Net value $3,000,000
Name and surname Christian Guzman
Date of birth/century 20. February 1993 (26 years)
source of income Amateur journalist, vlogger, entrepreneur.
Height 5’11”
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Houston, Texas.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Christian Guzman’s net assets are $3,000,000.

He made most of his money online with YouTube videos, but he also became very popular on other social networks, which he has since monetized.

How many Christians does Guzman earn each year?

Christian Guzman has a net worth of $3 million and earns between $500,000 and $750,000 a year through his popular YouTube channels, gym and favorite clothing line.

How does Christian Guzman earn his money?

Being a blogger on YouTube is very rewarding, especially since hundreds of thousands of people watch every video Guzman publishes.

On Youtube alone, this represents tens of thousands of dollars in revenue every month. However, Guzman is very popular on Instagram and Twitter, so he also cashes checks from them.

His clothing brand Alphalete is becoming more and more popular and brings him a lot of money. The high-quality sportswear line is comparable to the range of luxury brands such as Lululemon, Under Armor and even Nike.

Guzman also brings in money from a huge warehouse-like gym he owns in Houston. He is known to visit the club regularly and surprises his many fans. However, Guzman also earns money by sponsoring major sports brands, which represents thousands of dollars.


Christian Guzman is the American dream come true. In his youth he was able to study at Texas Christian University.

When his dreams changed and he decided fitness was more his business, Christian’s hard work brought him to where he is today: one of the world’s most popular fitness bloggers.

Christian dreamed of making his passion for fitness his profession. He realized that he could build an audience by constantly posting his news on YouTube, so he stayed engaged until he got hundreds of thousands of followers.

Beginning of life

Christian Guzman, twenty-six years old, was born on the 20th. Born February 1993 in Houston, Texas. He’s an older kid, with a brother and 5’7. When he was in college, Guzman thought he was a musician.

He was in a rock band at Texas Christian University. He was known as a botanist, a skinny kid who played guitar well. When the group split up, it went in a completely different direction by studying health and fitness management.

Guzman started making his own fitness programs, which he put online. They became so popular that after just a few years he decided to leave school and start his own business based on personal fitness.

Personal life

After becoming famous on his YouTube channel, Guzman started dating another fitness model and Nikki Blacketter from YouTube. Together they founded their very popular Youtube channel CG&NIKKIBTV. Although their messages are still on his Twitter page, they broke up after a while.

Guzman is currently meeting another fitness model named Heidi Somers on Youtube. At least once a week they post videos on YouTube with fitness tips and show affection for each other.

Guzman has a passion for fitness and helping others. His goal is to train the kids at his gym in Houston.


In college, Guzman was a thin guy who thought he could find his way in music. However, when the group he was in was disbanded, he was inspired by a new group of friends to start training and get in shape.

He followed a strict diet, refrained from partying, and it paid off. He developed muscles and became known in the local community as a fitness specialist.

During his university studies he was often approached and asked for advice. This has prompted Guzman to buy a camera and record fast videos with tips to get the best results.

Christian Guzman’s net assets reached $3,000,000 in 2019.

He quit college to train and educate his clients about personal fitness and continued to post videos of his workouts online. Guzman soon realized that he made more money publishing his videos than training with his clients!

He slowly recruited thousands of followers and created his own brand, Alphalite. The company produces very popular outfits that are worn by athletes. He now owns his own gym in Houston.

Interesting facts

  • Guzman has published many very popular videos. His most popular video, however, is called Hand Training Open : A natural teenage bodybuilder. Surprisingly, he was seen by over a million people!
  • Guzman is ranked 7th of the most popular Youtube bloggers in the field of fitness from 2019.
  • Fitness models such as Matt Ogus and Scott Herman were a great source of inspiration for Guzman early on in his career.
  • In an article entitled, Guzman talked about him. 300,000 people watch him every time he practices! which later turned out to be a huge boost for his social media coverage.
  • One day, Guzman offered $25,000 of his own money to anyone who could win a scrapbooking contest he had organized, and encouraged others to enter the contest for quick purchases.


  • Guzman started his fitness career in college when his rock band split up.
  • He started working with friends from Texas Christian University and saw the results so quickly that people started asking him for advice.
  • In 2012 he launched his channel on Youtube, where he published short videos with training tips. In five years, the channel has grown slowly and gained almost a million subscribers.
  • Guzman founded his company Alphalete after he became famous on Youtube. The company produces high quality sports and entertainment clothing and sportswear.
  • Guzman’s love life is often part of his social networks. After meeting two fitness bloggers, Guzman often talks about his girlfriends who work with him or for him.

Favorite Quotes from Christian Guzman

Success is a flight of stairs. You can’t climb on it with your hands in your pockets.
It’s crazy that adults need that memory. If you have nothing constructive/positive to say to or about someone, remember what you think of yourself and move on. Stay in your fucking job. Stop tearing people in hell.
Imagine being at Netflix one hour a day, insensitive to Instagram/social media and/or video games, and focusing on getting great results in an area you really love. Imagine how much better you will feel after 1, 2 or 3 years.

Christian Guzman’s Tips for Success

  1. If you really want something, you have to work hard to get it. You can’t bother believing that it will work Success requires sacrifice, which can mean giving up what you love to get what you worked hard for
  2. Make a mistake. You introduce yourself. You will not be able to develop unless you experience difficulties and adversity.
  3. Remember: What you are is what you do. Your actions speak louder than your words or goals
  4. Relationships are so important. Whether romantics, friends, colleagues or family members, do your best to work very hard with them. Relationships determine your success in life.



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