Cody Heller

Who’s Cody Heller?

Cody Heller was killed on the 13th. Born May 1985 in California, USA. She is a producer, writer and actress, but she is probably best known as the girlfriend of a fellow producer, Dan Harmon. Her boyfriend is responsible for the development of series such as Community and the animated series Rick and Morty.

Net assets of Cody Heller

Cody Heller’s net worth is estimated at over $2 million, which he earned through his success in the entertainment industry after writing and publishing several well-known consumer projects. It is also likely to benefit from Mr Harmon’s success, as his net worth is estimated at over $5 million.

Life and career

Cody grew up with his sister Sloan. As a mother – the actress Randy Heller – she was familiar with the entertainment industry and was interested in her mother’s career from an early age, even though she didn’t become a full-time actress. One of her rare projects as an actress is a short independent film called Last Day Dream.

She dared to produce and write, and one of her first big successes was the Wilfred comedy series, which ran from 2011 to 2014.

The exhibition is based on the Australian series of the same name with Elijah Wood. After the success of the series, she created another episode with Brett Conner called Dead Man, which aired on Hula and ran from 2014 to 2016; it tells the story of a recruitment tool played by actor Tyler Labin. One of his most recent projects is the television show Joking, which will be aired in Showtime in 2018, starring Jim Carrey and following the story of a television presenter who has to balance his professional life with personal difficulties and tragedies.

Cody Heller

Cody Heller

Guy Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon was born in 1973 and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he attended Brown Deer High School. After graduating, he went to Market University and used his school experience as a source of inspiration for his future joint exhibition.

For the first time he dared to enjoy himself as a member of the comedy sketch band The Dead Alewives, with whom he produced the album. After several comedy shows he ventured into a television production and created a pilot for Heat Vision and Jack, with Jack Black and Owen Vision.

This led to him becoming the creator of the Sarah Silverman program, the main author of several episodes. His next project is called Yacht Rock, in which he will perform a fictional version of Ted Templeman. He also created the film Eligible TV and the film Monster House, nominated by Oscars.

In 2009 he got his first big hit at the Community Show, inspired by his experiences while studying at a community college. He played for three seasons as a show manager, but was then fired due to creative disagreements with Sony.

A year later he returned to the show to work with Chris McKenna as co-producer. The community was active for a total of six seasons.

Harmon Ricu and Morti Projects

While working for the company, Harmon also organized a monthly live comedy show in Hollywood called Harmonetown. He took the opportunity to animate current role-playing games, including Dungeon and Dragons and Shadows. The live broadcast would have been an inspiration for the cartoon series HarmonQuest, in which he participated with many celebrities such as Kumail Nandziani, Aubrey Plaza, Ryan Stiles, Jason Sudekis and Curtis Armstrong.

Its growing popularity has turned Harmonetown into a traveling exhibition that visits many locations in the United States.

Outside the community he developed the concept of a cartoon that would be Rick and Morty, inspired by a short parody of Harmon made while working with Channel 101. The main characters are Chris Parnell, Sarah Chulk and Spencer Grammer. The show followed the story of two unlikely partners, the inventor and his grandson, who is not a genius.

They often suffer setbacks in their private lives and in various dimensions. The series has been running for four seasons, although the delivery numbers are controversial.

Personal life

Before Cody Dan met, he was married to actress Erin McGathy, but the two were only together a year before their divorce in 2015. Cody started meeting him the following year through common ties in the entertainment industry. They have publicly declared that they will not marry in the near future.

Besides producing large television programmes, Cody is also a big fan of documentaries and has worked as an assistant director on various projects. She worked on the film Waiting for Superman, which tells the story of how the American public education system treats students who try to participate in competitive programs unfairly.

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