Net value $6,000,000
Name and surname Casey’s Raashon
Date of birth/century 3. September 1977 (41 years old)
Height 5’7’’
source of income DJ
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Queens Village, Queens, New York, New York…
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

DJ Envy’s net assets are $6 million.

How many DJs are jealous that they can run in?

The annual salary of DJ Envy is currently not published.

How does DJ Envy make money?

DJ Envy has made a fortune with his DJ work, album sales and performances at shows like Power and Entourage.

He also starred in The Second Cradle of the Grave. Envy also owns a number of companies and properties. He is also President and CEO of a management and manufacturing company called BLOK Entertainment.

House and cars

In the course of his brilliant career, DJ Envy was able to acquire a number of properties. He owns the Kinnelon Mansion in New Jersey.

He bought this property in 2014 and put it up for sale. It is a seven-acre house with a zoo for pets, a view of the carnival with attractions and its own cinema. It was valued at $2 million.

When it comes to cars, DJ Envy has expensive tastes. He usually travels around New York City on one of his fashion tours when he’s not in the air, or to clubs all over the country.

His short list of cars includes the Mercedes Benz SL worth $100,000, Range Rover with supercharger, Rolls Royce Wraith worth $400,000, Ferrari 458 Italia, Dodge Challenger SRT8 and Bentley Muslane worth $240,000.

In addition to his trendy cars and his mansion in New Jersey, he also owns a Rolex presidential yellow gold watch worth $40,000.


DJ Envy is an African-American disc jockey, actor and popular radio presenter from Queens, New York. He has done a few TV shows, produced an album and is now part of a fantastic Power 105 crew with a morning show called The Breakfast Club. Take a look at his biography, his personal life, a collection of fashion houses and cars, his fortune and the story of his career.

Beginning of life

DJ Envy’s real name is Raashon Casey, born on the 3rd. September 1977 in Queens, New York. The ethnic gag is a 5’7 black DJ, and he’s American. DJ Envy has been very interested in music since childhood. He went to Hampton University and got a B.A. in business administration.

Personal life

DJ Envy is married to Gia Casey. They married in 2001 and have lived together since the ages of 15 and 16. Jealousy reminds us of a time when they were younger and they worked and earned more than he did.

They have been together for several years and have five children, including Madison, Brooklyn, Logan, Jackson and London. Before their wedding DJ Envy was temporarily with Erica Mena.

During DJ Envy’s wedding he was confronted with his own infidelity issues, many of which made the headlines on social media and became the subject of a public apology, but he and his wife have vowed to work together on these issues and to strengthen their marriage.

In his spare time DJ Envy likes to play baseball and basketball. He also likes to take part in charity events.


DJ Envy has sharpened his instrumental skills under the influence of DJ Clue. When DJ Envy started, DJ Clue taught him. Eventually, in the mid-1990s, he entered the world of the mixed sex.

DJ Envy learned quickly and had already reached the peak of his career in the 2000s. He became even more famous in the entertainment industry when he introduced the latest freestyles.

Envy has worked with popular artists such as Jay-Z, The L.O.X. and 50 Cent. Later his good reputation was signed by DJ Clue to Desert Storm Records.

In 2003 Envy released his successful debut album The Desert Storm Mixtape: Block party, Volume 1. That same year the album would have reached the top of the American charts.

DJ Envy appeared on Hot 97’s radio shows, including Takin It To The Street, and eventually became the host of the station’s morning show with Miss Jones.

In 2008 the show ended with Miss Jones leaving for Philadelphia. After that Envy started his own shows like People’s mix, Hip-Hop Nation on Sirius XM radio and after that he had a weekend show on Power 105.

In December 2010, the morning show at Power 105 was called The Breakfast Club, and DJ Envy worked with Charlamanie Ta God and Angela Yi to organize the show.

Envy says he got a chance to try it, and he was a little skeptical at first because he lost his morning. When he met his life partners, they all got along very well and since then they have become strong life partners together.

The established DJ has been a great success throughout his entertainment career. He dropped a recording called Still A Fan with the popular artist Rico Love.

Envy and his wife Gia Casey are also co-organizers of The Casey Crew, a podcast that deals with the problems people in their families and relationships are confronted with.

Interesting facts

  • DJ Envy has always had a varied activity. He was always an investor and owned sports shoe shops, car wash shops and real estate.
  • At one point, DJ Envy made so much money converting houses into real estate that the real music industry is about to begin.
  • DJ Envy currently owns a juice bar in Brooklyn, New York, and also has an interest in Top Pop, a 30-year-old soft drinks company.
  • DJ Envy brought some friends to Miami, Fl to discuss how the property could be transferred. The group made sure everything was real and explained that success in real estate is not easy and does not happen overnight.
  • DJ Envy soon admits that at any given moment he has 5 projects for which he is responsible. As a hardworking and successful businessman, he strives to provide the best possible care for his family. He also protects his family and finances to the highest degree. Any fan or other celebrity who speaks insultingly about the envy or movement of his family’s money can expect to make a living.
  • DJ Envy credits singer Tyrez with helping him solve his infidelity problems and working on his marriage. According to him, the singer agreed with Envy and Gia to go to a restaurant where Tyrese performed and serenaded the couple, and then talked to them for hours. He also continued to talk to Envy some time later, and both are very grateful to the singer for his generosity.

Favourite Quotes from DJ Envy

I went to the College of Marketing and Management at the University of Hamptons and I thought I was going to work in a hedge fund on Wall Street, but I really liked the music because it wasn’t like working.



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