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The west coast of Chanel is more known for his skirmishes with the law than for his career. Earlier she was arrested in 2015 in a nightclub, 1 OAK, in West Hollywood. TMZ reported that she was arrested for fighting bodyguards. She was also caught fighting with the police outside the club. The police came to the scene when the bodyguards told them that Chanel had had another fight with a woman in the club. Later, the bodyguards threw her out because she was acting crazy. Since that time, Chanel has dealt with the law several times.

Net value $6,000,000
Name and surname Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Date of birth/century 1. September 1988 (30 years)
source of income rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, model, television personality
Height 5’3
Country of origin The UNITED STATES
Country/city of origin Los Angeles, California.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

The net assets of West Coast Chanel are $6 million. Chanel West Coast is an American celebrity who has established herself as a reality TV star and rapper. Chanel’s fame started after she played in the movie Rob Dyrdek Fantastic Factory and Funny. She made headlines because she was confronted with rumors about the law and plastic surgery. From 2018, the net worth of West Coast Chanel is estimated at $6 million and is expected to increase.

Chanel West Coast has loved dancing and singing since childhood. She always knew she was going to be a celebrity. Growing up in the music world, she realized she wanted to become a rapper. Since then, she has appeared on various shows on MTV and has released many different mixtapes. Since Chanel West Coast is 31 years old, his fame has only just begun. Chanel West Coast is a multi-talented celebrity. She is not only a rapper and TV presenter but also an actress, model, and singer. By selling her mixtapes and TV appearances, the net value of Chanel West Coast is estimated at $6 million and should grow over the course of her career.

How much does West Coast Chanel earn each year?

In 2018, the west coast of Chanel earned $200,000. As in her childhood, she spent most of her time between Los Angeles and New York. In October 2018, Chanel West Coast released his third song, Miles and Miles, which was well-received by his old fans. Eventually, she established herself as a singer in the pop industry. Later that year, Chanel released her new single, Nobody. Eventually, she found her way into the music industry.

How does Chanel West Coast make money?

West Coast Chanel has made a lot of money with his music, television shows, and YouTube channel. Chanel used most of her wealth to her advantage. She bought a beach house in the Hamptons, which is on the east side of Long Island.

If Chanel is a rapper, Chanel West Coast earns the most money by supporting products and organizing promotions. She has supported several products on her social media accounts, including Bling Jenn Bui, Buffalo David Bitton, Bunny Swimwear, Candy Jewelry Company, and 310 Nutrition. With that help alone, Chanel made $26,140. She has also released a series of t-shirts that she offers to her fans. She announces herself on social networks when new products are added to her online store.

Beginning of life

Chanel West Coast was founded on the 1st. Born in September 1988 in Los Angeles, California. She is currently 31 years old, and her real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley. As a child and teenager, Chanel shared most of her childhood with her mother in Los Angeles and her father in New York.

Chanel’s father worked as a DJ, which fueled his interest in music. As a teenager, she spent a lot of time in nightclubs in New York, which aroused her interest in music from an early age. As a child, Chanel also took dance and singing lessons. She noticed that she also had a passion for theatre. Since she wrote that song, How Do You Want It? Tupac Shakur became obsessed with it, and that piqued her interest in rap.

Personal life

Chanel is more known for her personal life than for her career. She is currently single and has no children. Fans wonder if she’s still seeing Liam Horne. Chanel West Coast and Liam Horn first met in 2014. After getting to know each other, the couple started dating and entering into a long-term relationship.

Chanel and Liam even lived together for four years. The couple did not hesitate to show their relationship on social media. But Chanel never appealed to her loyal admirers. Chanel and Liam have been spotted several times on different red carpets. The couple even had their kisses photographed when they attended a special performance at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California.

In April 2016, Chanel and Liam participated together in the MTV Movie Awards 2016 and made their relationship with the official red carpet. Before he met Liam, Chanel had only spent a short time with Chris Plaff.


His net capital was quickly built up when he started working with reality television. Chanel’s acting career began in 2009 when she starred in Rod Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, although she only starred in the series in 2005. But her fame exploded in 2009 when she started modeling and rapping.

Since her debut on the show, Chanel has appeared on several other reality shows over the years. She also starred in the series Funny, which she filmed in 2010 and continues to film today. She also signed a contract for a reality TV show about the fame of the fear factor.

Chanel West Coast became famous and recorded several songs, and collaborated with various artists. Her musical career began in 2009 when she recorded Melting Like Ice Cream with Tiffany Anderson. That same year Chanel released the song Tramp with Somaya Rhys and Phamous with Midi Mafia.

In 2011 Chanel recorded with the Polow Pa Don’s Zone 4 label. Then she left the label because she couldn’t record her own music. She started releasing her own music when she made a music video for her single I Love Money.

Currently, the net value of the West Coast Chanel has reached $6,000,000.

Interesting facts

Chanel West Coast’s name comes from her time on MySpace when she joined the social networking site at seventeen.

After she noticed that several other names had been taken, she decided to add the nickname West Coast at the end of her name because she originally came from the West Coast. The name became viral, just like his career.

Chanel West Coast didn’t go to college. She attended Taft High School in the San Fernando Valley for two years before leaving home school. Shortly after that, she wanted to concentrate on her musical career.

In 2006 it was rumored that Chanel West Coast was a sex worker. Some people assumed she was a transsexual celebrity. Many of these people still believe the rumors, even though the theories were false.

Favorite quotes from Chanel West Coast

Heaven is not the limit, it’s just a view.

Every time you see someone’s style, you feel like you know them a little better because of the way they dress.

People don’t understand that when I’m in the show, I’m completely relaxed, hanging around, having fun, watching videos and messing around. Sometimes I make stupid remarks, just funny, and people think I’m a stupid person.

I think fashion and style are important elements of the artist.

My ultimate goal is to be a very great musical artist, so much so that one-day people will forget I was at a reality show.

Tips for the success of Chanel West Coast

  1. Despite her brushes with the law, Chanel West Coast has built a successful musical career.
  2. After entering the rap industry, she and her colleagues from Young Money won the BET 2014 Best Group Award.
  3. After working as a television anchor and model at the Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory, the show instantly succeeded. It is so popular that it is still on MTV.
  4. The show gave Chanel a sense of celebrity. Because of her positive perception of the program, she was accepted as a permanent presenter. In 2015 it entered its seventh season, from January to 5. Lemars took place.
  5. Chanel was added to Funny immediately after the success of Fantasy Factory, which was also a big hit. Meanwhile, his musical career began to develop rapidly.
  6. The company produces its own clothing line, which is expected to be successful as its other activities. Chanel’s success is due to her business acumen, which she learned early in the morning.

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