Net value $600,000
Name and surname Andrea Michele Howard
Date of birth/century 23. January 1985 (34 years old)
source of income actress, fashion designer, media personality
Height 5’7”
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Read, Pennsylvania.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Draya Michele’s net worth is $600,000.

How did Drey Michele make money?

She is a model, actress, TV presenter and fashion designer. Most of their money was spent on performances on the reality show Basketball Women and on comedy. It also owns three clothing designers.

Draya Michele has invested the fame, celebrity and money she earned with the television series in her new company. She continues to communicate with her many admirers.

Swimming in Success

Michele said her flagship, Mint Swim, was designed for a woman who wants to feel sexy and accentuate all the right curves without being fashionable. I started with four styles of swimwear. Since then, everything has developed thanks to social media.

Michele has long earned his success in social media. It currently has 7.2 million followers of Instagram and 683,000 followers of Twitter.

In 2018Vogue presented a parts competition in Brazil.

Dreya Michele Quick Facts

  • She’s never been married.
  • She has two sons named Ju and Knico.


Michele got engaged to footballer Orlando Skandrik in 2013. They had a child. The couple had a relationship for six years before finally ceasing their activities in 2018.

Skandrik issued a restraining order against Michele that year. He said she threatened to poison him with bleach and that she had been physically attacked several times.

When Skandrik didn’t appear in court, the verdict was quashed. Later a couple was spotted together on a date.

In 2019 they announced that they were getting married. Shortly after that, they broke up again. Apparently, their relationship is officially over.

Career of Drey Michele

First taste of glory

Michele first came to the attention of the public as singer Chris Brown. In 2011, that brief glimpse of glory led to something much bigger when she was invited to participate in the reality TV show Basketball Women:. LA.

She played in the same season as Kesia Knight-Puliam and Houston Brands.

Her appearance on the show generated some controversy because it was not known whether she went out with a professional basketball player or was married.

At first there were rumors that she was associated with Shannon Brown of the Los Angeles Laker. Michele forcibly denied the rumor.

She was of course invited by the actress Gloria Giovanni who met Michele in theatre class.

Investments in equity

During the exhibition she moved to Los Angeles. After the operation was completed, she stayed there and invested part of her money in the development of her first model lines.

In 2011 she launched Mint Swim, a trendy swimwear line designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

In 2013 she founded the Fine Ass Girl line, a chic and casual streetwear line. The launch of Beige & Coco followed in 2016.

Michele loves to make fashionable designs and says that it has always been her dream to have her own clothing line. In an interview, she said she had invested $12,000 of her income in television programs to pursue her business dreams.

Wheels for film and television

Michele has had a steady career in television series and films. In some of them she’s had small and medium roles. Below is a list of the series and their roles in each of them.

  • Women’s Basketball LALove Each Other (2011).
  • Real Hollywood Husbandsthan himself (2013).
  • The Will to LoveLike Candice Colette (2015).
  • Perfectcorresponds to Holly (2016).
  • Take Queenas Dodi Monroe (2016)
  • Faithful to lifeas the skull (2017).
  • Till death do us part like Amanda (2017)
  • We aretogether as Tracy Jacobs/Laura Santiago (2018).
  • Totalas Gina (2018).
  • star(series) as Chloe David (2018).


Michele didn’t hesitate to argue. She had an affair with many men, including DeSean Stevenson and Wise Califa.

Because she was associated with many different men, there was speculation about the identity of the father of her youngest son, Iru.

In 2017 she declared that her father was her then fiancé Orlando Skandric.

In 2019 she announced that she would star in a special movie on Black Entertainment Television (BET). In response, Erika Men ofLove and Hip-Hop:. New YorkFame has tweeted its followers: Let’s do it right! @BET I’m ready when you are. Let’s find a good actress in your movies.

Michele’s reaction was brief and concise: I never blow out the next woman’s candle to light my flame.

What you need to know about the Michael wire

In a 2013 interview on Wendy Williams,, Michele stated that she had previously played atBasketball Women. LA, She earned her living as a part-time model and stripper.

Favourite Quotes from Drai Michele

I think people hate people, especially when a person is in a high position in life. That man is still hated. I feel like I’m better than her, so why don’t you talk about me? You’re not doing anything.

I want to be known for my beauty secrets and sense of humor. That’s all I want. Is that too much to ask?



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