Net value $60,000,000
Name David Wayne Speed
Date of birth/century 22. July 1964 (55 years old)
Country / city of origin Birmingham, Michigan, USA.
Height 5’5
Years in business from 1987 to the present day
Profession Get up, television, movies.

Shareholders’ equity

David Spade’s net worth is $60 million.

How much does David Spade earn per year?

David makes $3 million a year.

How does David Spade earn his money?

David makes most of his money gambling. His films have earned him millions of dollars, and his work on various sitcoms has also earned him a lot of money.

David now earns most of his money with his Comedy Central show.


David Spade is an American actor and comedian known for his sarcastic sense of humour.

David started his career live on Saturday night and then had his next success with actor Chris Farley in two movies.

The audience loved him in the movie Mud Joe. Now he’s doing an evening show at Comedy Central.

Beginning of life

David Wayne Speed was killed on the 22nd. Born July 1964 in Birmingham, Michigan. His mother Judy was a writer, and Wayne’s father was a salesman.

He’s got two brothers, Brian and Andy. Andy was married to the famous designer Kate Speed. Andy helped Kate build her brand.

David moved with his family to Scottsdale, Arizona when he was only four years old. Unfortunately his parents divorced after a while and his father left the picture behind.

Judy raised her boys as a single mother. The family had financial problems.

David went to Saguaro High School. After his first visit to Community College, David went to Arizona State University where he received a degree in economics.

He performed at the University Comedy Club and the Tempe Comedy Club.

Personal life

David lives in Beverly Hills, California. He’s never been married, but he has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Gillian Grace, playboy.

David has met many, many women. Although he is traditionally unattractively handsome, he is funny and witty, and many people think he is very lucky with women.

David met many celebrities, including Julie Bowen, Teri Hatcher and Heather Locklear. None of these relationships have ever worked.

In 2017 the house of David was looted and many valuables were stolen.

David is a very generous man and often gives money for things he cares about. In 2005, he donated $100,000 to the Phoenix police station.

In 2013 he donated $200,000 to the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma and in 2014 David donated $100,000 to the ALS Foundation.

After his sister-in-law Kate Speed committed suicide, David donated $100,000 to the National Mental Health Alliance.


David began his career in stand-up comedy while studying at Arizona State University.

After graduation he used his connections to work on a long Saturday Night Live show. David started working as a writer, but thanks to his friend and actor Dennis Miller, David was able to play in the show.

David was known for a number of repetitive parts of the exhibition. These roles have given him a place on the staff. He was on the show for five years, but he left it in 1996.

He and SNL graduated Chris Farley starred together in two comedies that have become iconic classics. They were working on a third when Chris died of a drug overdose.

Their friendship was iconic, but disturbing. David admits that as Chris became more and more addicted to drugs, his game suffered and it was hard for David to be around him.

After the success of his films, David was offered roles in numerous sitcoms. He decided to join the cast of Just shoot me! where he played the cheeky secretary. He participated in the exhibition from 1997 to 2003.

In this period David wrote and played in the film Mud Joe, which also became a cult classic.

He was very popular at the time and played in dozens of films of which he wrote a lot, for example Dickie Roberts : Former child star.

He has also appeared in several films written by former SNL star Adam Sandler in the role of Grown-Ups. These films weren’t as successful as Joe Dirt, but they did give David the status of a star on the David-A list.

David Spade’s net worth is currently $60 million.

While David played in several films, he had his own show in Comedy Central. Showbiz with David Spade made jokes about celebrities.

He has also appeared in several films and television programmes. They were just one-off episodes, he rarely had a recurring role.

David was at CBS. Shoot me from 2007 to 2013.

At that time he worked with TBS to make a show based on his hit movie Mud Joe, but it never saw the light of day.

In 2014 he had a small recurring role in the Goldberg series, but it only lasted one season.

David’s popularity declined in the second half of the 2000s. Instead of acting in a movie, he started playing small roles or in commercials.

But in 2019, things change for David. He’s just launched a new evening show at Comedy Central called Lights Out with David Spade.

David has won many awards for his game. For his role in the film Just shoot me, he was nominated for the Golden Globe and the Emmy.

Interesting facts

  • The famous stylist Kate Speed was David’s daughter-in-law.
  • David went from a writer who works without a camera on Saturday night to a live performer.
  • In 2003 David was awarded a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.
  • David is known for his unique style of comedy based on sarcasm.
  • He didn’t attend his good friend Chris Farley’s funeral. He said he couldn’t deal with it emotionally.
  • David commented on Beavis and Butthead about different characters.
  • Many people don’t know that David played a small part in an episode of Malibu Rescue in the early nineties.


1.David has played in more than 30 films.

(2) He started his career as a stand-up comedian during his studies and then worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live.

3. He is best known for his role in Joe Dreck’s hit movie.

4 David has never been married, although he has met some beautiful Hollywood actresses

5. David has a child Playboy Playmate.

6 David was also good friends with actor Chris Farley and played with him in two iconic films.

Favourite Quotes from David Spade

You can either look at things brutally and honestly, which is depressing, or you can fuck and have fun.

I’m a gentleman, and I’ve always learned that it’s not polite to talk about a woman’s age or weight if you don’t say goodbye to her.

Every time you board a plane, the stewardess always gives you the name of your pilot. Like somebody’s coming. Oh, he’s good.

Gossip is a plague that devours the weak, the confidants, and blinds them to the truth of reality; it can devour whole cities. I’d rather keep my eyes open.

I don’t like dealing with the real world. It’s scary.

My nerdy friends and I are retiring to botany with our computers.

It’s just a warehouse explosion. I just want to do as little as possible and do it right and try not to sell myself. I’m sure you do, but I’m just trying to buy some time.

I see marriage and family, because that’s next on the agenda. We can’t do this much longer. I’m old and all my friends have kids. And I’m lonely and I’m still drying my hair!

If I go, it’s to relieve the pressure, not to become a movie star. You can’t stay there forever, it kills you inside. They age in dog years. It’s a difficult place.

David Spaten Tips for success

1. Don’t stay up too late. Get up early, do your job. Success belongs to those who make the most of every second of every day.

2. Be transparent. Tell me what you mean. You don’t have to be cruel, but you have to let people know how you feel

3. not getting married or having children because you feel that society tells you not to have an expiration date. Reaching life milestones when it suits you

4. Let your children be children. They must not disguise or expose them, nor force them to do anything they will not do. They can only succeed if they know who they really are

5. If you don’t meet often when you are young, don’t worry. You can always find your soul mate Plus, it’s cheaper and more fun to live without someone!

6. Don’t live for money, especially if you are an artist You are told that there are recipes for success. You’re wrong. What leads someone to financial success can be a complete disaster for you.

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