David Rooklin and Ilana Glazer

Who’s David Rocklin?

David Ruklin was born in 1980 in the United States of America – the exact date and place are unknown – and is a scientist, but better known as the husband of actress Ilana Glaser. His wife is popular among others because of her work in the Broad City TV series, in which one of the main characters appears. She has been nominated several times for her performance in the show.


Net assets of David Roquelyn

David’s net worth is estimated at over $2 million, which is due to his success in business and science. He owns his own company and should benefit from his wife’s success, as the net value of Glazer is estimated at more than $3 million.

Early career start

After high school, David went to Oberlin College in 1998 with a degree in biochemistry. Certainly, the College is the second oldest higher education institution in the world working on a permanent basis.

It is home to the Oberlin Conservatory, the oldest in the United States, although it is more research-oriented. The school is also known for its progressive student activity and was one of the first colleges to accept both women and African-Americans.

After graduating in 2002, he accepted a position as teaching assistant and research technician and continued his studies at Merck Pharmaceutical Company as a research trainee in the department of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Merck is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and has been responsible for numerous medical guides since 1891. With her high annual income she is on the Fortune 500 list.

Continuing research and other efforts

In 2006 Rocklin went to the University of New York, where he obtained a PhD in computer biology. The university is also rich in history, dating back to 1831, with campuses and university centres all over the world. Many celebrities, heads of state, media personalities, businessmen and scientists have studied at the University of New York.

He obtained his PhD in six years, after which he worked as a postdoctoral researcher specialising in drug and software development. At that time he already had experience in identifying drug targets for the treatment of diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis.

After four years as a research assistant, he founded his own company in 2017 and became co-founder of Redesign Science.

David Ruklin and Ilana Glazer.

David Ruklin and Ilana Glazer.

His focus is on the discovery of the silicon-based drug, which means that much of his research and testing is done using computer simulations. This type of research has been widely used in biological experiments since the late 1980s, mostly to test scenarios with living organisms or nature.

Wife – Ilana Glaser

Ilana is of Jewish descent – her father worked in the financial sector. She attended Smittown High School and, after graduating, went to New York University where she earned a BA in Psychology.

During her university studies she became interested in plays and comedies and joined the theatre of the Upper Civic Brigade. She has performed all over New York, giving cocktail parties and spontaneous shows. In 2009 she launched a web series Broad City, in which she plays fictional versions of herself with Abby Jacobson. The project has contributed to its visibility by attracting the attention of major publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Entertainment Weekly.

She caught the attention of Amy Poehler, who started working with them on a series of the same name. They failed to sell the pilot for the first time, and she started working with Alex Charak on another online show called Chronic Girl Gamershow. In 2014 she finally broke through with Broad City, which was broadcast on Comedy Central and became one of her biggest hits, with great acclaim and a strong audience. The show lasted a total of five seasons and will end in 2019.

Personal life

David married Ilana in 2017 after living together for several years in a private ceremony in the presence of his friends and family. They met in a park in Washington Square – their eyes met and they started a conversation that led to a romance. She sees him as her counterpart, because he is active in science and doesn’t know much about comedy, but they are very related.

Despite the differences, they are very open when it comes to political views or activism. He’s a feminist and he’s not afraid to talk about it openly. They are also very critical of the current state of the U.S. government.



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