is growing steadily thanks to his career as a reporter.


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