Net value $800,000
Name and surname Desi Perkins
Date of birth/century 3. March 1987. (Age: 32 years)
source of income Revenues from YouTube advertising and Instagram sponsorship, model lines, public appearances
Height 5’6”
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Los Angeles, California.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

The net value of Desi Perkins is $800,000.

How much does Desi Perkins earn per year?

She earns about $300,000 a year, depending on her advertising and sponsorship contracts.

How does Desi Perkins make money?

Most of their income comes from ads on YouTube. Since each video is watched about 1 million times, the video alone brings in about $100,000 to $200,000 a year.

She also makes money through Instagram-sponsored messages and brand support, which can earn $5,000 per message.

She posts her messages almost every day, and many of her messages are sponsored. She earns a lot from these sponsorships and cooperatives.

It currently has contracts with several cosmetics brands, including Dior, Mac and La Mer. She often appears in her dressing rooms and gives shows.

She teaches make-up classes and acts in advertising for products with which she has contracts. She is a stylist at Ipsite, participates in fashion events and receives a salary at each event.

She developed a line of sunglasses from High Key Quay in Australia. She and Katie DeGroth also make a lot of money with her Dose of Colors makeup line.

Only Desi receives an extra salary to work with other influential people and cosmetic lines.
In 2019 it hopes to enter the fashion and accessory line, which will certainly increase its net worth.


Desi Perkins is a YouTube blogger and an influential Instagram user. She is not only known for her makeup instructions for glamorous and everyday photos, but also for her special Halloween makeup effects.

She started with a simple Instagram skeleton makeup pen and has made progress ever since.

She has a lot of celebrity fans, and the new make-up artists say that she has influenced them to work in this area.

Beginning of life

Desi Perkins was killed on the third. Born March 1987 in Los Angeles, California. As a child she had no interest in makeup artists, although she was enthusiastic about art and drawing.

She was a scam before she was a teenager. She started doing makeup for Halloween costumes, and from there she switched to fashion makeup.

She has three brothers, Michael, Marquis and Danny. She sees her father as one of the most important sources of inspiration for success and they are very close.

She talks about her family in person, but her mother was in her blogs. Her maiden name and education are unknown, but she said she had a university degree.

Personal life

Desi Perkins married Stephen Perkins, graphic designer, in 2012. Together they have their own channel on YouTube The Perkins, where you can watch blogs and travel videos.

His family is very interested in his career. Her brother is a photographer and her sister-in-law is a personal assistant. Her aunt La Tia is also very popular in her positions and protocols.

She is an ardent defender of her Mexican ancestry and is active on the internet for immigration and DREAMER support.

She doesn’t have kids yet. She was open in her fight against pregnancy and medical problems.


The net value of Desi Perkins reached $800,000 in 2019.

Desi Perkins started working as a freelance make-up artist after she drew attention to her husband’s Instagram for Halloween make-up.

Since then, she has received many change requests and has given up her job in the catering department.

Then she started posting her opinions on and Instagram all the time. It has attracted the attention of many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian.

In 2013 it launched its YouTube channel for make-up artists and educational blogs.

His first video, The Soft Warm Grey Eye Tutorial, became immediately popular. She continued her educational activities and became very popular in the following years.

In the shop windows she goes from casual to glamorous, with special effects make-up for Halloween.

Together with another YouTuber, Kathy DeGroth, she designed a make-up collection for Dose of Colors called Desi X Katy. This collection was launched in 2016 and sold out in one day.

In 2017 they created a second collection, called Friendcation, which is still popular on the internet and in stores.

In 2018, the two friends worked with Maybelline to oversee the collection to be sold on Amazon. For the holiday season 2018 Desi has developed an eyebrow set in cooperation with the company Benefit Cosmetics.

She also made a tutorial on YouTube to show you how to use this set.

It currently has over 3.8 million Instagram users and 3.2 million YouTube subscribers.

Interesting facts

While her husband Stephen still works as a graphic designer, he also takes care of most of the filming and editing of their YouTube videos.

A word is tattooed on his wrist to create a font.

She has a phobia of cotton balls.

She has two dogs, Cannoli, Chihuahua/Yorkie, and Harper, the terrier mix she found in the animal shelter.


Their most popular eyebrow tutorial on YouTube has over 15 million views.

Kim Kardashian is a fan and appeared on YouTube in one of her makeup manuals. This video has been watched over 7 million times. Kim also said she was a fan of Desi on her reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

She has presented her business plans and make-up lines in magazines such as People and online magazines such as Bustle and the Huffington Post.

She participated in the Fiesta de la Flor in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she lived under the direction of Selena Quintanilla, inspired by her make-up classes.

Favorite Quotes from Desi Perkins

We have the same aesthetics. We love our neutrals, we love our verve and we love our bold lips. Especially if you are a little lazy with make-up, a lot of light and a thick lip are always an attachment. It’s one of our favorite images.

We are now in that place where we have so much power and influence over what brands do. And I think the brands now see that we are more inclusive, and I think that’s the beginning of something important.

By creating something ourselves and seeing how our audience reacts to it. It’s probably the most exciting thing for me. If you really see the effects. You are in your room, on the set or on your phone and you only see the connection when you meet people or tweet. If they support you in what you’re doing, it’s over.

Desi Perkins Succestips

  1. When people say you somehow helped them, it’s more than just makeup. It means that you are a friend to someone else If they don’t have anyone to turn to, you know that you can influence people beyond superficial things like makeup, that’s all This is very touching for us.
  2. You must ensure that you are consistent and keep track of all content that is distributed daily. This is our job.
  3. I have the feeling that there is a very big change in all the movements. I think we have the right to do what we want, break the glass ceiling. The world lies at our feet.



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