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Brendan Schaub is an American comedian and podcast moderator who has a pretty interesting story: He was a mixed martial arts fighter. At the beginning of his life, he participated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as the UFC. As a member of this organization, he was featured in the Ultimate Fighter show.

For years he was an MMA wrestler, but in 2015 he officially retired. That’s when he started his acting career. However, in 2014, shortly before his retirement, he launched a podcast called Fighter and Kid. He’s running with Brendan Shaub Below Belt now.

Net value $4,500,000
Name and surname Brendan Peter Schaub
Date of birth/century 18. March 1983 (36 years)
source of income Comedian, podcast master, mixed martial artist.
Height 6’4”
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country/city of origin Aurora, Colorado.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Brendan Shaub’s net worth is $4,500,000. He has had a varied career, which has allowed him to make a lot of money quickly.

How much does Brendan Schaub earn per year?

Brendan Schaub makes between $900,000 and $1 million a year. This number was higher because he made more money when he won UFC fights.

How does Brendan Schaub earn money?

Brendan made thousands of dollars in his short football career. He won hundreds of thousands of dollars in every UFC fight he won. He also made thousands of dollars on his podcast. Now that he is a famous comedian, he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars with his specials and comedy shows.

Beginning of life

Brendan Peter Schaub is 36 years old. Born at the age of 18. March 1983 in Aurora, Colorado, as the son of Debra and Peter Shaub. While Peter’s American, Debra’s from England. Peter has had a great influence on his son since he practices Taekwondo and is a second-degree black belt.

When Brendan came to Overland High School, he played soccer for a year and even got two letters in the lacrosse game. While he dreamed of going to college with a sports scholarship, he didn’t get it. Instead, Brendan tried his hand at football and lacrosse at Whittier College. He did both teams. Before starting his youth academy, Brendan switched to the University of Colorado to play soccer. The first season has gone red, but very well.

When he graduated in 2006, he enrolled in the NFL selection committee but did not receive any drawings. He was a member of the Buffalo Beals coaching staff but was fired before the regular season. So far, he has signed a contract with the Utah Blaze Arena Football League. After only a year, he decided to retire from football.

Personal life

Brendan had been dating his girlfriend, Joanna Zanella, for years. They announced their commitment for 2017. Although there are no rumors of a divorce, there is no evidence that they were married. This has led to speculation that the couple is not doing very well. They have a son, Tiger Pak’s Schaub, born in 2016. You live in Los Angeles.

Before he met Joanna, Brendan had an appointment with the famous fighter of UFC, Rhonda Rausi. Schaub comes from Colorado and is a big fan of the Denver sports teams and Los Angeles and – surprisingly – of Cleveland Brown.


After giving up soccer, Brendan took on boxing. Six months later, he won the heavyweight title and started training with UFC fighter Shane Carvin. In 2009 he started performing in the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. In 2015, Brendan played a lot of UFC games and won a lot. He was well known in the mixed martial arts world, and many thought he would work for the UFC for years.

However, he surprised many when he announced in the podcast The Experience of Joe Rogan in 2015 that he would leave MMA. Fortunately for Brendan, this was only the beginning of his career. He and his friend Brian Cullen have already made a podcast of The Fighter and the Kid.

In December 2016, he created his own solo podcast with Brendan Shaub, now known as Below Belt. He now has another podcast called King and Pity. In 2014 Brendan started a buffet comedy. In January 2019, he published his first comedy special, broadcast on Showtime under the title “Vous serez surprise.” Today Brendan does a lot of hosting work for networks like E! He also plays every time there’s a big UFC fight.

 According to our data, the net value of Brendan Schaub in 2019 will be $4,500,000.

Interesting facts

  • Brendan participated in the NFL draft in 2006 but was not selected by any of the teams.
  • He signed a contract with the Buffalo Bills and was a member of their coaching staff but was fired before the regular season.
  • Brendan was a fantastic lacrosse player, but he decided there were more money and more chance of football, so he decided to join the design.
  • Brendan’s father is a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do.
  • After leaving boxing, Brendan trained in boxing and jiu-jitsu.
  • Although Shab doesn’t claim to be religious, he regularly participates in Bible studies and prays every day.
  • Brendan says he has been addicted to Oxycontin for several months after using it to heal a broken nasal bone.


  • Brendan thought he was going to be a star athlete. Unfortunately, he wasn’t recruited by the NFL. Despite being hired to play on a Buffalo Beals coaching staff, he was eventually fired. In a year, Brendan has given up football completely.
  • After only six months of training in boxing and jiu-jitsu, Brendan realized that he had a real fighting spirit. He contacted a friend who had fought in the UFC program before and became a member of the organization.
  • While at UFC, Brendan and his famous friends organized a series of podcasts.
  • After winning plays and a very successful career, Brendan decided to retire to focus on his acting and hosting career.

Favorite Quotes from Brendan Shaub

All my life I’ve been thinking of names for children, and I’ve had a few different names. I didn’t want him to be one of the masses, with – nothing against people with names like that, but I don’t want him to be Bob, Dave, Harry, Larry.

In comedy, when you bomb, especially in a comedy shop for a house that’s being sold? I think it would be much worse to bomb there than to lose the UFC fight. “

If you want to fight in the UFC, you have to understand that you’re just an elephant in a circus. As soon as you ask for more notes, you have to find another circus.

Brendan Shaub’s Tips for Success

  1. Never give up your dreams. You are told that you can only wish for one thing at a time, but if you have the energy, you can be haunted by different things you love passionately. You need to know when to give up those you can’t.
  2. The network is the key to success. Many vacancies are open because you know the right person. Some relationships appear only because I introduced you to each other.
  3. Always be yourself. People will tell you that you are too much for them, that you are offensive, that you are not enough, and many other things you are not. It’s you. You must celebrate, possess, and wear your heart proudly up your sleeve.



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