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Elke Madler, better known as Elke the stallion, was born on the 27th. 1983, born in Leipzig on March 27th. March 1983 in East Germany – her country of origin is Aries, and she has American and German nationality. Each is both a model of size plus and a social networking personality, best known for its Instagram account.

Childhood and education

Elke did not spend the first years in Leipzig until her parents moved to Frankfurt. At the age of six she moved to West Germany and later to the United States – she studied at the Konrad Adenaier School in Kriftel, which she completed in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Business Administration and Economics.

Model careers and other companies

Each began her modeling career at the age of 14 and then moved from Germany to Los Angeles, California, USA – she first appeared on the covers of popular magazines such as Flava Magazine, Thick Magazine and Urban Curves. His first photo shoot was organized for Eyecandy Modelling and Summer Bunnies, the first websites and urban entertainment companies. After his 18th birthday. She started travelling and posing at the age of 18 in France, Italy and Costa Rica, among others, and then moved to Los Angeles. Recently Elke made the front page of CRAZE, ENFLUENZE, CHEDDAR and other magazines.

The first clip she appeared in was I love the way you move from Outkast, and since then she has appeared in clips by famous rapart artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem and D-12, titled Smooth Girl, Straight Stuntin’ and Show. Your name can be found on many websites on the Internet, such as BET.com, SummerBunnnies.com, YouTube and others. It was aired on a reality show in Los Angeles, which was aired on TLC, and it was aired on TMZ. He is often compared to other rap models, including Vida Guerra, Lisa Ray and Esther Baxter.

The stallion Elka

The stallion Elka

Each is also a social media celebrity, best known for its Instagram account with over 1.5 million subscribers and its YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers.

Love life and relationships

Elke has been dating Justin Brent since 2015 – Justin is a former adult film actor currently playing football for the Irish national team at the University of Notre Dame. They met a few months before they broke up because of Justin’s infidelity – before Elka Justin had an affair with Lisa Ann, who is also an adult movie star.

Elke, a mother, brought the 20th. In March 2009, his daughter Jayla Franklin was born in Beverly Hills, California. – His daughter’s constellation is Fish, and she’s an American citizen. Elka hasn’t mentioned Jayla’s father, and she is currently single – she raised Jayla to be a model, and the ten-year-old is now under contract with Los Angeles Models Youth and JE Kids. She started gymnastics at the age of four and is currently in Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 8 and a member of the Olympic Team USA 19.

The type of man that attracts Elka – tall, dark, thin, a man who loves tattoos and is confident – she loves a man who is natural when he comes to her, when he is polite, but he has tinsel and self-confidence. Her favorite sexual position is the outer position, while she also enjoys the doggy-style and missionary position – a part of her body that, according to her men, attracts mainly because of her ass, muscular legs and green eyes. She also thinks men are attracted to her size D breasts.

Leisure and other interests

Everyone loves to live a luxurious life and is always seen in expensive clothing and jewelry. She loves to dress up and play cosplay, her latest costume is a character from the cartoon Alice in Wonderland. She loves tattoos very much and has some ink on her skin – she has her daughter’s tattoo on her right hand. At the beginning of her career she loved to travel and visit various European countries and for many years she travelled to the United States, where it was her dream to go to Miami. She prefers to spend her free time on the beach, so summer is her favorite season.


Elka loves watching movies and TV shows. His favorite movies are the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and the series Sex and the City. She likes to listen to rap with her favorite singers Li Wayne and Jay Z, while her favorite songs are Down on Me by 50 Cent and Jeremih and Sure Thing by Miguel.

Surgery and litigation

Elka often says that her naturalness is behind it, but a few pictures taken before the operation have been published on the internet, where you can easily see the difference between before and after.

The suspicion also exists that she was shot in the thighs and back. The craziest thing a fan did for Elke was to get her to do three of her tattoos – she recently said in an interview that she liked being a sex symbol.

Appearance and net value

Each is 36 years old. She has long black hair and green eyes, is 1.7 m long, weighs about 75 kg and her vital signs are 38-27-46. She wears size 7 shoes. At the end of 2019, its net value exceeded $500,000.




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