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Who is Eugene Levy’s wife? Divine Wiki Deborah

Deborah Levy was born in Canada in the 1940s – she did not disclose her exact date of birth, but she is a Canadian citizen. She is a film producer who attracted her attention after marrying a famous Canadian actor and director, Eugene Levy.

Childhood and education

Deborah grew up in Canada with her parents – her mother was Patricia Divine, a famous singer who sang at the Royal Conservatory and made a name for herself after singing for the matriarch at a birthday party sometime in the eighties – on Patricia’s 80th birthday. On her 50th birthday, Deborah put her name on Kerner Hollin’s chair.

Deborah went to high school in Canada and then went to an unnamed university, which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the mid-1960s.

Acting and television career

Deborah is a production manager and film producer. She has worked on films and series such as The Higgin Boys and Gruber 1990, The Edge of the Night 1996 and The Other World – she also wrote the screenplay for the series The Maniac Maniac in 1990.

Love life and marriage to Eugene Levi

Deborah and Eugene met in 1973 – four years later, on the 12th. In June 1977 they were married in a large ceremony attended by more than 300 people. They have two children. Deborah brought 19. In March 1981 her son Dan Levy was born and five years later, on March 10, 1981, her son Dan Levy was born. September 1986, his daughter Sarah Levy.

Dan has worked as an actor and film producer – he has been nominated for numerous awards, including B. for the Canadian Screen Award 2016 for Best Comedy Series and Best Screenplay for comedy series Creek Schitt.

Sarah has also become an actress and comedian and is known for her appearances in films such as The Cheaper Ten in 2005 and The Working Engels in 2014.

Likes other interests

Deborah has been interested in music since her early childhood, because she was inspired and motivated by her mother, who wanted her to become a singer too. Deborah’s favourite genres are jazz and blues and performers Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

She is a film fan and usually accompanies her husband Eugene to the premieres of his films – her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, as well as films like Sleepless in Seattle and Pretty Woman. Deborah had been a traveller since childhood and travelled around the world with her husband Eugene to attend events to which he had been invited, while spending their holidays in Italy, France and other countries.

Appearance and net value

Deborah is about 73 years old. She has long brown and blonde hair, brown eyes, is 1.67 m long and weighs about 59 kg – her net worth is over $1 million, while her husband Eugene’s net worth is over $18 million by the end of 2019.

Eugene Levi, Deborah Divine Levi and Danielle Levi.

Eugene Levi, Deborah Divine Levi and Danielle Levi.

Who’s Eugene Levy, Deborah’s husband?

Eugene Levy was killed on the 17th. Born in December 1946 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – his trademark is Sagittarius and he is a Canadian citizen. Actor, best known for his interpretation of Noah Levenstein in the eight American Pie films.

He was born into a Jewish family, with his mother who was a housewife and his father who was an artisan in a car factory – he attended Westdale High School and after graduation he attended McMaster University. During his studies he was vice-chairman of the board of McMaster Film, where he met Ivan Reitman, a director who was even more interested in films.

One of his first notable appearances was in Second City, Toronto, when he posed as Count Camembert, who was a news anchor for SCTV News – and then for many others who appeared on SCTV, including Ricardo Montalban, Sean Connery and Henry Kissinger.

One of his first films was La Chanterelle in 1971 and Les filles ogres in 1973. He then played Richie Rosenberg in 1979 in Run and Marty in 1980 in Nothing Personal. Over the next twenty years, he appeared in numerous films, including Armed and Dangerous (1986), One after the crime (1992) and Waiting for Huffman (1996), before starting the role of Noah Levenstein in his first film American Pie in 1999.

He rehearsed his role in the sequel to the film in 2001 and that same year played the seller Bloomingdale in Serengipity – in 2003 he starred with Jim Carrey in Tupom and Dumber : When Harry met Lloyd, a movie comedy. He subsequently appeared in the next six American Pie films and in many other films, such as Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian in 2009, witness protection in Madea in 2012 and the search for Dory (2016).

Although Eugene’s main occupation is film making, he has also been involved in numerous television series – his debut in the King Kensington series in 1975.

From 1976 to 1984 he played several roles in the series Stay with Us and also played Morty Arnold in the movie Billy Crystal : Don’t make me start with 1986. He was acclaimed for his role as Doc Ellis in Maniac Mansion in 1993, then appeared in the Mad to You series in 1998 and in the Dilbert series in 2000. Other series in which he has appeared in the current decade include Ich, Martin Short, who returns home in 2012 and collaborates with Engels in 2014.

Eugene is a philanthropist who has donated large sums of money to charitable organizations. He has also donated significant sums to organisations that want to raise awareness of autism and support its treatment.



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