Daddy Long Neck

Who is Papa Long Neck?

David Samuelson Jr. was born on the 15th. Born in September 1999 in Flint, Michigan, USA, in the sign of Our Lady. He is a 19-year-old American rapper, comedian and internet personality, better known as Daddy Long Neck. He became famous in July 2018 by creating profiles in Instagram and Twitter. People were immediately interested in him because of his unusual appearance, due to a rare disease that prevented him from gaining weight. At the end of 2018 he collaborated with another internet sensation, Charles McDowell, also known as Wide Neck, and released two rap songs that together became a viral sensation. Samuelson has several other nicknames and pseudonyms such as Long Child’s Neck, Thick Neck Thing and Cursed Long Neck.

What’s wrong with the father’s long neck?

Papa Long Neck suffers from Marfan Syndrome (MFS), an autosomal genetic disorder that affects one in 5,000 to 10,000 people worldwide. People with this disease cannot gain weight, they have tense fingers, arms, legs and neck. When Samuelson was young, he was so thin that his health deteriorated rapidly; to make it easier, the doctors inserted a special tube into his nose to allow his body to absorb the necessary nutrients. He wore this tube for five years until his health returned to normal – at one point his condition was so serious that tubes were inserted into his stomach.

Childhood and education: Growth in Michigan

Samuelson was born into an American family, but there is no information about his parents or his childhood. Instagram and Twitter fans asked him to tell them more about himself, but he refused. Even the journalists asked questions about the subject, but Papa Long Neck politely rejected all requests and changed the subject again and again. We know that his parents divorced when he was very young and that he now lives with his mother. In an interview David said growing up in Flint wasn’t easy because of the constant gang violence and murders. However, he managed to stay away from illegal activities and became more interested in music. He also stated that he did not feel safe about his genetic disorder, but that he had always had good friends who supported him.

long neck

long neck


The eighth. In July 2018, Papa Long Neck created Twitter and Instagram accounts under the nickname @damnlongneck. He started by posting videos about himself, dancing and breaking eggs over his head. Within months he became a viral star when popular sites like Worldstar Hip Hop published his dance videos. One of his most popular contributions was a music video in which he dances with his friends to the song My Neck and My Back. In the beginning people laughed at him, but David soon realized that he would benefit from being a living meme. In this way he provided more content and communicated with his fans by sharing creative photos and various memes. This made him one of the most popular people on the internet within a few months. The eighth. In August 2018 she was featured in Before They Were Famous, a YouTube show created by Michael McCrudden and dedicated to celebrities. Then he became an even bigger star.

Wide neck force combination: Neck high, neck big thing

The eighth. In December 2018, Daddy Long Neck set the Internet on fire by collaborating with Charles McDowell, also known as Wide Neck – a Twitter video appeared that showed two squares and preparing for battle, but eventually shook hands and said that all necks counted together. The expression is an All Life Matters play, which was used by people who didn’t approve of Black Life activists.

The 16th. December 2018 Wide Neck and Daddy Long Neck released their first song Neckst Big Thing on the official WorldstarHipHop channel on YouTube and also featured the popular sensation Instagram, stuntman and comedian Supreme Patty. By August 2019, the video had been watched 4.7 million times.

The 10th. In January 2019 they released their next hit, Neckst Up. The second issue turned out to be even more important, because by mid-2009 there will be almost 10 million viewers. Literally a month later, Long Neck’s father released another hit, this time alone (because Wide Neck had had his bail revoked and was forced to return to prison). Litty Like a Titty is considered one of the best hip-hop melodies of the whole decade.

Who’s a wide neck?

The man with the wide neck became famous in November 2018 when the Esquambia prosecutor posted a photo on Facebook claiming he had been arrested for possession of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine with intent to sell. The photo was shared more than two million times when fans immediately noticed his unusually wide neck, which is wider than his head. His real name is Charles McDowell, and most of his life he has been involved in criminal activities such as selling drugs and stealing cars. He has had a difficult childhood, which has led to several arrests and detentions since childhood. After making a deposit, he learned that he had become a meme and immediately reached out to Papa Long Neck. At the end of January 2019, a judge revoked his bail and he had to return to prison. We don’t know when he’ll be released.

Daddy’s long neglected value of glory

Although he did not make any personal donations or help charities find a cure for Marfan syndrome, he accidentally became an opinion leader on the subject. Thanks to its notoriety, people began to learn about this genetic disease, and awareness spread rapidly throughout the United States. Several charities reported an increase in donations and outreach. As Google Trends shows, Marfan’s search growth peaked when Daddy Long Neck first became popular and every time he released a new song. Samuelson taught people that it is normal to be different and that no one should be ashamed of a disease that cannot be cured.

Personal life: Does a long-necked father have a girlfriend? Is he gay?

As far as his romantic involvement is concerned, there is little information from reliable sources that could accurately describe this part of his life. Papa Long Neck himself tends to keep the news of his partners completely secret and has not yet turned his attention to these fan requests. We know nothing about his first relationship or his current status. However, he raised many eyebrows when he claimed to have lost his virginity at the age of eight. He has never been seen at public events, especially in a female society, and his fans suspect no one in his social media profiles. There were no differences of opinion on this issue either. According to the information available, Samuelson is heterosexual and currently single.

Net price: What is the wealth of Papa Long Neck?

Have you ever wondered how rich Daddy Long Neck really is? According to reliable sources, its net value from August 2019 is approximately $1 million, accumulated by leveraging its memo potential and transforming itself into a brand. Sales of music videos and products were very successful, resulting in a significant increase in revenues. As we all know, Internet awareness is relatively unstable, so there are no reliable predictions about its potential increase in net worth.

Online presence

With the growing understanding that social media and content sharing platforms around the world have, it is in the interest of most celebrities to keep their fans up to date on their activities in order to maintain and ultimately increase their ranking and profits. Papa Long Neck himself is no stranger to this popular trend, as he increasingly focuses on publishing updates about his public profiles and communicating with his fans. He is very popular at Instagram, where 2.1 million fans follow his every move. It has fewer followers on Twitter and Facebook – 1,500 and 70,000. It also has a channel on YouTube with 22,000 subscribers and 2.3 million views.



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