Charles and Christian Barkley

Who’s Charles Barkley’s daughter? Christian Barkley Vicky Bio

Christian Barkley was born in the United States in 1989 and is very popular as the daughter of the famous basketball player Charles Barkley. She caught the attention of the media after her controversial photos were posted on the internet.

Childhood and education

Christian was born as the son of Charles Barkley and his wife Maureen Bloomhardt. She is a model, actress and member of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, which helps women to get an education and find work.

Christiana studied at Columbia University in New York City and graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism degree in 2011.

Christian career

Christian is currently only a social media personality and seems to lead a luxurious life thanks to her father’s money – she has not started a career in her field (journalism) and currently seems to be unemployed.


Christian’s name began to circulate on the internet after several controversial photos, initially considered his name, were uploaded to Ari’s Twitter account.

The photos contain a frank content, but later it turned out that the girl in the photos, who called herself Villanova, was not really Christian, but only like her.

Love life and marriage

Rumor has it that Christian is dating a man she met at an event she attended with her parents, but who she has not seen in public with anyone; she is single and has no children. She usually accompanies her mother and father to every event they are invited to.

Leisure and other interests

Christian is a philanthropist that she inherited from her mother, and you can often see her with her at charity events such as the Fresh Start Fashion Gala, where more than $1.5 million was raised for charity. She also loves animals and has volunteered several times at a local shelter in Los Angeles. In high school she was very athletic when she tried to follow in her father’s footsteps and played in the school basketball and soccer team, but after graduation she stopped playing.

In his spare time, Christian enjoys watching films and TV shows – one of his favourite films is Pirates of the Caribbean and the series This show from the 70s. She loves to travel and has been with her parents in several American states. She also often goes with her mother to various charity events.

Appearance and net value

Christians are 30 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.75 m long and weighs about 65 kg. His net worth is over $100,000, while his father Charles’ net worth is over $40 million.

Charles and Christian Barkley

Charles and Christian Barkley

Who’s Charles Barkley, Christiana’s father?

Charles Barkley was killed on the 20th. Born February 1963 in Leeds, Alabama, United States – his trademark is Pisces and he has American nationality. Charles is a retired professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) – he is nicknamed the Round Mound of Bounce, Sir Charles and Street Beef. Charles went to Leeds High School, and although he is taller and heavier than most other students at the school, he couldn’t take part in the school’s main basketball team at first and sat on a bench – he didn’t join the starting team until the beginning of his first year, when he was 1.80m tall.

He enrolled at Auburn University and won a scholarship. After that he played for three years with Auburn until he obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1985. He played in midfield for Auburn and still has Auburn’s record for career goals at 62.6.

He entered the NBA competition in 1984 after Philadelphia’s 76 team was drafted and was given the opportunity to play with Julius Erwing, Maurice Chicks and Moses Malone, who had brought Philadelphia to the NBA Championship just a year earlier.

Moses Malone took him under his wing, helped him arrive, taught him how to train and play. In his second year with 76 players, Charles was the first rebounder and second top scorer of the team. Despite the fact that he lost 76 points to Milwaukee Bax in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference, Charles was still selected as second team in the ALL NBA.

After Moses Malon left for Washington Bullets in 1986, Charles took control of the team with confidence. After Julius Erwing retired in 1987, Charles became a player in the 76er franchise and was named after the first team in the entire NBA and got a cover story in Sports Illustrated magazine.

In 1992, he played his last season in the 76th division. LA Lakers, was then sold to the LA Lakers, but almost immediately to the Phoenix Suns.

His first season with the Sun was very productive and helped them to achieve their best NBA 62-20 season, in which Charles won the MVP award. His last season with the Suns was in 1995-96, when he was sold to the Houston Rockets in exchange for four of their players.

His adventure with the Rockets was his last chance to win the NBA title, but he never succeeded. The eighth. In December 1999, he tore his left quadriceps tendon, marking the end of his NBA career – since then he has worked for Turner Network as a studio basketball analyst.

Charles is also a writer. He worked with Roy S. Johnson and published a monstrous autobiographical book in 1991, and in 2002 he published his book I may be wrong, but I doubt it – in 2005 he published the book Who is afraid of the great black man. He is also an actor who appeared in the movie Space Jam in 1996, in the series Suits in 2014 and in the series Modern Family in 2016.



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