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The unspoken truth about Russell Wilson’s ex-wife, Ashton Mim

Ashton Mim was killed on the 6th. Born September 1987 in Richmond, Virginia, USA – her distinguishing mark is the Virgin Mary, she is 32 years old. A wider audience became interested in her when she married the American footballer Russell Wilson. Mima didn’t give us many details about her career – but we know she works in the advertising industry and has a net worth estimated at around $4 million.

Year of education and training

Ashton Mim was born with Lang and Molly Mim, his only child. She was a student at St. Catherine’s School in her hometown and started dating Russell during her studies. The couple continued to meet, although they first attended several universities – Ashton studied at the University of Georgia and Russell State University in North Carolina, then at the University of Wisconsin, where he was transferred, and Mim. In August 2010, Russell asked the question, took his friend blindfolded to a presidential suite in a hotel in North Carolina and introduced him and his dog.

Russell and I got married in early 2012, together with 300 of our friends and family, and shared photos of the wedding ceremony with fans.

Rumours of divorce and the Golden Atlas

Ashton and Wilson divorced in 2014, but the reason was never disclosed. The footballer briefly mentioned his divorce and then asked his fans and the media for secrecy and understanding. Some people thought their relationship had broken up because of Mim’s infidelity because the media put her in touch with Golden Tate, one of Wilson’s NFL colleagues, who then turned to his social networks to stop the rumors and called them ridiculous and absurd.

He also noted that his wife and Ashton are good friends, and finally tweeted that the private lives of the players had nothing to do with their performance on the field.

Am I married or is she with someone?

After Ashton’s divorce, Wilson started a relationship with R&B singer Chiara, with whom he has a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson, while Mim decided to keep her status in the relationship quiet. But through her and her parents’ social networks we can find out what she does – they often talk about her performance.

Russell Wilson Wiki

Ashton’s ex-husband, Russell Wilson, was killed on the 29th. November 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and becomes famous as a quarterback for the Seattle Hawks. He grew up in Virginia with two siblings, a brother named Harrison IV and a sister named Anna. It is said that he often played soccer with his brother and father at a young age, which demanded something good from his career. He spent the first organized competition in the sixth grade with the Tuckahoe Tomahawks. Russell was a university student, and with excellent statistics he was named player of all states.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

At the end of high school, he had a strong show, with a score of 3,287 passing yards and 40 touchdowns per season.


After his eloquence in 2007, Wilson began his career in 2008 when he joined NC State and stayed with the team for the next two years. From 2011 he played for the Wisconsin Badgers, and in 2012 he was included in the design of the National Football League (NFL) as Seattle Sychaux, with which he would achieve considerable success.

In September of the same year, he made his regular season debut with 18 completions and 34 losses against Arizona Cardinal, after which his team beat the Green Bay Packers 14-12. For his efforts in 10.. . NFL Pepsi Week, Wilson was named NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week. The Sihouki started the 2013 season with four victories, but fell for the Indianapolis Colts in week five. The team then played a seven-minute victory and defeated the Minnesota Vikings in a very visible way with a score of 41-20, giving Russell a career stop of 151.4.

In 13 weeks of excellent results, he has scored three touchdowns and received the NFC Striker of the Week award. The team won the Super Bowl. In 2014, Russell led his team to an 80-yard touchdown against the Packers to win the NFC Championship and reach the Super Bowl again, but lost to the Patriots.

Injury and subsequent career

In 2016, Wilson injured his ankle and knee, hindering his mobility.

Because of his condition, many fans and sports experts thought he would take a short break, but still he kept playing and started every game of the season. In 2017 his team finished with nine victories and in 2018 he was appointed captain for the second time when the team returned to the play-offs.

In mid-2009, Russell signed a contract with Sihouki for $140 million until 2023, making him the highest paid player in the National Football League. It is currently called the five Pro Cups.



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