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Elena Mussa was killed on the 4th. May 1982 born in Russia at the age of 37 in the sign of the bull. Moussa gave no details about his family, nor did he reveal any information about his education. She is perhaps best known as the wife of Greg Gutfeld, a journalist and TV presenter, but she is also known in the fashion world because she has previously worked as a model and stylist. Elena was a student at the Parsons School of Design, where she gained the knowledge needed to work in the fashion industry.

She then spent even more time on her education by going to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Life in a city known for its unique taste in fashion has played an important role in its development.

According to some sources, its net value will exceed USD 2 million at the beginning of 2020.

Husband Greg Gutfeld

Elena is married to Greg Gutfeld, a famous TV presenter and journalist who has appeared on the Greg Gutfeld Show, One Smart and Greg Gutfeld and Five.

Gutfeld, known for his sarcastic remarks, wrote for the American Spectator, Men’s Health and Preventive Journal. He is also the author of the Huffington Post and several books, including – How to be Right: The art of knowing for sure; point of reference at work: The official points system for keeping score for work; and Joy of Hate: How to beat nags at a time of false scandal.

Status of relations

When I saw her, I told the editor-in-chief of Maxim Russia magazine: Who is this woman? Gutfeld remembers his first meeting and adds that he harassed her for three days before he asked her out.

Elena Moussa

Elena Moussa

Although she was cold to him at first, Moussa agreed. The sparks didn’t fly right away of course, but they got along well and eventually went to live together in London. A few months later they got engaged and married in 2004. Today they live in New York in an agnostic environment. Mussa and Gutfeld don’t have children and haven’t talked about wanting children in the future. There were rumours on the internet that they had a daughter, as Moussa sometimes portrays a little girl in his Instagram photos, but the rumours turned out to be false – the little girl could be his niece or possibly the daughter of a friend.


Elena’s desire to become a model was an important factor in her move to London, where she worked as a model. After three years she returned to the United States, but her model days were over when she decided to focus on design. She now has a thriving career in this field, as noted by many important names, including Marc Rosario. She ended up working as a model again for a short period of time, but left it when she started a new project that needed her full attention – she opened an exhibition space called Project Moussa in the Russian capital.


Her talent for combining different clothing styles, materials and designs has been noticed and she has been used in many fashion blogs and websites as a source of inspiration for women. In 2015, she came second on The Cut’s list of best-dressed women at New York Fashion Week. One glance caught everyone’s attention – the almost monochrome style, which is emphasized by its white jackets, white pumps and white tights. It was also shown in the style of the street: Anna trampled both New York and Street Style: The machine of minimalism and printing.

The last one showed a picture of her, again almost dressed in white. She also works as a photo editor for Maxim Russia.


Elena is on Twitter, and she sometimes writes about her personal life. One of her latest contributions is a photo of her husband with an inscription on which she was joking: Pretending to work to get away from housework. Elena is a big fan of the musician Ariel Pink, and she got to know his music through Gutfeld. She loves to travel – she’s been to Barcelona, Lisbon and Tokyo.

Moussa didn’t talk about her wealth, but she did place a picture of her luxurious but minimalist apartment. Interior architecture is another passion of hers, which is not surprising because she is passionate about trends and design. She also has a passion for painting, and several works of art in her house are made by her. Elena and her husband are the proud owners of a painting by Tom Hazelmeyer.

Moussa project

As she explained on her LinkedIn page, Moussa is the owner of the showroom in Moscow. She launched it in 2011 because the Moussa project received recognition and positive feedback from customers and social media customers. Elena is proud to show her work on Facebook.



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