Cassandra Troy

Who’s Cassandra Troy?

Cassandra Troy is the wife of award-winning Canadian actor Andrew Walker. They have been together since 2012, and with her popularity, Kassandra has also enjoyed increased media interest. Although she likes to stay away from media sounds, she can’t stay in the dark. She is a businessman and owner of Clover Juice, which produces cold-pressed juice. She and Andrew also have a juice bar called Clover.

Cassandra Troy Age, childhood and education

Cassandra Troi was killed on the fourth. May born in Montreal, Canada – she did not give her year of birth, although it is believed that she is about 30 years old. She grew up in her hometown with two sisters and now regularly shares Instagram photos of her and her mother. She also didn’t disclose her education and the names of her parents.


Before meeting Andrew Cassandra, she worked as a sales manager for Joseph Ribkoff, one of Canada’s leading fashion designers.

She worked there for five years until 2012, before starting her romance with Andrew. It wasn’t until a year later that she became Andrew’s partner when they founded Clover Juice, a now famous company that makes cold-pressed juices with the highest quality ingredients. In a very short time, the company has grown into a bar in Los Angeles, California, USA, and now you can order drinks as well as food at the Clover juice bar. Since then they have renamed the clover juice in the West.

Cassandra Troy

Cassandra Troy

Personal life of Cassandra Troy, marriage, children

Although there is no positive information about the wedding date of the two men, it seems that they have been together since 2012. After the wedding ceremony, the couple welcomed a child, a son named West Walker, who was born on the 15th day of the wedding. July 2015 was born. She often goes to lunch with her son, who’s a sushi fan. You often see them on the street, because they both like to walk around and their husbands join them when the weather permits.

Andrew Walker Wicki

Andrew William Walker was killed on the 9th. Born June 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He’s one of two children of Bruce Walker, the school administrator, and his wife Joyce Walker, the librarian. He has a sister, Janimay Walker, who’s an actress and a model. After graduating from high school, Andrew went to Vanier College, got a full scholarship to Boston College and became one of Vanier’s top football players.

Unfortunately he tore his anterior cruciate ligaments during one of the training sessions at spring camp and had to end his football career. He then turned to the theatre and made his debut in 1994.

Initial roles

Andrew was chosen to play Bobby Corbin in the Serena series, and three years later he landed his first permanent role as JJ in the Student Body series (1997-1999).

Two years later he was selected for the role of Blair Reznikki in the comedy and drama series Radio Active, which made him very famous and brought him further into the world of theatre. Andrew continued with television roles, first as Rick Scenes in Maybe it was me from 2001 to 2002, then as Cole Harper in Sabrina, the teenage witch (2002-2003). In the 2000s he made several successful performances, especially in the television series Cuttings and The Steel Toes (2007).

years 2010, contract with Hallmark Channel

In 2010 Andrew’s career took a turn for the better when he signed an exclusive contract with Hallmark. Since then, he has appeared on the network in over a dozen TV films. His first films for Hallmark were Bride at Christmas, then Bride at Christmas (2015), Date with Love (2016) and, in recent years, Snowy Christmas (2017), Bottle with Love (2019).

Andrew has also worked on several other projects, including the film Downloaded in 2015, then the crime drama-horror film Death Signal (2016) with Vedett Lim and Daniel Quinn, and the fantasy film Oxalis in 2018 with Kelly Pendigraph and Derek Wilson. In total Andrew has over 70 credits for films and television programs. In 2007 he became best actor for his film Steel Toes at the Whistler Film Festival.

He is currently working on the TV film Christmas in My Mind, which is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for release in 2019.

Andrew Walker Net Assets, Hite, Weighing

Andrew’s career is quite rich, and his wealth has been enhanced by many projects. Currently, their assets are estimated at $3 million. From the end of 2019. He doesn’t share much of his fortune, although he is known to own a bar near Los Angeles.

Andrew is six feet tall and weighs 75 pounds.



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