Net value $4,500,000
Name and surname Yunan Novzaradan
Date of birth/century 11. October 1944 (74)
source of income Surgeon
Country of origin Iranian Empire
Country / city of origin Tehran
Last update 2019

Net power of Dr. Novzaradan.

Novzaradan’s net worth is $4.5 million.

What is Dr. Novzaradan’s annual salary?

His basic salary as a vascular surgeon at Houston Obesity Surgery is estimated at about $250,000. He makes extra money for every operation.

However, it derives the highest revenues from its participation in reality TV programmes, includingMy 600-pound life.

How did Dr. Novzaradan make his money?

Novzaradan earned his living as a surgeon long before he appeared on television.

When The Learning Channel (TLC) began preparing a show about people suffering from morbid obesity, the producers continued to hear about a highly respected doctor from Houston who performed bariatric surgery on extremely obese people.

They contacted the doctor and started showing his work. During the show he got legions of fans for his ridiculous but compassionate attitude towards his patients.

He was also known for his standard greeting How is everyone doing? and his response to everything the patient said is excellent.

Ruthless Counsel

Novzaradan has used its notoriety to spread the message that painful obesity should be treated with compassion and dignity.

He’s also hard on the people he treats. Although he is willing to operate on high-risk patients who are rejected by other doctors, he only does so if the patients meet certain conditions.

The doctor’s not just a star for his real patients. On his website thousands of grateful patients confirm his knowledge and care.

They describe surgeries performed with a minimum of complications and a doctor who is compassionate but at the same time cruel and honest.

Dr. Novzaradan Quick Facts

  • He was born in Iran, but has lived and worked in the United States for almost 40 years.
  • He’s been on TLC for six seasons.
  • He is very personal and keeps his private and family life out of the public eye.

Beginning of life

The doctor was born in Iran and obtained his medical degree in 1970. He moved to the United States in 1971. He said he wanted to be a surgeon when he was a kid.


From 1975 to 2002 he was married to his wife Delores. He has three children, Jonathan, Jennifer and Jessica.

After the divorce, he didn’t have a love affair with a woman.

Novzaradan’s television career has helped other members of his family. His son Jonathan became the producer of My 600-Lb Life.

He is also the producer of TLC’sHalf ToeandCargo Wars.


In 1970 he obtained a medical degree from the University of Tehran. After his graduation he followed further training in various hospitals in the United States.

Currently, the net cost of Dr. Novzaradan has reached $4,500,000.

Pioneer of surgery

Although Novzaradan is known to the general public as an obese surgeon, he used to be a famous vascular surgeon.

Vascular surgeons specialise in the surgery of arteries and veins. During his 40-year career, he pioneered the use of laparoscopic appendectomy and cholecystectomy.

At the time it was considered controversial, but today it has become common practice.

Inclusion of high-risk patients

Novzaradan has become famous as one of the few surgeons to perform bariatric surgery on obese patients.

Many other doctors and surgical institutions found it too dangerous. They will only operate on patients weighing 300 pounds or less.

Novzaradan discovered that he could successfully manage the risk and perform life-saving surgery by first asking his patients to lose weight through diet.

In 2012 he was featured in the TV showMy 600 pounds heavy lifeas a last chance for a doctor for patients suffering from pathological obesity. He’s been in every episode of the series since the broadcast.

He also played in several episodes ofBody Shock,The World’s Hardest ManandHalf-Ton Murderer. The doctor is now also a frequent guest on the show.

Tough and compassionate

Novzaradan was respected in the show for not only registering patients for surgery.

It requires that each potential patient first follow a strictly calorie-controlled diet to lose some weight.

There are three reasons for this. First of all, the operation is extremely dangerous for obese people, and the weight loss makes it safer for the patient.

Secondly, he wants his patients to become accustomed to a controlled diet and nutritional restrictions throughout their lives.

The third reason is that he wants to make sure that his patients are really interested in changing their lifestyle and not just looking for surgery to easily correct the situation.

Subsequent developments

Novzaradan’s career has not been without controversy. In 2012, he was sued for negligence after one of his patients claimed that he had left surgical equipment behind after surgery. The action was dismissed in 2013.

In 2015 he wrote the bookLast Chance to Live, in which he reports on what he has learned after 40 years of working with sickly obese people.

Current status

He appears repeatedly on television and treats patients. He also owns the DrNow®.com website, where he provides advice on bariatric surgery preparation.

He has connections to many Houston hospitals, including First Street Hospital, Tidwell Medical Center and University General Hospital.

Interesting facts

Many fans came to appreciate the familiar sentences of the doctors, how is everyone doing? And what’s your mood? On his Twitter he regularly greets his followers with these lines.

Favourite Quotes from Dr. Novzaradan

I try to tweet as much as I can, but you know how old I am and how hard it is.

No, you don’t have to eat! You’ve got 800 pounds of food in you.

You’re saying it’s the weight of the water? They need 300 liters of water. Did you drink 300 liters of water?

Dr. Novzaradan Success Consultation

I don’t have a selection procedure like most doctors. I have no competition. Everyone comes and we take care of them.



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