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In 2002 his second album Doggy Bag was released with the singles Take Ya Home, which climbed to no. 72 in the Hot 100 and no. 21 in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts, and Thank You with Jagged Edge, no. 1 in the R&B charts. 5] The Doggie Bag has reached the top of the #11 on the Billboard 200 and the #2 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Album Table [8] and is certified platinum. 6] Lil’ Bow Wow played basketball for the soundtrack of his film Like Mike; the song reached #1 in R&B and #25 in rap.

Bow Wow removed Lil from his stage name in April 2002; he told MTV News: I changed my name because I’m getting old and Lil’s too much. All those rappers, Lil, it really pisses me off. I said: You know what? Drop it, Lil. Forget about it. My name is Bow Wow. Besides, I’m growing up, I’m not little anymore. I only decided two weeks ago…I’ve become very irritable. It’s all those cats, Lil, forget it. Now I’m Bow-wow. It’s just Bow-wow, not Lil Bow-wow.

Net value $1,500,000
Name Allis shad Gregory Moss
Date of birth/century 9. March 1987 (32 years old)
Country/city of origin Columbus, Ohio, United States.
Height 5’4
Years in business From 1993 until today
Profession Rapper, actor, entrepreneur.

Shareholders’ equity

Bow Wow’s net worth is $1.5 million. Bow Wow – the stage name of Shad Gregory Moss, rapper, actor, and TV presenter. When Bow-wow was a kid rapper, we called him Lil Bow-wow. Like Lil Bow Wow, he released his first studio album Bare of Dog in 2000. He was only 13 years old. In 2001 he released his second album Dog Bag. Two years later he released another album entitled Unleashed.

On his third album, he used the nickname Lil. Bow Wow’s net worth is a combination of its success in the music industry, including sales of records, tour dates, and performances. He also benefits from his roles in major television programs and films. He appeared as a guest on the TV sitcom Brandy, R&B singer, Moesch, the show of the Garcia brothers, and the show of Steve Harvey.

As far as cinematography is concerned, he made his debut in the summer of 2002 in the film Like Mike. Like Mike, he plays a young orphan boy who gets the chance to play in the NBA. He also made some small cameos for Carmen: Hip-hop and everything about Benjamin. Bow Wow has also starred in Johnson’s Family Vacation, Rapid and Furious, Jumping Off the Roll, and Hurricane Season. He has also appeared on HBO’s Entourage, Ugly Betty, Smallville, and others. In 2010 he took part in the lottery with the ice cube. Bow-Wow also starred in the film Madeiya Big Happy Family, which was released in the spring of 2011. He joined the CSI team in 2014: Cyber.

Beginning of life

Bow Wow was born in Columbus, Ohio, and is the son of Teresa Rena Caldwell and Alfonso Preston Moss. At the age of three Bow Wow was very interested in music and rap. As a big N.W.A. fan, he used the nickname Kid Gangsta and started having fun at the age of six. His life changed in 1993 when Snoop Dog saw him at a concert in Los Angeles. He nicknamed her Lil Bow Wow. At the age of eleven, he met record producer Germaine Dupree and started to develop his career under her wings.

In 1999 Bow Wow appeared on the Wild Wild West soundtrack with the song The Stick Up. Bounce With Me is the first single of the popular R&B band Xscape. Snoop Dog also appeared as a guest on the album Bow Wow’s (That’s My Name.). His debut album, Bare of the Dog, went double platinum in 2001 and reached a record turnover of two million copies.

Personal life

Bow Wow is associated with many women in the industry, including R&B singer Ciara, Angela Simmons, Kim Kardashian, and many others. He has a daughter, but the relationship with the child’s mother is different. In the interview, he explained that his daughter was old enough to have a relationship with him without involving her mother. In 2012 Bow Wow was ordered to pay $3,000 a month in alimony.

However, he said he only made $4,000 a month and could not afford to make such large payments. Apparently, he claimed he had $1,500 in his account. Wow, he later admitted that he made such statements for personal convenience and denied being broken. Bow Wow had a little date with an old girlfriend, Erica Mena, a model and reality TV star, with whom he was engaged.

However, after Mena’s miscarriage, the couple’s relationship went bad and they posted messages on social networks. In 2018 Bow Wau received a response for the publication of a photo of a private jet, which means that he is flying a private jet.

When a commercial landing enthusiast photographed a rapper, it indicated that he was not completely honest. During the year, Bow-Wow was charged with vagrancy and lying in an attempt to create controversy and attract attention. In 2019 he was arrested in Atlanta for arguing with a friend. Both were slightly injured, but the attacker was not clearly identified by the police. Bow-Wow was issued on an $8,000 bond.


When Bow-Wow was 13, he let the dog out. Watch out for the dog. Bow-Wow has come a long way in his career since the release of his double-platinum album. After more than ten years in the company, Bow-Wow had planned to release his album on Cash Money Records, but the album was postponed. In 2011, he then announced on the internet that he would not set a record before the end of the year.

Currently, Bow Wow’s net worth is $1.5 million.

He wanted to show different songs, including Birdman, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Game, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, Mick Mills, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, Styles P, Nelly, Nas, DMX, and Talib Kweli. In November 2010 he released the first single from Ain’t Thinkin’s album Bout You with Chris Brown and was warmly welcomed.

The song recorded Charts 106 and Park in one day. After that, after a couple of weeks, headquarters reached number one and stayed there for three days in a row.

In 2013, Bow Wow stated on his official YouTube page that his album had been set aside because he was raising his daughter and needed more time for personal development. He announced that he would break the record after his 28th birthday. After receiving the BET Awards in 2014, he told the world on Instagram that his name was Shad Moss, his legal name, since his birth.

The time had come for him to put his bad childhood behind him and he was ready for a new chapter in his life. Bow Wow’s nickname no longer reflects his personality or his role as a father, actor, host, and so on. Bow Wow announced his retirement from rap while also announcing the release of his latest album NYLTH, which was due to be released in 2017. Bow Wow released a mixtape with Soula Boy in 2016 for leaving rap.

Interesting facts

  • Bow Wow supported a 15-day campaign in American cities to encourage more people to register for the 2008 elections. In 2016, however, Bow Wau advised his Twitter followers not to participate in the presidential elections.
  • When he met fans who questioned his statement, he said he didn’t identify with the civil rights struggle because he was Métis and not just black.
  • He also tweeted Donald Trump’s POTUS and later removed it. When Trump the lavender sniffing dog clip criticized, Bow Wow replied: Your wife’s a pimp. Let her work for us. Twitter was filmed within 24 hours.


  1. Since Bow Wow together with Snoop Dogg and Germaine Dupree, he leads the way to success and happiness. After the success of a number of successful studio albums he returns to the creative cave to develop new music.
  2. 2003 He released his first album under a new name. The first single, Let’s Get Down with Birdman, reached 14th place in the Hot 100 and 6th place in the Hot Rap Tracks cards.
  3. His second single with R&B Jagged Edge titled My Baby. He later appeared on a remix of a JoJo Baby It’s You single.
  4. His album was released in 2005, and his single Let Me Hold You with Omarion took first place in rap charts.
  5. His single with Chiara Like You also reached the charts in this period. In 2006 he released his new albums with hits like Shortie Like Mine and Outta My System. His album was ranked gold in the charts.

Favorite Bow Wow Quotes

I owe the audience a lot of fun. I respect my fans in every city I visit and I always give people what they expect of me. Whatever the circumstances.

Everything I do, I do because I am. I just know how to be myself. I’m alone, so everything about me will be authentic. This also applies to cases where it is about saying certain things in the text, just me, me and I, honestly to myself and the world.

Tips for Bow Wow success

  1. It’s true that money doesn’t change you. It changes the people around you, so make sure you protect the people around you.
  2. Don’t try to be like me. Create your own legacy Be yourself. You. Focus on your goals. Don’t let anyone say you can’t do anything because you still can. If there is someone in my life who tries to stop me from realizing my dream, I can make a clown out of it and go on

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