Babyface is an emblematic American R&B singer who is synonymous with the genre. He has won 11 Grammy Awards and nearly 30 songs he has written and produced have reached the top of the Billboard charts. He is even on the list of several organizations as one of the largest music producers of all time. If there is a popular R&B song that you like, you can almost guarantee that Babyface has something to do with it. He has an ear for a musical production that has helped many artists to become superstars like no other.

Net value $170,000,000
Name and surname Kenneth Brian Edmonds.
Date of birth/century 10. April 1959 (60 years old)
Height 5’9”
source of income Singing, writing songs, acting.
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Indianapolis, Indiana.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Baby Face has a net worth of $170 million.

– How much does a child’s face earn each year?

Babyface makes about $10 million a year.

– How does a child earn money?

The boy earns most of his money from music. In addition to his own albums and published songs, Babyface has made hundreds of millions of dollars writing songs and publishing music for the most popular artists in the music industry. He also made a lot of money serving customers like Tony Braxton and TLC through his record label LaFace.

– House and cars

Right now, Los Angeles has a 7,500-square-foot mansion. The house is a bit modest considering the net assets. It has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. He recently sold a 7,400-square-foot house on Lake Tahoe for nearly $3 million.

Beginning of life

Kenneth Brian Edmonds’ real name. He was killed on the 10th. Born April 1959 in Indianapolis, Indiana, son of Marvin and Barbara Edmonds. His mother and father worked as workers. Barbara worked for a pharmaceutical company as a production assistant. When the child was in eighth grade, his father unfortunately died of lung cancer and his mother began the difficult journey of being a single mother. The baby is the second youngest child in his family. Her parents had six boys in total. All children in the family loved music, and you can see that, because not only Babyface ended up in the music industry, but also her brothers Melvin and Kevon both joined the band after 7 years.

The kid went to North Central High School in Indianapolis. After the death of his father, Babyface was determined to become a famous musician because he wanted to support his mother and his family. During his school years he wrote dozens of songs, not only to train, but also to heal the heart that was still broken after his father’s death.

Personal life

The baby’s first marriage lasted only three and a half years. At the age of twenty he married a woman named Denise and unfortunately the marriage ended at the end of the eighties. The baby wasn’t alone too long. He met his second wife Tracy Edmonds when she auditioned for a role in the video for his song Whip Appeal. Eventually she didn’t get the part, but a few months later they met and he could ask her out.

They got married in September 1992 and had two sons named Dylan and Brandon. Although he once described him as a sedative in an interview in the mid-1990s, the couple failed. After thirteen years of marriage, they filed for divorce in 2005, mentioning irreconcilable differences. Two years later, Kid met Nikki Pantenburg. She was a friend and former background dancer Janet Jackson, who was highly recommended as a background dancer for the new Babyface video. They had a direct connection and started dating right away. They had a baby in 2008 and decided to get married in May 2014.


In the beginning of his career Babyface took every opportunity to perform with famous bands like Manchild and Redd Hott. He played the keyboard, sang and even played the guitar. One of his first big hits as a songwriter was in 1983 when he wrote the song Slow Jam, which was performed by the R&B group Midnight Star. Around the same time he joined the band Deele, where he met the L.A. music mogul. Reid.

In the eighties and early nineties Babyface wrote hit after hit for great artists like Bobby Brown, Sheena Easton, After 7 and The Boys. In this period he founded their own record label, LaFace Records, together with his friend L.A. Reid. LaFace Records can boast great talents such as TLC, Usher and Tony Braxton. Each of these artists has become a real superstar and more and more new artists have started to sweat for LaFace’s signature. In addition, Babyface earned an extra $1 million because it wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the albums of these artists.

At the end of the nineties, Babyface Az-Yet also helped with their debut album. The list of artists Babyface has worked with is amazing. From helping Whitney Houston with her first R&B raid to writing songs for Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Patty LaBell, Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton and many others. In 2007 Babyface released its own album Playlist. He highlighted some very popular songs and added two original songs of his own. In 2014, together with Tony Braxton, she released a duet album that won both Grammys. His work with popular artists continues today, and in recent years he has written or produced albums for Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande and many others.

Interesting facts

  • Babyface’s brothers Melvin and Kevon were part of the modestly successful band After 7.
  • His nickname Babyface comes from the famous guitarist Bootsie Collins.
  • In 2015, Babyface would have given money to the presidential campaign of the Republican candidate, Senator Marco Rubio.
  • The baby’s current wife, Nikki, used to be Janet Jackson’s backup dancer.
  • Babyface wrote a lot of love songs, but he didn’t have a successful marriage until he tried it out with three different women.
  • When you meet him in person, Baby is very calm.
  • He wrote his first love letter when he was a freshman.
  • The boy met his second wife when she auditioned for one of his videos. She didn’t get the part!
  • The boy named a stretch of Indiana Highway after him. In 1999, the 25 miles of Highway 65 was renamed Kenneth Babyface Edmonds Highway.


  • The baby has won 11 Grammy Awards.
  • He wrote about thirty songs that reached number one in the charts.
  • The baby has been married three times and has three children.
  • He started playing with well-known bands and then joined his own band Deele.
  • Babyface has written and produced hundreds of hits, including Eric Clapton’s Change the World and Exhale (Shoop Shoop), which became a famous Whitney Houston song.
  • He released an album of duet songs with Tony Braxton, which earned him Grammy’s and critics.
  • His record label LaFace signed contracts with artists who became mega stars, such as Asher, TLC and Tony Braxton.

Favourite quotes from Babyface

I’d say I was lucky. I was just concentrating on being blessed and never giving up. R&B is the only thing that has influenced all kinds of music. All the artists out there, from those who sing the most to Adele – you know, she’s influenced by so many R&B and soul artists – it’s obvious in her work that she comes from there. The Internet opens up a whole new world. The reality is that some people don’t want you to change or go anywhere else. Words can be important, but in the end it’s the melody, the titles and the feel of the music that draw people to a song. I can’t easily be the person people know.

Babyface’s tips for success

  1. They need to adapt over time and use new technologies to improve. The internet has opened so many doors. You can now communicate with more people than ever before and use your knowledge to influence even more people. They can also learn.
  2. Eliminate those who have been poisoned from your life. There are people who want you to get better, there are people who want you to fail Don’t give them what they want, and the best way to prevent this is not to let them come into your life
  3. You discover that you really love something when it starts to hurt you If it’s not true love, you don’t think about it constantly and work consistently when you put all your energy into a person, it’s almost inevitable that that person will hurt you because he or she has much more energy.


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