The hero Blippie plays the role of Steven John. Blippi Stevan’s figure is intended to provide children with both entertainment and education through the video streaming services of YouTube and Amazon. Although Stevan’s current popularity and wealth are undeniable, his career in the entertainment industry began in a much more controversial way, as a rude comedian. Despite the differences of opinion, parents and children still rely on Blippi to entertain their children and teach them valuable lessons.

Net value $20,000,000
Name and surname Stephen J. Grossman
Date of birth/century 27. May 1988 (30 years old)
source of income Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer…
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Seattle, Washington.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Blippy’s net worth is $20 million. St. Stephen’s Blippie Channel on YouTube has over four million subscribers. The YouTube channel is his main source of income and earns him more than $1 million a year. The money is earned through advertising on YouTube and depends on the number of people watching his videos. Although YouTube provides Stephen’s main source of revenue related to Blippi, YouTube is not responsible for its total net worth.

Like many YouTube creators, Steven has created an additional sideline to sell products related to his channel. More than 3.5 billion views were generated by Blippi subscribers. This means an estimated income of more than $22,000 a day. His annual salary for YouTube advertising alone is over $8 million. Of course, those numbers only count in his main blipping channel. Stephen also owns a second channel called Blippi Toys, which has more than three million subscribers.

This chain costs an average of $18,000 a day, or $7 million a year. How can the authors of YouTube get so much out of their videos? Each YouTube designer can earn 2 to 5 dollars for 1000 views. The work of the YouTube designer depends on a number of factors, including the device on which the viewer has viewed the video, where he or she lives, and the number of people who actively skip ads. In addition to YouTube, Stephen earns money from Amazon. Just like YouTube, Amazon sends videos and helps Steven sell related products. His Blippi video clips consistently remain in the top 100 of self-produced shows on Amazon.

Does a two-year-old girl who likes to watch Blippie also like toys? In this case Stephen wants to sell the kid a 19-inch doll that looks like a blippie! Besides the blippie dolls, Stephen also made some money with the blippies:

  • Album sales
  • Clothing
  • Licences
  • Meet the fans
  • Other products, such as miniature versions of his hat and tie.

Beginning of life

Stephen John was originally born Stephen J. Grossman. Born on the 27th. May 1988 in Ellensburg, Washington. This context will play an important role in the design of the type of experiment that will later be broadcasted on the Blippi channel of YouTube.

As a child, Steven grew up surrounded by horses, tractors and cows. One of his first dreams was to drive a limousine. The obsession with vehicles and animals is certainly reflected in Blippi’s list of programs, which also includes videos:

  • Visit the Blippie farm
  • Blippie’s investigating a snowplow.
  • Blippie will know the jungle.
  • Blippie flies in a private jet.

Before he found Blippie, Stephen held various positions. He worked for the U.S. Air Force as a C-17 freighter. He has also worked as a diver, operator, dishwasher, polished employee, SEO specialist and waiter. After ending his career in the Air Force, Stephen moved to Los Angeles, California. There he has a career in internet marketing and video production behind him.

Personal life

Steven lives in Las Vegas now. He doesn’t have a wife and he’s not married. He has a serious relationship with his girlfriend. Does the person who makes so many children happy have one? To Spinov’s question he answered that he didn’t have children yet, but that he thought he could have children in the future. At the same time, Stephen will continue to entertain other people’s children, especially those between the ages of two and six.


Blippie’s original idea came from Stevens’ interaction with his family. Stephen moved to Ellensburg, Washington, to be with his family. While he was there, he watched his two-year-old nephew try to communicate with YouTube videos. These videos didn’t seem very attractive to Steven because he thought they were of poor quality.

Stephen wanted to make an entertaining show for children, just like Mr Rogers did. The goal was to create a positive, educational and entertaining show for children using high quality materials and images. Stephen spent several weeks designing his wardrobe, calculating the names of the characters and planning what the video would say before he started. Eventually he decided that he had to come from behind the camera and do the show himself.

Blippy’s net worth has now risen to $20,000,000.

When he tried to choose a name for his character, Stephen would have gone through 800 different names to find one suitable for children. It is important that he finds a name that is easy to pronounce for children. When he tried to decide what his character should look like, Stephen chose blue because he can be trusted. He also chose orange because it was a nice color. He would have laid the foundation for the character that Blippie was supposed to be: a funny person who a child can trust. The first episode of Blippi started in 2014 and immediately became a hit with kids.

Interesting facts

  • After the move to California, the early days of Steve’s career in the entertainment industry are not as well known as those of Blippie. His first attempts to stand in front of the camera led to Stizie Grossman, a man who worked for the camera and specialized in video footage.
  • Specifically, Stizie was supposed to be a boy born of poop through anal sex.
  • Stizie Grossman is taken off the stool and assigned to another male actor.
  • What was Steven thinking then? The video was recorded when Harlem Cocktail was popular. Video parodies of the Harlem Cocktail were also very popular at that time.
  • When the video of the incident with Stizie Grossman begins, he sits in the bathroom until the rhythm of the Harlem cocktail party begins.
  • When asked, Stephen was very honest in his commitment. He claimed to have made rough videos at the beginning of the last twenty years, but pointed out that it took a long time before he started working for Blippi.
  • He also called the video stupid and tacky and reminded people that he has grown since then.
  • Although he expressed regret, Stephen does not want to be associated with the video he made so many years ago. It has published DMCA copyright notices for the film messages of anyone who has posted potentially embarrassing videos on the Internet.
  • Stephen has been criticized by many for issuing warnings on his embarrassing videos. But even his critics admit that it’s understandable that he doesn’t want the video, unlike the family, to be accessible to everyone.


  • As an adult, Stephen wandered from job to job, trying to find the right one for him. He was in the Air Force and in the dishwasher. He took small and big jobs before he decided to enter the entertainment industry.
  • His first steps in the entertainment industry were not very successful and he eventually went home.
  • It was while he was at home that Stephen came up with an idea to make millions of dollars and become famous on the Internet.

Blippie’s Favourite Quotes

  • I believe that people will see me as the person I am now and not as the idiot I was then.
  • There’s so much to learn. / That’ll make you scream. Blippie!
  • My goal with Blippie is to bring positive emotions and memories into the learning process.

Tips for Blippi success

  1. If you are looking for a business opportunity, focus on a specific area. Steven invented blippie as a way to get better television for children. But in doing so, he appealed to a certain niche of the viewer for his company: from two to six years. By focusing on this niche, Stephen was able to distinguish himself from other YouTube artists.
  2. Failure can be your march to success. Steven experienced many setbacks in the entertainment industry before he became successful at Blippi. Behind him was a lot of failed work, and he couldn’t find what he was passionate about. He was constantly on the move, often changing jobs and trying to find something that made him happy. He took these failures with him, and eventually paid off when he came to Blippie.




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