Net value $10,000,000
Name Count Simmons
Date of birth/century 18. December 1970 (48 years old)
Country / city of origin Mount Vernon, New York, USA.
Height 5’10
Years in business 1991 – present
Profession Rapper, songwriter, actor.

Shareholders’ equity

The net value of the DMX is $10 million.

It is his greatest successes that have enabled the rap artist to win so many fans for his social media reports: YouTube and Instagram.

In April 2019 it had about 418 digits and almost 1.6 million Instagram subscribers.

It was reported that the popular rap artist received between $3,208.5 and $5,347.5 in mailings via Instagram, and his annual Youtube revenue is estimated at $19,900-318,500.

As a rapper and actor he earns millions of dollars and has an estimated net wealth of 10 million dollars.

The rap artist also proves to be versatile and has great acting skills. He has appeared in numerous series and films, including Third Watch, Fresh off the Boat, Romeo Must Die, South Park, DMX :. Human Soul, Exit Injury, Last Hour, Mackerel, After Party, Death penaltyand above.

There is no doubt that DMX has done well with social media platforms and added good amounts to its net value.

He also earns some money from licensing and advertising, as he has licensed a number of popular companies and brands that have contributed to his net worth.

How much DMX should be produced in year?

Year Net value
2009 1 million
2010 2 million
2011 4 million
2012 5 million
2013 7 million
2014 1 million
2015 2 million
2016 5 million
2017 8 million
2018 10 million

It is estimated that rappers on average earn around $40,000 a year, but their income is generally between $16,000 and $101,000.

In addition, the estimated average salary of an actor is approximately $50,000, while the estimated average salary ranges from $19,000 to $206,000.

Therefore, DMX is likely to make more money than the average of the two companies, because it is the best in any game.

How does DMX earn its money?

DMX has earned its net capital from a variety of sources, as it has proven to be very talented in more ways than some people realize.

It earns a large portion of its revenue through social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube – from $3,208.5 to $5,347.5 per post on Instagram, and its annual income on YouTube is estimated to be between $19,900 and $318,500.

He recently recorded the soundtrack for the film Deadpool 2, which yielded $785 million on a budget of only $110 million.

For the Cradle 2 Gravefilm alone, the DMX company earned a total of $5 million and then received a share of the film’s profits.


Prior to DMX’s debut as a rapper in the music industry, he was a renowned beatboxer.

While he fought hard in the early years of his career, DMX finally broke through in the late 90s, after gaining popularity with his album . And then came 1999 X .

Other bestsellers are Flesh My Flesh in 1998, Grand Champion, and Great Depression in 2003.

Beginning of life

DMX was founded as Earl Simmons on the 18th. Born in December 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland, son of Joe Barker and Arnett Simmons. Shortly after his birth, however, his family moved to Yonkers, New York, where he grew up.

His childhood can be described as cruel and chaotic, when his father left him at a very young age and his mother abused him. So Earl had to survive on the streets as a teenager after trying group homes.

Moreover, he started using drugs and alcohol at an early age, which led him to numerous, often violent, clashes with the law and led him to go to and from prison. But DMX had one thing above all else, its music.

He started doing hitboxing while DJing in small hip-hop clubs, then switched to rap.

Soon the hip hop rap artist became famous for his music in the freestyle rap scene and ended up in the Unsigned Hype column of Source Magazine.

Despite a life of violence and legal problems, the power of hardcore rap, known as DMX, broke barriers with music that reflected his education and became the fifth best-selling rap in the United States.

Personal life

DMX, also known as Dark X-Man, married Tasher Simmons in 1999, and the couple probably had four children: Xavier, Sean, Tokoma and Praise Maria Elle. However, in 2010, DMX learned that some of the children were not his and after 11 years of marriage, the couple divorced in the same year.

After the divorce DMX started to meet Desiree Lindstrom and they got a son named Exodus.

Already in 2013 DMX went bankrupt because several creditors had high debts, between 1 and 10 million dollars.

He stated that his assets were less than $50,000 at the time. The total amount due was between 1 and 10 million dollars. This amount includes $21,415 for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Currently the net value of DMX is $10 million.

In 2014, his New York home was foreclosed on because his ex-wife Tasher, while in DMX jail, withdrew $100,000 from his bank account to pay the mortgage on the house, but never paid it.

DMX currently lives in an apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, with 9 dogs costing about $50,000. He also owns a Mercedes Benz CL500 with a value between 33,400 and 49,940 dollars.


In 1992 DMX signed a record deal with Ruffhouse, a subsidiary of Columbia, and released Born Loser, his first single.

It looked promising for DMX, but the company didn’t promote his single enough, and he was quickly dismissed from his contract.

In 1994, his second single Make a Movewas released, but he was arrested for drug use shortly after.

Three years later, in 1997, he signed a contract with Def Jam and made a few gigs with Mase and LL Cool J, and the following year he released his third single Get at Me Dog.

The single was a gold hit in dance and rap charts, and DMX became a household name.

In May 1998 he released his first album, which quickly climbed to the top of the pop charts.

He has released a total of five compilation albums and seven studio albums, and the leading hip-hop/rap artist has also appeared in several films, including Never Die Alone.

In 2000 DMX also started the production of records and, in collaboration with Def jam, produced the Bloodline Records. The label focuses on the next generation of hip-hop and R&B artists and is currently signed on Word One and Nyla.

To date, DMX has sold more than 74 million copies of its albums, 17.1 million of which in the United States alone.

Interesting facts

  • DMX is the only rap artist who has had his first four albums and reached Billboard #1.
  • He is a devout Christian and reads the Bible every day.
  • The rapper has 15 children, the youngest is born in 2016.
  • He is now a temporary deacon and is trying to become an ordained preacher.
  • DMX poses various legal problems, including animal cruelty and drug possession.
  • DMX takes its name from the digital DMX battery.


1.12. May 1998, It’s Dark and Hell sold 5 million copies and grossed $4,674,000.
2.22. December 1998, Meat of my Meat, Blood of my Blood sold 4 million copies and made $3,417,000.

3.21. December 1999, …And then X sold 5 million copies and made $5,000,000.

4.23. October 2001, The Great Depression sold 3 million copies and raised $1,862,000.

5.16. September 2003. Grand Champion won $1,204,000.

6.1 August 2006, Year of the Dog… 344,000 copies of $350,000were resold.

7.2007, definition X:. The selection of dumpers sold 65,826 units and earned 67,000dollars.

September 8.11, 2012 Undeniably 25,000 copies sold that have earned $26,000.

Popular quotes from DMX

Anything that’s not positive, I don’t have the energy to do. I don’t have time or energy for something that’s going the wrong way. – DMX

I’m only satisfied with simple things. I thank you for the blessing God has given me. – DMX

I give 110% for every service I provide. – DMX

Good, bad, good, bad, heaven, hell. I think it’s the subject of my life. I think you need to know both to make a fair decision for one of them. So I know both sides of the fence. – DMX

I know I may have done some bad things, but I’m not a bad person. – DMX

Tips for DMX success

1. I am content with simple things I thank you for the blessings God has given me – DMX

2. What I learned as a celebrity a long time ago is that I practically gave up my right to fair treatment – DMX

3. Rain or shine, resistant to pain – DMX

4. Don’t believe everything you hear, don’t believe everything you read and believe only half of what you see, no matter how it rains, withstand the pain – DMX

5. Never get so involved in anything that makes you blind. Never forget where you come from, someone will remind you. Regardless of how it rains, withstand the pain – DMX

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