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Diana Alexander was born on the 16th. Born June 1967 in Los Angeles, California, USA – her hallmark is Gemini and she is an American citizen. Diana is a former dancer and fashion designer who became famous after her marriage to Lionel Ritchie, an American singer, songwriter and TV presenter.

Childhood and education

In Los Angeles, Diana raised an only child – her mother was a housewife while her father worked in a factory.

She went to high school in Los Angeles, where she became interested in dance and took classes – according to her notes, she went to work for a living and didn’t go to college.

Diana’s career

Diana started her career as a stylist at the age of 20, but stopped working after she married Lionel Ritchie. She was also a member of various dance groups for many years and danced in several films, including Forget Paris 1995, which promoted the stars of Billy Crystal Debra Winger. Diana was also present in the video Lionel’s Ceiling Dance.

Love life and marriage to Lionel Ritchie

Diana and Lionel Ritchie met in 1986 when he was still married to Brenda Harvey. Lionel and Diana kept their relationship a secret until his wife Brenda caught them in a hotel room in Beverly Hills in 1988, after she found out where they were and went to their room dressed as room service. Brenda immediately filed for divorce, but it was not granted until 1993 – Diana and Lionel continued their relationship and got married in 1995.


In 1994 Diana gave birth to her son Miles Brockman Ritchie on the 24th. In August 1998 they received their daughter Sophia Ritchie – Sophia has since become a popular role model. Diana was arrested shortly after for trespassing and vandalism. Both were separated in 2003 and are called the most expensive celebrities in history.

Diane is currently meeting Dave Kenney, the Sheriff of Ventura County – two of them met in 2010 and are committed to November 2015.

Leisure and other interests

Diana is a big fan of the film industry, and her favorite actors and actresses are Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Aniston – her favorite movies are Iron Man Franchise and Just go with him. She has traveled around the world with Lionel and has taken up one of her main hobbies, while her dream destination is Miami. She loves to go shopping, and her favorite color is red.

Diana Alexandra

Diana Alexandra

In her spare time she likes to listen to music and enjoys the music of her ex-husband very much. Among the bands she loves to listen to are The Lumineers and The Paperkites. She loves to try different kitchens and her favorite is the continental kitchen. Diana is a great animal lover, and over the years she has had several pets – now she has a dog and a cat.

Appearance and net value

Diana is 52 years old, has long brown hair and brown eyes. It is 1.5 meters high, weighs about 67 kg and has a population of 34-26-35.

She wears size 8 shoes. Its net worth is more than $2 million, while Lionel’s is more than $200 million.

Who’s Lionel Ritchie, Diana’s ex-husband?

Lionel Brockman Ritchie, Jr. was killed on the 20th. Born June 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama, United States – his trademark is Gemini and he is an American citizen. Lionel is a singer, songwriter and actor, mainly known from singles like Hello and Say You, Say Me. Lionel grew up in Tuskegee with his mother Alberta R. Foster and his father Lionel Brockmann Ritchie Sr. – he went to high school at Joilet Township, Illinois East Campus.

He played tennis in high school and started studying tennis at the Tuskegee Institute with a scholarship. In 1972 he graduated with a degree in economics – he was apparently planning to become a priest in the Episcopal Church, but eventually began a singing career.

During his studies at Tuskegee he formed an R&B band and in 1968 he joined the Commodores as a singer and saxophonist. The band releases numerous albums, recognizable by their funky sound, while Lionel starts writing romantic songs and ballads like Three Times a Lady and Sail On.

In 1978 he started writing songs for other musicians, such as the song Lady for Kenny Rogers, which reached the top of the charts in 1980. In 1983 Lionel left the Commodores and was replaced by Skyler Jett.

He began his solo career in 1982 with the release of an album of the same name that sold more than four million copies, and Lionel soon became an international soloist. His most successful song is Hello, which he released in 1984, and his three other big hits are Running with the Night, Stuck on You and Penny Lover. Lionel’s invited to the 7th. In May 2006 he was on the main stage of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and four months later his eighth album Coming Home was released.

The 9th. In December 2006 he organized his own show – Auditorium with Lionel Ritchie – on the 9th. December 2006. Lionel is a phenomenon in several Arab countries, especially in Egypt, Morocco and Libya, where he has spoken out several times. Brenda Harvey was Lionel’s schoolmistress, and they were married on the 18th. October 1975 – they begin raising Nicole Camilla Escovedo in 1983, when she is two years old, and legally adopt her in 1990.

Lionel is a philanthropist who helped raise more than $3 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In 2003, he joined the Soiree Bouquet Foundation – his mother fought breast cancer at the age of 80, won the battle and turned 103.



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